Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year's Resolutions

Patches' Resolution
How do you improve upon Perfection?

Mittens' Resolution
Help my mom more

Mistrie's Resolution
Go in the big house

Friday, December 30, 2005

Fat Or Furry?

Mom says Mistrie put on a lot of fur for the winter. I guess, maybe, she sure is round. She really likes Mittens and me, but I play it real cool and let her know I am the boss of this whole place which includes the outdoors, as well as inside, even though mom only lets me outside when she is with me. This morning when mom was fussing with her she gave mom a love nip and looked at her with those soulful eyes. Mittens did her growling and hissing at her too.

Fat or Furry?
I need to get back to my post and stare at her for a while. We shall have a "staredown".

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I Am A Cat

I am a cat
And that is that
I have no time
to sit and chat.

Or dilly or dally
You have no clue
A busy cat's life
So much to do.

Nap and eat
Then nap some more
Sit in the sun
Cry at the door.

On varmit patrol
Check out the house
What is that noise?
Is it a mouse?

See what I mean
No time to spare
Think I will nap
Yes, that's my chair.

Patches the Poet

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Introducing Mistrie Rose

Mom says Mistrie needs to be introduced too. She can't type because she is outside all the time so mom is going to help me tell you about her. Last fall dad saw kitty prints around and told mom to put some food out because he thought a kitty was visiting. At first the only glimpse she got of Fast Cat was a ball of furr in flight. Gradually she became a little tamer, and finally, by the end of last winter, she was out on the big back deck when the weather got warmer, sitting under the seats. Mom put my little round bed under the seats of the deck and made a make-shift roof and raised the bed so water wouldn't get it wet. She loved it and slept in it all summer.
She got so friendly to mom that when she opens the patio door she head butts, purrs and drools. She brings mom many presents, some alive, some semi-alive, some deceased; putting them in front of the door for inspection. She loves to be petted and waits for mom to give her attention, but if mom goes outside she is a ball of furr in flight. Mom made her 3 beds for the upcoming winter, one under the deck, one next to the house under the hemlock trees and one up in the woodshed; where she stayed when she first came. She even gets stinky goodness (Fancy Feast!) She is a mystery hence the name Mistrie,with a dusty rose colored nose so that is how she got her middle name. Mom says she has "soulful eyes".

Monday, December 26, 2005

Introducing Mittens Pollypaws

My sister's name is Mittens and she has been bugging me that she wants to write something. She has huge feet so I knows she can't type, besides, it is MY blog!! But mom said not to be selfish (FISH, did someone say FISH?). So, here goes........ Mom saved her from certain death when she was working in the local shelter. She would growl and hide all the time and everyone coming in wanted playful kittens. So being the soft touch that she is, Mom brought her home. I was not happy at all! I growled and hissed; but to no avail, she was here to stay. She hogs the bed all night on Mom's side and she does her loving looks to Mom and purrs and always sits on her lap when she is trying to type. I have to put her in her place though as Queen of the House. Maybe I will let her type a few words. She must use a different color though!! Mom also said I must introduce Mistrie Rose.....maybe......someday........ok maybe tomorrow.

Wow, finally I get to say something on this here blog. So here goes. My full name is Mittens Pollypaws but mom calls me Toes most of the time because I have extra toes on all my feets; all the better to catch the bugs with! Patches is always picking on me but I can hold my own, I have a ferocious growl and one time when she was especially mean, I bit her ear and drew blood!! She had a pierced ear mom said. If you want to read the full story of us girls, mom has it all down on her website The Calico Girls.

I love my forever home!

Mittens Pollypaws

Saturday, December 24, 2005

My Blog Turned Blue!!


What happened to my blog? It is BLUE.....Yesterday it was PINK......Maybe evil trolls were in the computer.

I was watching the talking picture box this morning and mom and I saw a Christmas tree all decorated nice in Pennsylvania that had a possum in the branches up on top!! The people got all excited because they didn't know it was in their tree and it was playing dead. It was so cute I don't know why they didn't just leave it in the tree on top for decoration, but they called some men who took it out. There are no coons here in Idaho but we have three racoons who come and steal Mistrie's food so mom has to bring it inside every night. They have little masks on like it is Halloween all the time. They peek in the windows at us when mom isn't looking.

Mom says to get off this computer because she needs to use it a little and then go bake some pumpkin pies.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Idaho Is Not All About Potatos

It is raining. Mom says it beats the cold weather we have been having, but us indoor kitties stay cozy warm all of the time. Mom says we broke records that have been kept for 111 years for most cold days without a thaw in December. There are people, and I know you kitties will find this hard to believe, that strap wooden sticks on their toes and get in these moving machines that scoot them up to the top of the biggest sand pile ever that has snow on it and then they get off, and turn around, and fly down the sand pile ever so fast! They say "shoosh, shoosh, shoosh," and scream and laugh and say "last one down is a rotten egg." How can they get rotten when it is so cold and they go so fast? This, too, I must ponder.

Biggest Sand Pile Ever

This is the big sand pile last week. (mom calls it Scweitzer Ski Area)
I can see it out my window if I get on the TV.


Thursday, December 22, 2005

Snow Monsters

Here is a picture for those of you who live in the balmy south. See how they peek in the window? I am very brave usually................................
but when the Snow Monsters come to visit I run really fast up into the big closet for protection. Here is little me hiding. There is only one other thing I hide from; Vacuum Monster. Both Mittens and I have spent considerable time in here today as they keep appearing. Just when one loses its balance and falls another takes its place. We thinks they must be mutilplying up on the roof!!

Patches Lady

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Why does dad pull out the hair in his ears and nose?
Why does mom use stinky stuff under her arms?
Why does dad shave his whiskers?
Why does mom shave her legs?
Why I ask you, Why? Why? Why?
Do any of you kitties have an answer?
I am up in my thinking place thinking... WHY!!!!

Patches Lady

Merry Christmas To All

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

By Way of Introduction.......

Hello :

My name is Patches Lady, the owner of this house. Mittens Pollypaws, my sister, whispered in my tiny ear the other day that we must start a blog so we can share things with you other kitties. There is also Mistrie Rose who lives under our deck. Mom says she is semi-feral. Together we make up The Calico Girls (Technically Mistrie is not a calico; she is a torbie, close enough.)

Until later...many purrs....