Thursday, May 23, 2013

Farewell Sweet Mittens

I helped sweet little Mittens Pollypaws to the bridge at 4:25 today.  She was 18 years old.  

She was diagnosed with stomach cancer 3 1/2 years ago and given 3 months to live.  The past few years she has spent on her bed, never leaving it except to use her litter box (which was right beside her) or to eat or drink (also right beside her.)  She had trouble walking and her tummy hurt her so she always laid on her side.  I told my husband when she quites eating I know it is time.  She hasn't touched any food for 3 days, the vet said I made the right decision.  She joins her sisters, Patches and Mistrie Rose at the Bridge.

I adopted her from our shelter when she was 6.  She traveled south with us for 3 years, staying in a condo and enjoying watching the palm trees sway and the birdies play.

She was a polydactyl (extra toes) thus the name Mittens Pollypaws.  Her nicknames were Walrus Whiskers, Big Girl, and Toes. 

She will foever ramain in my heart, such a gentle soul.  She gave me head butts and purrs right up to the time I put her in the carrier.

Seems a horrible year for me.  I lost my husband 3 weeks ago and this is the second cat I have sent to the bridge since March.  Below her photo is a poem I wrote for her years ago when I thought I was going to loose her.  I feel blessed I had her as long as I did. 

Fly free sweet angel Mittens
The fairies gave you wings
Rainbow Bridge is calling
I hear the angels sing
Fly free sweet angel Mittens
I know you cannot stay
My heart is truly breaking
On this, the saddest day
Fly free sweet angel Mittens
The hurt, the pain are gone
Once more you can run and play
For now your bodies strong
Farewell, sweet angel Mittens
Yes, I will miss you so
 I know you are in a better place
And I must let you go.
Love, Momma Toni