Thursday, May 23, 2013

Farewell Sweet Mittens

I helped sweet little Mittens Pollypaws to the bridge at 4:25 today.  She was 18 years old.  

She was diagnosed with stomach cancer 3 1/2 years ago and given 3 months to live.  The past few years she has spent on her bed, never leaving it except to use her litter box (which was right beside her) or to eat or drink (also right beside her.)  She had trouble walking and her tummy hurt her so she always laid on her side.  I told my husband when she quites eating I know it is time.  She hasn't touched any food for 3 days, the vet said I made the right decision.  She joins her sisters, Patches and Mistrie Rose at the Bridge.

I adopted her from our shelter when she was 6.  She traveled south with us for 3 years, staying in a condo and enjoying watching the palm trees sway and the birdies play.

She was a polydactyl (extra toes) thus the name Mittens Pollypaws.  Her nicknames were Walrus Whiskers, Big Girl, and Toes. 

She will foever ramain in my heart, such a gentle soul.  She gave me head butts and purrs right up to the time I put her in the carrier.

Seems a horrible year for me.  I lost my husband 3 weeks ago and this is the second cat I have sent to the bridge since March.  Below her photo is a poem I wrote for her years ago when I thought I was going to loose her.  I feel blessed I had her as long as I did. 

Fly free sweet angel Mittens
The fairies gave you wings
Rainbow Bridge is calling
I hear the angels sing
Fly free sweet angel Mittens
I know you cannot stay
My heart is truly breaking
On this, the saddest day
Fly free sweet angel Mittens
The hurt, the pain are gone
Once more you can run and play
For now your bodies strong
Farewell, sweet angel Mittens
Yes, I will miss you so
 I know you are in a better place
And I must let you go.
Love, Momma Toni

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Farewell, Sweet Mistrie Rose


Mistrie Rose came to the Big Piney Woods in the fall of 2004. My husband said "there is a cat in the wood shed with tiny foot prints, you might want to put some food out." My first vision of her was a blur running away as fast as she could go, from the food bowl on the porch. During the late fall and winter I got pictures of her through the window, at a distance. Through the years I got closer and closer and was finally able to go outside (on the back deck only, not the front where the food was) and she would let me get closer and closer. She finally trusted me enough that, when I opened the patio door, she would come up for a brushing, for treats, for a petting. She would purr and drool and talk to me. I was the only one she ever trusted but try as I might, she wouldn't let me pick her up and I never pushed it. She was a spayed torbie, age unknown. I think she was one of 40 cats that came from up the road, when the people moved. Some of the cats couldn't be caught, I assume she was one of them. She loved the wood shed so I built beds at both ends, there was a bed under the back deck and one under the hemlock trees. She had heated water (thanks to Robyn of the Hotties who sent me a large heated water bowl) and plenty of food. When we quite burning wood my husband turned a large container into an insulated bed, put up on a table. This is where she spent her final days.

She loved the Big Piney Woods and it always was wonderful to see her, in the sun, chasing leaves, patrolling her domain, cat meditating, looking in for one of the girls, watching the geese on the pond. She loved seeing the girls and always visited them once a day when the weather was OK. She even visited during snowfalls and rain storms, so lonesome, yet I could never get her to come in the house. She was great friends with the fairies and little people of the woods. She NEVER went beyond an invisible fence, NEVER going out to the road (we had plenty of times over 9 years to watch her and where she turned around.) I always worried about her because of predators, but she was very smart. I always worried about her in the winter but she put on fat and a thick torbie coat and would be seen on the coldest of days, catching sun rays. I always worried..........

For the past two years she wasn't putting on as much weight as she had but she still looked fit and healthy. A week before she passed I noticed her food wasn't being eaten. I supplemented with everything I could think of including different dry food, Fancy Feast, and finally turkey baby food. I brought the food out to her in the wood shed, checking on her many times a day. Several days before she passed I watched her make a final visit to her favorite hunting spot, she slept under the hemlocks and checked out an insulated bed there. She came to say goodbye, looking in the window, her tiny body must have been cold. It was the weekend and by Sunday I saw her sitting under the hemlocks, bending over. I went out to see her and she didn't run, I knew then she was really sick and the expression in her eyes asked me to help her. Monday morning I found her against the house, in the sun. I put a towel over her, sure she would run. She looked up at me, pleadingly. I didn't know what she would do when I picked her up, but, she did nothing, she was a feather. Once in the carrier she seemed to relax. I put her in the sun on the deck and she stretched out like she used to and slept. I left her there for 2 hours, soaking up the sun. I have very sad memories of that last day, visions I can't get rid of. I stayed with her to the end and she went peacefully and finally warm and safe.

My heart is broken Run free tiny girl, Patches will be there to greet you and all the kitties who went before. Till we meet again, dollgirl.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Mistrie Rose

I will be helping Mistrie Rose to the bridge today at 2:30.  She will be cremated and put in a jar next to Patches grave.  She just never got better, only worse, was suffering and I just couldn't watch her and have her pleading with me with her sweet meows to help her.  She was much worse this AM, She let me scoop her up and put her in the carrier, no problem, my sweet, wild feral girl!  I love you so!  Now it is time to be warm and happy and free of pain sweet girl.  You gave us 9 wonderful years.
The photo was taken in July,  2006. 

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Please purr for my Mistrie Rose.  She is very ill. 

She came to The Big Piney Woods 9 years ago.  She remains semi-feral, happy to be outdoors playing with bugs and watching the happenings on the pond.  She stopped eating three days ago.  Yesterday I visited her in her insulated bed in the wood shed and she didn't run from me, this, in itself, isn't like her.  Today she had her back to me, in a meatloaf, unresponsive except I could see her breathing. 

Calicomom Toni