Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Snow Melting Contest

Contest is closed.
Acuz I have nefur had a contest, Momma said I could host one. I thoughted and thoughted and then asided to have a snow melting contest, cuz we have so much in the Big Piney Woods. The pile of snow for the contest will be the snow next to the garage, where the metal monsters and snow eating monster sleeps. (behind me) You can see the pile that will be the contest pile, to my right, and Momma took a picher Monday, which is at the bottom of this post. This post is the last for us for this week, so lotsa cats can enter.

Here are the rules:

1. Guess the month/day the snow is completely gone, not even an ice patch left.
2. Post your guess in the comment section of this post. Only cat bloggers, please.
3. The cat getting closest, without going over, wins.
4. If someone has guessed your date, you can't use it. Choose another.
5. Contest is open from right now, and closes Sunday, Feb. 3 . at 6:00 PM PST. At that time, Momma will make a list of the entrants, and guesses, and post them on Monday, Feb. 4.
6. One guess only, per cat. If you have more than one cat, each can enter, but make shure they sign their name.

Hint: Momma says the snow can melt real fast, if a south wind comes up or if it rains or gets really warm. We are also due for another week of snow, so that pile will probably get taller. We are getting ANOTHER storm right now, with a bigger one on Thursday. Hope that helps! Momma will take weekly pichers and post them on Monday.

The winner will be announced the day after the snow is gone.

Taken Monday morning, Jan. 28th.

I am going to attempt to make a list, to help you pick dates that aren't used. This list isn't complete, as new guesses are made before I can add them, so please check prior comments. Here is the list I have, so far: Please correct me if you see an error ..... Of course, prizes will be sent to the winning cat.......CalicoMom Toni

3 Daisy
7 Edsel
11 Egypt (Cat Crossings)
13 Meeko (Lone Star Purrs)
14 Boo (Debra)
15 Derby
16 Abby (Debra)
17 Kaze
18 Ping (Debra)
19 Tiki (Camie's Kitties)
20 Misty (The Crew)
21 Gracie (Debra)
22 Lux
23 Dino (Cat Crossings)
24 Jinx (Debra)
25 Kintaro (Momsbusy)
26 Tipper (The Crew)
27 Yuki (Momsbusy)
28 Sammy Meezer
29 Maxie (Cat Crossings)
30 Tuxie (Cat Crossings)
31 Max (the Crew)

1 George (The Crew)
2 Buddah
3 Kimiko (Momsbusy)
4 Miles Meezer
5 Orlando Bun
7 Pixel
10 Midnight (Cat Crossings)
12 Latte
13 Tavi (Camie's Kitties)
14 Cheysuli and Gemini
15 Skeeter
16 Scooby, Shaggy, Scout
17 Eric
18 The Tower Hills Mob
20 Sophia
21 Cody (Camie's Kitties)
22 Flynn
24 Chase
24 LC (double guess, Momma didn't catch it, so LC will be second place.)
25 Poppy Q
27 Max (Psychokitty)
28 Queen Snickers and Empress
29 Fiona Bun

1 Beezer
4 Kiara (Lone Star Purrs)
10 Ayla
10 Blackie (Blackie's blog isn't eligible for a prize, as it is a human, there is no cat. The following is a quote from his profile "I DO NOT OWN ANY CATS."
28 Muffin

1 Rascal


The Meezers or Billy said...

Miles Meezer - I say April 4

hi to my bestest furriends!

The Meezers or Billy said...

Sammy Meezer - I say March 28

Hi to my bestest furriends

LZ said...

Chase- April 24th (the AM's birthday)

Latte- April 12th

Kaze- March 17th (my humans 10 year together anniversary!)

Daisy said...

I am hoping for a warm spell:

March 3rd!

The Tower Hill Mob said...

The Tower Hill Mob votes April 18!
Greetings to our Idaho friends.

Gemini and Ichiro said...

I will vote my human's birthday and say April 14th (though I suspect you all may have bits until May at the rate we are going!)

Shaggy and Scout said...

We will guess April 16, 2010. Just kidding! April 16, 2008.

Queen Snickers, Empress and Princess Renna said...

We guess April 28, one month before Empress' birthday! ~Queen Snickers & Empress

Myst and Blackie said...

May 13th - we hope we are wrong & Mistrie doesn't have cold toes that long

The Crew said...

Gosh, this is really difficult since we don't know a lot about I-dee-ho weather.

George - April 1
Tipper - March 26
Max - March 28
Misty - March 20

Anonymous said...

Okay, being the official weather cat, I have a little expertise at these kind of matters.

My best guess is March 23rd.

Anonymous said...

Egypt here ... my guess is March 11th.

Shohom67 said...

I say May 10th -- Blackie

Just Ducky said...

Hmmmm, I gotta do some research, then I will make my guess.

Just Ducky said...

OK, a few of my first guess have already been taken. April 1 and March 17. I figure the heat of St Patty's day will help melt stuff.

But my official guess is March 15. The Ides of March. Purrrs.

Good contest!

Max said...

Hmmmm....I'm gonna guess April 27th

Buddah says he guesses April 2nd

Motor Home Cats said...

What a really neat contest. We hope for your sake the snow melts soon, but we think it is going to last a bit longer.

Our guesses are...

Tiki - March 19
Tavi - April 13
Cody - April 21

Camie's Kitties


Okie dokie we did a little snoopin into past years and we thought ummmm when does the snow melt so we is gonna base our guesses on what we founded out...

Abby says March 16
Boo says March 14
Ping says March 18
Gracie says March 21
Jinx is bring up the rear and says March 24.

GReat contest!

Anonymous said...

Midnight here ... I say April 10th.

Lux said...

March 22nd! March 22!

(That's from me, Lux)

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

Yikes you got a lot of guesses already. We'd better do ours right now.
Eric April 17th
Flynn April 22nd

momsbusy said...

gosh, it alreadys is slim pikins!
yuki piks 3-23
kimiko piks 4-3
kintaro pikd 3-25

Edsel/The Pooch said...

Edsel says March 7th

Lone Star Purrs said...

We fink.....

Meeko~ Mrach 13th

Kiara~ May 4th

Daddy and Grampie's purrfday's were already taken.

Hope it melts before May!!

momsbusy said...

oops! yuki was apose to pik 3-27.

Mark's Mews (Marley, Lori, Loki, and Binq) said...

Ooh, we nefer watched when snow melted before, so we hadda ask The Big Thing about that. He said, well, one time he an some other kids built a huge snowball in December an the last of it stayed until late March an that was in MD!

So, we are guessin later than that...

Skeeter - I fink its gettin warmer. So April 15th.

LC - Skeeter is a optimist. April 24th!

Ayla - Don no this stuf. But Blackie is a Bein, so mebee he nose sumpin. May 10...

The Big Thing here: Not eligible, but jus fer fun I'll bet it disappears about 3 pm on whichever day it is. ;)

Milton said...

I've been thinkin' and thinkin'!! And I'm gonna say May 1st, that's May day and I htink its a law that all snow hasta be gone by then.

Anonymous said...

Maxie here ... Dino has picked a good date. My guess is March 29th.

Anonymous said...

Tuxie here ... Being friends with Dino helps. March 30th is my guess.

DK & The Fluffies said...

Fiona Bun - April 29th
Orlando Bun - April 5th
Sophia - April 20th

Karen said...

i am gonna guess april 7

Poppy Q said...

Can I have April 25 please.

thanks you

Poppy Q

muffinmidi said...

How about May 28?

Rascal said...

OK. June 1st.

Many thanks for stopping by my blog while I've been in surgery, recovery, and diagnosis. It's encouraging to have such good friends during this difficult time. Purrs!