Tuesday, January 31, 2006

My Poor Tail

Mine Mom broked my tail yesterday.
I asked her politely, "Mom, may I please go out on the upstairs deck and see what I can see?" Now, of course, I didn't just run fast out there, I had to take my time and 'spect everything and make sure I didn't step on anything unworldly. Well, I guess she was so wrapped up in her computer she didn't see I was 'vestigating and just slammed this huge, heavy, big, solid, metal door.....right on mine little calico tail. I screamed! I cried! I yowled! She opened the door real fast and I came running in, tail bent over, broked. She was all, "oh no, Patches, I am so sorry," and ran fast after me. I ran faster, down the stairs, tail all broked, it had a big bend in it.

Yes, Mom, I am ignoring you!


Monday, January 30, 2006

The Day After

Wow, we are still recuperating from the Kitty Nap-A-Thon. We had such a wonderful time though. I forgotted to mention someone left a large, light blue, blanket. Please let us know if it am yours; if nobody claims it, we will give it to Mistrie; she can always use an extra blanket outside.


Mom is wondering if we maybe should call it a Kitty Play-A-Thon cuz we are so tired.
She thinks we didn't nap as much as we usually do.

I am so tired! Leave me alone!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Nap-A-Thon Report

Report of the Kitty Nap-A-Thon 2006

Efuryone had a wonderful time. There was much to purr and meow about; exchanging all sorts of kitty data.

Here is a list of some fun things we did:

Mittens and I tried to judge the purring contest, but it was not possible, as they were all so good.
Nip tasting was a great success; a few had a bit too much (no names divulged.)
Plates of stinky goodness and bowel of crunchies were eaten and the treat hunt was a lot of fun.
Efuryone found a special place to nap, some alone, others all cuddled up in huge, furry piles.
We practiced looking cute, sad, and innocent.
The stinky shoes were a hit, as was climbing the shelves.
Billers talk on "how to get the most out of your human without them knowing it" gave us all something to meditate on.
In the middle of the night we all got "the crazies" and went downstairs. We raided the kitty cupboard for treats I knew Mom had hid (shh......this one is a secrit)
Mom's jewelery became a toy but the kitties were good and put everything back as best they could. Mom did ask how the fur got in her necklace, I just gave her that "dumb look." (She did knock on the wall one time, telling us to "hold the noise down" afore Dad woked up. The boys were all seeing who could "Tom cat yowl" the loudest. It was such fun, us girls all sat round and listened. Mistrie said they all did really good, and she should know, being an outside kitty.)

Mistrie on her way to the Nap-A-Thon. She said all the kitties were so nice to her.

There were 50 (possibly 51, see below) kitties who attended, including the three of us; and our cousin Billie, who gave the talk, and cided to stay.

We want to thank all kitties who brought things to show and share. Lots of nip was exchanged and cool beds, blankets, and a terrific amount of toys. What a great group we had.

I thought there was one suspicious looking kitty, possibly a disguise. They seemed to have a funny meow and a strange doggy smell. I wondered if it could be Lola, the dog. I never got their name. Nobody said anything though, probably my 'magination.

All kitties have reported in to me they are all safely back in their furrever home, and strangely, all of them say they need a nap.

Here am the button. Help yourself.

P. S. We all decided this should be an annual event. Mom said we could alway have it here, but maybe someone else would like to host it next year.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Today Is The Day

We are so cited. Mistrie said she would make an appearance, even though she is so shy. We have on our fancy colored collars and we took baths this morning. We are all ready for you!

Watching for guests

Making sure my toes are clean

Some planned events between naps for the kitty nap-a-thon:

Nip tasting, kind of like wine tasting is to humans
"Show and Tell" with our favorite toys, sleeping blankets, beds
Story time......telling citing things you have done and seen
Mutual washathon
Purr challenge
Comparing siblyings, pros and cons

We have a special guest speaker, Billie aka Billers, a ginger cousin of ours. She will give us a talk on "how to get the most out of your human without them knowing it" at 4:00 P. M. on Saturday.

Mom is making a button for all the kitties who attend.

I will post again on Sunday, after 12:00 noon PST, when all the kitties have gone home, with a full report.


*Update 11:30 AM * Kitties am arriving! Mom has said we could use the big bedroom.....we needs the room as 50 kitties are coming!!! Talk to you tomorrow!!

*Final Updated 12:15 PM* All kitties on the list have arrived!!!

Friday, January 27, 2006


The secret to getting here is to go into heavy kitty meditation, that way you can transport yourself here, but still be visible at home and your mom won't even know you are gone. We cats can be in two places at the same time, purrsons don't know this.

How I look meditating

1. Find a quiet place
2. Close eyes
3. Think "transport me to Patches closet, seven times" (magic number)
4. Boom....you are here!

Of course ,you can bring blankies, toys, whatever...we can have a "show and tell" of our favorites and compare....no need to bring food, that will be supplied.

Also, ifn you snores, that is OK....Mittens is great at that, so am my Dad!!! Sorry, kitties only, no adults, no dogs or other furry critters, you must be feline.

No cameras are allowed, so your purrson will never know where you actually were. Mom promises not to tell other purrsons who attends, even if her nails are pulled out! It's like Vegas, "what happens here, stays here."

Please go to the comments and say "I am coming" if you will attend so Mom knows how much food to prepare and how many beds to make.

Mom is making a list of everyone who is coming. If she has missed you, please let me know (she is getting furgetful.) We have the following so far:
Princess Mia
Scooby, Shaggy and Scout
Kelly Cat

Magoo, Smudge, Bella and Dolce
Bonnie Underfoot (Victor is in training for tub hockey so can't make it)
Victor Tabbycat (he just said he is coming)
Moose, Turtle, and Nala
William of Mass Destruction
Gigolo Kitty
Kukka-Maria and Brach
Edsel/The Pooch
Badness and Tucker
Knightly, Lizzie, and Firenze
Sammy and Miles
George, Tipper and Max
Fat Eric
Egypt and Dino (Kittens are staying home as they don't feel well)
Finnegan and Buddy
Max and Buddah
The Whippy Curly Tails (all three)
Taz and Angel

Hope this answers your questions, see you tomorrow!! Start meditating at 11:59 A. M. PST


Thursday, January 26, 2006

You Are Invited

Yesterday, David, from Cat Crossings, asked, "The kitties want to know where's the kitty nap-a-thon? Has it already started? If it has started, can we nap anywhere?"

All you kitties are invited to a kitty nap-a-thon at our cabin in the Big Piney Woods. Mine Mom says there is lotsa room in the big closet where the blue bed is. Lots of hidey holes too, under the shirts, blouses, and pants, there is a laundry basket in there and tons of shelves with socks and sweaters for snuggling and snoozing. There am a pile of stinky shoes too.

Who: Any cat or kitten

When: Sat, Jan. 28 - Sun, Jan 29
Time: 1200 noon, Sat - 12:00 noon, Sun

Where: Walk-in closet at Patches place

Why: Because napping is what we do best

Stinky goodness, crunchies and fresh water always available; plus toys if you feel in the mood. There will be treats hidden for a treasure hunt between naps.

You can sign up when you add a comment. Looking forward to seeing a whole mess of kitties.

Tomorrow I will give directions on how you can get here fast, and nobody will know you have even left!!!


Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Two Closet Kids

I got sick of Patches taking my blue bed and mine Mom hasn't made ME another one, so I took it upon myself to solve the situation. I just found some clothes she is going to give to the kitty shelter's used clothing shop and made mine own bed.


Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Answers To Questions

Seeing as how Sunday was a holidays for us poodins, (Answer Your Cat's Question Day) I cided to join other blogging kitties in asking their mom's questions. I used her notepad papers she got from her friend, Sue, who lives clean across the big waters in a place close to Lundins, to make mine list.

Q: Mom, when do I get a whole can of stinky goodness all to myself?
A: Never

Q: Mom, when is Mittens going back where she comed from?
A: Never

Q: Mom, when can I go outside?
A: Never

Q: Mom, when can I call the blue bed in the hidey place mine?
A: Never

Q: Mom, will you tell me you luvs me best?
A: Never (her claims her likes us all the sames, how can that be?)

Q: Mom, when are you going to stop cutting my nails?
A: Never

It seems to me the only thing Mom can say is NEVER. This is getting me nowheres. I am going to take a nap.


Monday, January 23, 2006

Mom's Photo Blog

Mine Mom wants to introduce you to her new blog Idaho Nature Trails. It is her photography blog with pichers of mountains, streams, flowers, wildlife and our Big Piney Woods. If you like nature pichers make sure you click on the January archive link to see them all.

Also, she said to check out a special site called A Dog Man Gets A Cat.


Sunday, January 22, 2006

Mittens Did It!

Well, Mittens, as shown, was messing with my blog again, now it has a new background! Yes, I approve; no, she didn't ask me first. Good thing I got a picher of her doing it, proof postive. Now I need to go chase her and pounce on her so she doesn't think she got away with something. If you have your monitor set at 800 x 600 it will look the same, however, if it is set higher, you will see the new gray/blue shiny background. (It takes a little time for it to load, be patient)


Saturday, January 21, 2006

Mistrie Says Hi

Mistrie just wanted me to tell you that she is doing fine, but getting sick of the winter. She is sleeping up on the blanket on top of the wood pile now, hidden by the wood, very safe and warm. Mine Dad sees her eyes when he peeks through the logs, while getting wood for the day. We figure it is too damp under the deck now where mine Mom put two nice insulated beds for her. She is really safe, though, in her hidey hole in the woodshed. She gets stinky goodness, along with us two calico girls, all the crunchies she wants, and fresh water. Mine Mom gives her 'tention everyday, too. She is well loved.


Friday, January 20, 2006

A Month Today

Wow, we have been blogging a whole month today! We have met so many wonderful kitties in that short time. Thanks to all of you for posting our link on your site and being so nice to us. Mine Mom says there are over 70 kitty blogs now. Three cheers for cat blogging!!

Patches, Mittens, Mistrie

Thursday, January 19, 2006

On Bug Patrol

One of Mitten's responsibilities is bug patrol. If a bug gets inside she has to kill it (and then she eats it.) Here in the cabin in The Big Piney Woods mine Mom and Dad heat with wood they cut down and store in the woodshed. There are bugs that hide out in the woodshed and come in when Dad brings it inside. Last night a big moth comed in and has been flying round the lights and the alarm clock. Mittens has been ever vigilant and the last I saw she had it on the floor, ready to pounce. She is a good bug getter.


Sitting quietly, ready to pounce

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

That's My Bed!

That blue bed is mine, but as you see, Miss Patches, the Queen Of The House, has taken it. Mine Mom made it special for little me, (out of a soft fuzzy blue robe of hers) for when I get the frights; so I have a safe haven to go to. She is such a butt!


Tuesday, January 17, 2006

On Purring

I don't purr lots, just when I am furry happy, but Mittens does, her purred mine Mom to sleep last night.

Did you know that scientists can send a man to the moon, but they don't know what it is inside us that makes us sing? We are purty amazing creatures, and we are going to keep our secret. It is also a fact that kitties purr, not only when they are happy, but when they are sick, (they think there is something in our purrs that help heal) and when kitty moms are having kittens.

Give your purrsons lotsa purrs, they really luv it!


Monday, January 16, 2006

Looking For Geese

This am our pond in the Big Piney Woods. I am looking for the geese to come back from wherever geese go in the winter. If you look really hard, you can see the goose nest across the frozen waters, close to the bank on the other side.

For years, geese have hatched out little yellow babies in that nest. Then they have to jump out into the icy waters, never to return to the box again! Mom and Dad geese are very good parents and take extra good care of these little yellow fellows. They grow super-fast, in a couple months, you can hardly tell them from their parents!!! They usually come back early to "claim" the box, much fighting goes on and there is always feathers all over. Mom and Dad have been lucky to actually see the babies right after they were hatched and see them trying to jump out. Sometimes it takes several hours for them to get brave enough, and the parents chatter away at them, coaxing them out of the straw, into the pond. One drawback, however, they are very messy, leaving their "calling card" everywhere for you to step in.

Mom says it is to early yet, but they do come back when there is still ice on the pond. It is funny to watch them set their wings and slide across the ice!


Sunday, January 15, 2006


I can never remember if they are called:
Morning Doves (cause they sing in the morning)
Mourning Doves (cause they sound sad)
Dumb Doves (cause they like to take chances)

Mistrie watched this Dumb Dove for a long time and never bothered it. Guess Mom feeds her to good!

No, I never caught it, didn't even try.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday The 13th

Mom is pretty sick. She thought it was "nerves," but she says she feels "queasy" all the time, if not downright sick. She won't be on the computer until she gets rid of this bug, so I can't post anything. Hope she gets better fast; I will do all I can to help her.


Thursday, January 12, 2006

Trying To Help

I am working on my New Year's Resolution to help Mom more. I started folding socks but my big toes aren't made for that kind of work, so I am practicing my scary look. Are you scairt?


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Winter Returns

What a difference a day makes. The snow keeps piling up. The folks up on the big sand hills are really happy, (reporting 17 inches) so are the snowmobilers. What do we say?

Mom says, "yeah."
I say, "whatever."

Mittens says, "Zzzzzzz"

Mistrie says, "Maybe I should come in."

Something strange with our power. The backup power supply to the computer has kicked in four times consecutively; maybe a good day to nap.


Monday, January 09, 2006

The Color Is Gray

When mom and dad came from Minnesota (A State of Deep Freeze) to buy land in North Idaho (A State of Winter) 32 years ago, they asked a nice man, with a white apron, at The View Cafe "Is it always so green here?" (It was A State of Springtime then.) The nice man, with the white apron, said, "No, if it isn't green, it is white." Hey mom.........know what? He missed a color. It is all gray right now!!! Water falling from the sky really fast and fog floating in and out of the trees.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

A Challenge

Derby is wondering if other cats can touch their nose with their tongue. Yes I can.....anyone else out there; show us a picture.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

New Kitty Blog

There is a new kitty blog! It is the ongoing story of five cats in Colorado, with their dad, David, called Cat Crossings. David lost Pebbles, his sweet Siamese, and was encouraged to get a new kitty to keep Dino company. He welcomed Egypt into the fold; along with The Three Musketeers (outdoor kittens he is taming and bringing inside). Please go to his blog and give him a grand kitty welcome.

Friday, January 06, 2006

The Big Piney Woods

Our cabin is in the Big Piney Woods. Up here in the frozen State of Winter it is supposed to be snowing and cold. Mom says things sure are strange this year because usually we have lots of snow. This year it all melted, what we had, and we are left with "a feeling of spring". My dad even cut down a tree with his big noisy scissors today. He is hammering on it (mom says splitting) and they will stack it in the woodshed for burning next winters.

I never go in the Big Piney Woods, even on a supervised walk. The trees are tall and there's lots of them. Deer, bear, moose and the occasional elks are out there, not to mention the coyotes and eagles that would get me.


Big Piney Woods

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Puzzle Help

My dad loves to fit pieces of pictures together. "Why would you do that?" I ask. "Why would you cut a perfectly good picture up in 1,000 pieces and then try to put it back together again?" Now, the worst part of all is once he gets it all the way together, then he pulls it apart again!! Seems a waste of sleep time to me, but we try and help for it is a big job.

Can I help you?

Let me get up here so I can see better.

This is a waste of time. Think I will take a nap.

The next day Mittens tries her paw at helping....

I bet I can find some pieces for you. Let me see.....

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A Poem~A Question

By now we are all ready for some green and sun, don't you think? So, mom found a picture she took of me back in the "good ole summertime," while I was out on a supervised walk. My tail is big because there was a lot of strange noises I wasn't used to. Mom wrote me a poem to go along with the picture.


A question

"What are you doing, Miss Patches?" I asked.
"Washing my face, with such kitty grace."

"What do you see, Miss Patches?" I asked.
"A bird in a tree, it's looking at me."

"What are you thinking, Miss Patches?" I asked.
"Thoughts of a cat, what do you think of that?"

"Where are you going, Miss Patches?" I asked.
"Just for a walk, purrchance I shall stalk."

"What are you after, Miss Patches?" I asked.
"I'm looking for mice, now that would be nice."

"Where will you look, Miss Patches?" I asked.
"In the garden I'm sure," and she left with a purr.

Written by Toni ( Calicomom)
Sometime in the summer

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Mom says calico cats sometimes have "calicotude." She says I have it pretty bad and she took this picture to show you. Well, I have to say, a girl has a right to have attitude, especially when moms come around with the flashy box all the time. Enough with the pictures mom!!!

Mittens gets it too, usually with me though, not with mom. She is always giving her the loving looks and being sweet. She has mom fooled, but not me. That is why I have to chase her and make her do her growling and hissing; put her in her place and let her know


Monday, January 02, 2006

Too Much Excitement

Not too much to do today after all the holiday excitement. That is good because I need to catch up on my beauty sleep. Mom is going to watch the Rose Bowl parade and dad is going to watch more of the men kicking the ball and running fast. Me, I am going to nap, I am very sleepy.