Friday, March 31, 2006


Mia and Ghost said that their inspiration to blog came from Prince Muddy Paws and Timmy. Edsel said his was Max's site.

Mom says her inspiration came after visiting Timmy's site, also.(She doesn't know how she got there, but then, she can't remember where she parks the car.) Anyway, from there she found a lot of other cat blogger's links and went to all of them, decided she was tired of working on her website, and the rest is history. did you get involved in cat blogging? Do you remember whose blog you visited first?


Thursday, March 30, 2006


Mom and Dad have been spending more and more time outside, combing the lawn with big grooming brushes and using the noisy monsters to help them cut down trees and split wood. This is a sure sign of spring in the Big Piney Woods. They come inside smelling of smoke and tree juice. (Mom calls this sap.) They say every muscle in their bodies hurt, even muscles they didn't know they had. Now, why would someone hurt themselves by overworking like that. They don't do any stretching or meditating before going out, that is one of the problems. They need to take lessons from us.

Mom said one of the bushes they cut down was a pussywillow, so she cut some branches and brought them inside. However, I do not see any cats, or kittens, for that matter, in the branches. All I see is that wooden cat their boy bought in Hawaii.


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I Am Cute, Too!

Patches doesn't have a monopoly on cuteness. I am cute, too. Let me see your "cutest" picture.


Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I sit behind the people's chair
Hiding silently aware
I think she looks for me

I lay under the covers here
Knowing that she is very near
I know she looks for me

Up atop my kitty tree
This is a great place to flee
She looks, and looks some more

A cozy little ball I make
Very flat, a round pancake
She looks, and stops, and stares

Way up high in my little perch
While she does her silly search
She calls; I answer not

When and if I want, you see
For her to actually locate me
She will, (but when I choose)


Monday, March 27, 2006

Income Tax Time

~Patches Words Of Wisdom at Tax Time~

Mine Mom is stewing and cross over something called TAXES. She says you are penalized for trying to better yourself. The more improvements her and Dad make to the cabin, the more they pay, even though it is just improving the yard and upkeep. She claims that isn't the only tax that get her in a bad mood. The one called income tax really gets her feathers in a fluff (I have never seen any of Mom's feathers, I am not sure where they are.) She says they aren't employed anymore, they are 'tired but the government still wants a "piece of them." So, it is getting closer and closer to Income Tax Time, and Mom gets crabby and says something about the damn government. (I think that is a bad word, so I made it small.) I know things will be OK after April 15, they always are, but that is a long way to go......Mom, maybe you could write off our stinky goodness and litter. Maybe you could claim us as your kids! Maybe we are a loophole.....

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Outside Adventure

See, how cute, innocent, and kissable I am?

I pulled a fast one on mine Mom the other day. She was busy putting her pots of flowers back outside, (she brings them in at night in case it gets too cold.) She said to me, "Patches, you get back." Of course, I did, I started going into the other room, so she picks up this big pot, opens the door, and ZOOM, I am outside and away!! I moved so fast, I was like a bolt of lightning, a ball of mulit-colored fur. I ran around the house, Mom in hot pursuit. When I got to the back door, (I wasn't all THAT brave) there was a huge pile of cold white stuff that made my tosies all cold and shivery. Mom came just in time, scooped me up, and hugged me tight. She deposited me inside, where I could hear Dad laughing.

See...I am cute, innocent, and kissable..... the picture proves it.


Saturday, March 25, 2006


We are getting in shape for the catolympics. Here are a couple shots of us warming up.

Patches strengthens her legs

Mittens practices for body curling

~~I am going out for balance beam and the kitty tree is great to get my legs all toned.
~~Mittens is going out for curling and hair ball hurling. She practices hair ball hurling usually at night, when Mom and Dad are sleeping, so Mom gets a surprise to step in.
~~Mistrie is going to help carry the torch and speed racing. She runs around outside getting herself in tiptop shape.

Thanks to the Meezers, Miles and Sammy, for teleporting here to give us snuggles during our sneezing time. Whatever you did, you fixed us both up. Also, please tell your Mom not to worry about being in the Big Piney Woods for the 'lympics because Mom is going to be there to protect you and all other kitties. One other thing.....we have gotten lots of comments about how you are all practicing! Good job!! Keep it up..


Friday, March 24, 2006

A Sunny Day

We had a beautiful, warm, sunny day yesterday; the temperature hit 62 degrees. We only know this cuz Mine Mom told us, as we can only see out the windows that things are sure looking springtime like. (We are housebound, Mom says, where we are safe and sound.)

Mom was working outside in a short sleeve shirt, piling wood in the woodshed for next winter, along with Mine Dad. He was bossing her, telling her how to stack the woods, because she stacked them slanting crooked, and Dad said they would tipsy over. Then Mom worked in her flower beds and pruned some trees. It makes me want to take a nap hearing about all they did.

She said Mistrie was sitting on the deck, happy as a clam about all the sunshine. (Photo above.) The day before she got a picture of Mistrie by her newly planted violas. She calls it posing by the posies. She even put this picture on her Idaho Nature Trails Blog. Yup, cats and flowers are sure nature.


Thursday, March 23, 2006

News On Catolympics

Here is the latest from Mine Mom and Beau's Mom on the progress of the catolympics. There are over 60 signed up to compete. We need more participants for tub soccer and commentators for events. Go sign up at Beau's link above. Please check the list HERE to make sure you are registered.

Mom said the balance beam and floor exercises will be done inside the cabin, on the railing that divides the living room from the TV room. Here is a picture of the balance beam we will be using, also you can see a small portion where the floor exercise will take place. The couch will be used to mount the balance beam. (Here I am resting after a practice session.)

The screen door climb will be held on the screen door, back deck; tower climbing will be done on our cat tree in the living room; sumo wrestling, back deck next to the screen door climb competition; and track and field, outside in the Big Piney Woods. Mom is working on the course where a standard catolpymic size track will be made.
Hairball hurling, yowling, curling, high jump, small box fitting, and litter throwing will be held in the arena area, inside the oval, where the track and field event is held. Tub soccer will take place in our downstairs bathroom.

Practice up kitties, this is going to be some competition.


Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Yes, it is spring......Mom bought some violas at the big buying place. Violas and pansies are her favorite flowers because they smell good, bloom a long time through cold and heat, and have cute faces. She planted them in big clay colored plastic pots and put them on the deck (she said she will bring them in at night for a while.) Mittens is checking them out to make sure they are good quality. They passed inspection.


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ladies Club

Today is the day that Mine Mom is going to have company. She belongs to this ladies club, which she is hosting this month. As you can see, Mittens is on the look-out for early arrivals. Mom has given me strict orders to be polite and act lady-like; of course I will. She says not to jump up on any laps (even though they look soft and inviting,) because some people don't like cats.


Not like cats!

Mom doesn't know this, but we can tell who they are due to our psychic abilities, and those are the ones I shall target, hehe....... We kitties know that the ones that won't look at us and make eye contact are the ones we need to convert. Purrsonally, I think a sign should be posted out front, "Cat Lovers Only In Our Cabin." Well, they will either love me before it is over, or make a mad dash out the door. (Please don't tell Mom I wrote any of this.)

Update: Whew, they finally all left. They sat on all MY chairs and they talked loud and laughed silly and spilled crumbs (which was OK, cuz I ate them.) They weren't very friendly, even though I walked around all the chairs, scented their legs, while I chirped and looked oh, so cute. One lady was furry nice and she picked me up!!! I barely tolerate Mom picking me up.....what was she thinking of....I am supposed to be admired and adored, from afar, talked to and worshipped, that is what Mom does. Good I have all my chairs back.


Monday, March 20, 2006

Heidi and Duke

This is our Mom, when she was a little wafer, about twelve to fourteen years old. It was taken in Brainerd, Minnesota, at her parents house, with another "cat that came before us" she named Heidi. Heidi, as you can see, was a little tuxedo kitten. The big guy sitting on the floor is Duke, the spotty dog.

Mom says she has alway been 'lergic to animals. She sneezes lots and has trouble breathing. Back in the 'good old days," when this photo was taken, there wasn't anything for allergies. Now they have stuff you can take, pills and inhalers.

She also told me she has "pop beads" around her neck. She wonders if anyone remembers them.


Note from Mom: The little cat I called Stranger hasn't been seen the last few days; maybe just passing through. Probably for the best, I wouldn't want Mistrie upset, or worse, by an intruder. The outside is her domain, it belongs to her, solely. She is so happy with springtime, running and playing. The worst of the weather is behind her now, she, like us, is looking forward to grass and flowers. She seemed to know today spring arrived, her demeanor changed.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Geese Have Returned

As you can see, the geese have returned to the pond in the Big Piney Woods. They are laying claim to that nest behind them. Mom says, "another sign of spring."

Jasmine did a lovely write-up about us on her blog. Please go and visit her and say "hi."


Saturday, March 18, 2006

Finnegan's Party

There is another party! Mom said we could go, but Mistrie is staying home because we have another visitor and she needs to stay close by to guard her stuff. This party, which started last night, is a St. Patty's Day party and birthday party all in one, for Finnegan. We have our special green hats on for the occassion. We got orders from Mom to only have the virgin drinks that diva kitty is bringing, not over-due the nip cuz we are in Catolympics training, and be home at a decent time (whatever that means.) We are cited! We will see all our blogger friends and maybe make some new ones. We are leaving now....... yes Mom, we will be good, yes, Mom, we will follow the rules, yes Mom, we love you!!

Now can we go, we are late!!!!

Patches and Mittens

Friday, March 17, 2006

Tribute To Moses

Moses is gone, but not forgotten......
Moses Kitty has been sent to live in a barn. His people took him there yesterday, after trying to fix his behavior problems. This is going to be so hard for him as he was an indoor kitty, and was used to that lifestyle. Now he must face the cold and bad weather. We are sad and we hang our heads, as we send happy thoughts to him. Stay safe, sweet Moses, stay warm, sweet Moses, stay healthy, sweet Moses. Hopefully, some good person will find it in their heart to give you a furrever home. To view Moses' blog go HERE. Please leave comments to his people. Maybe, together,we can find a better solution. We hope...............

Yesterday Patches had two huge tears in her eyes. They weren't irritation type tears, no these were genuine huge teardrops. I wiped them away and gave her a hug. Her eyes were fine, clear and catlike, no sign of anything wrong; there were no more tears, just those two. I wrote to Oreo's Mom and Daisy's Mom about this, if they had ever heard of such a thing, do cats cry? We all just shrugged it off.....until I read about Moses .
Then I knew.......

Yes, it's me, here in the shadows
I hear your voice, I see your eyes
Have you come to love me, again
Or just ease your guilty mind.

I am here, in the cold darkness
Alone, bewildered, afraid
Are you leaving me, again
With nothing but a memory.

Sad, so very sad
Yes, you left me, again
Life is not fair
But, whoever said it was.

We, in the cat blogging community, become very close, feeling a special bond with all the kitties. It is terribly hard when an unfortunate incident like this plays out. We all mourn his loss, we all feel bad and wish him well; he was "our" Moses too!
Mom...... to Patches, Mittens and Mistrie

Thursday, March 16, 2006

New Monster

Mine Dad went to the buying place and bought another big monster. This monster is kind of like the one that cuts the trees down (Big Scissor Monster) but it takes the trees he has cut down and splits them into smaller sizes to fit in our hot metal fire box that heats the log cabin here in the Big Piney Woods. He calls it a wood splitter, we call it Black Noisy Chewing Monster. The following are the monsters that live here now, out in the garage or big shed; way too many:

Metal Monsters (aka Dad's truck and Mom's SUV)
Big Scissor Monster (aka chain saw)
Grass Eating Monster (aka lawn mower)
Snow Eating Monster (aka snow blower)
Black Noisy Chewing Monster (aka wood splitter)
Monster That Blows Hot Air (aka leaf blower)
Skinny Cutting Monster (aka edge trimmer)

So, do you have any monsters like this at your home? Tell me about them if you do.


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My Side Of The Story

Ever since I won the Pawtrait Viewers' Choice Award at 2CarolinaCats, Patches has been so mean! She keeps chasing after me and stalking me (is there a stalking law for kitties?) It all boils down to the fact she is jealous of my neat toesies. Of course, she does it when our Mom and Dad aren't around. Well, she didn't even make the finals and me and Mistrie did! She says over and over, "my toes are cute, too," and then she looks at them and licks them. Poor looser.


Note From Mom: There is another kitty eating out of Mistrie's bowl of food. She/he is a tabby with lovely brown rings and light colored eyes, very young looking. I have only seen him/her once, but noticed the food bowl going down and thought it was our raccoon visitors. We live far enough away from other people that it is unlikely it belongs to anyone; nobody that I know of has a kitty close enough to visit. Will keep you posted.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Mittens' Win

Mittens is being a real pain about her Pawtrait Viewers' Choice win. She keeps coming up to me and showing me her paws, and then says meow- mew, meow- mew (I won, I won) She is upset with me because I told her she had a birth defect (I only said that cuz I was mad at her.) She is strutting around now giving me "that look." She hangs her big toes over the railing upstairs and holler down at me merp- merp, (look, look) as the picture shows. Boy, talk about letting something go to your head!


Monday, March 13, 2006

Some Updates

Mittens just found out she won the pawtrait viewers choice at 2Carolina Cats. Thanks so much to everyone who voted for her! Thanks also to Finnegan, Buddy, and Staff for a wonderful contest.

Mine Mom has planted some catnip for the catolympic game's nap-a-thon.
After the tough competition the kitties will be ready for some fresh nip and a nap. It should be ready by June. She is going to start it in the kitchen window.

The snow lingers and has covered up the crocuses that were pushing up. Winter hangs on; we wait in anticipation as Mom talks about "cabin fever." We hope she isn't sick.

The woodshed where Mistrie sleeps is getting bare. Dad has entered the "Mistrie Zone" (one row from her blanket; you can barely see the salmon color at the end of the arrow.) Mom and Dad have more wood cut and are hoping for a spring thaw so they can start piling next year's supply. They will then pull her bed foreward a bit. Thanks for all of you who have shown so much concern over our little feral. She is now "talking" to Mom and shows her love by headbutts, purring, love nipping. Mom still has to stay inside though, if she goes out, Mistrie is a ball of fur in flight.


Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sunday Bath

Mine Mom says that when she was a little wafer, back in the "olden days," bath night was on Sunday. They didn't have the people rain machines then, so they sat in the tub to get clean. From what she says, I guess people back in those days didn't get very dirty, if they only took a bath once a week!!! Whew!!!

Reminder on the Catolympics .....
Sign-up continues at Beau's until the end of April, (April 30th) all competitions are listed on his site. The comment section is where you sign up, also, please list name, age, weight, (if sumo wrestling) and category. The torch relay will be the 1st two weeks in June and the competitions the third week in June. The games will be held here, in the Big Piney Woods, followed by a fun nap-a-thon for closing cermonies. Sign up and tell your friends!!

Beau's Site For Signup:


Saturday, March 11, 2006


I would like to introduce you to Daisy. She is our bestest internet friend kitty and she lives far, far away, across the big waters in Loughton, England. (She talks British cat talk.) She visits our kitty blogs, but doesn't have one of her own. Her Mom, Sue, and Mine Mom are bestest internet friends, too. Daisy is having some health issues right now, please send lots of loving thoughts to her and help her through her sickyness. You can read all about her at the website Mom made for her HERE.


Friday, March 10, 2006

What Happened?

Oh my, Mom, where did spring go???

Note From Mom: In the last two days, we have recieved from 12 to 16 inches of new snow in The Big Piney Woods. This isn't at all unusual, spring is like that in A State Of Winter, after all this is a ski area. Mittens is checking it out.

Thursday, March 09, 2006


There is gonna be catolympics! Head on over to Beau's and sign up. We each signed up for an event and also Mistrie wants to help carry the torch. Then, the closing ceremony will be here, in The Big Piney Woods. Beau is figuring on June, should be good cuz it will be all sunny and nice and Mom will be all flower planting so things will be all pretty.


Wednesday, March 08, 2006

That Is MY Chair

As you know, everything belongs to me! Yes, everything! All the chairs belong to me, you can sit in them if I am not using them, same goes for Mittens (well, maybe, that depends on my mood at the moment.) Here is a picher of three of the chairs that belong to me.


Monday, March 06, 2006

Moving Sun

I saw the sun
On the rug, as I sat
Cleaning my face
Just being a cat.

But where did it go?
It moved over there
I've spotted it now
It's next to Mom's chair.


Saturday, March 04, 2006

Saturday Special

Mine Mom said that I deserve to takes weekends off from blogging, so she would post cute, funny, and sweet pichers she finds of kitties and/or other critters. We decided to call it Saturday and Sunday Special and hope you enjoy it.

I do need more nap time! This blogging is hard, very hard work......


Friday, March 03, 2006

Scratching Post

I think we need a new scratching post, this one is all worned out. What do you think?

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Dr. Phil

Mine Mom and Dad are always watching the talking picher box. She likes somebody by the name of Dr. Phil, as you can see. She says he solves a lot of problems for purrsons. I believe there would be no problems if every purrson had a kitty or two or three, cuz we help with blood pressure and make people happy; I know I am always making Mom smile and laugh. She says my purr is settling (whatever that means.) She also says purring kitties help you to sleep and make the gray days less gray.

I will lay here by the hot metal fire box and bless them with my presence.


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Something Stinks!

Our Mom came home "all stinky" and not from another cat, either. She said she was putting food in the metal monster and she thought the feeding tube was plugged up. She pulled it out to check......NO wasn't plugged up! She said it spit-up all over the place.

She put her coat in the soaking machine and poured lots of lathers in there. Her hands still stink and she has washed them three times....DO NOT TOUCH ME!!! Mittens covered her nose, I hided.