Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A Note From Patches.....

Mittens is always sitting on Momma's lap when she is on the computer. She purrs and drools on the keyboard, and gets into everything. (Momma calls her a little pest.) There are strange happenings; things scroll wildly, typing goes nuts as strange letters fly across the screen, pop up boxes appear, out of nowhere. She does this with her head; Momma says this is quite a talent. I am afraid she will delete the blog, or worse, delete the thing Momma calls "windows." (I keep telling her though, that windows are for looking out at birdies, but does she listen? Oh, and by the way, Momma, you need to wash them.)

Momma says she doesn't have as much time to visit everyone's blog right now as she is busy reporting on the cats carrying the torch for the Catolympics and getting everything ready here for the event.

Patches Lady

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Way Too Cold

Patches: Momma, it is way to cold, just look at the the temperature thing.
Mom: Yes, spring took a LOA.
Patches: What is a LOA; Lack of Ambition?
Mom: No, silly, leave of absence; it will be back.
Patches: Momma, you said the temperature thing is wrong.
Mom: Yes, you have to subtract five degrees.
Patches: That makes it almost WINTER!
Mom: It doesn't matter, you aren't going out anyway.
Patches: But, Momma....
Mom: You need to practice for the olympics.
Patches: Momma?
Mom: Yes, now what is it?
Patches: Your nasty urchins aren't even growing. Look at them. The only thing that is growing is weeds and the grass.
Mom: Be patient, later this summer I will show you; they will have pretty orange flowers.
Patches: I still think those nasty urchins look pretty sad.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Memorial Day

First of all, many people have been asking for Edsel's Mom's address to send cards. We asked Diva Kitty's Mom and she suggested we send them all to her and she will forward them weekly. Let's all send cards and letters to Susan. Use the following address:

Edsel's mom
C/O Sophia
PO Box 1621
Benicia, CA 94510


It is a typical Memorial Day Weekend in the Big Piney Woods, rain. Here is a picture of Mistrie, snoozing through a shower.

I took this picture a few days ago. The grill is all ready to be fired up......rain, rain, go away.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Patches & Mom Have A Talk

Patches: Momma, when does the torch relay start, please?
Mom: Today, sweetie, it is starting today.
Patches: Where and who, Momma, please.
Mom: Bangles and Bombay are starting it in Singapurr.
Patches: Oh, Momma, this is so exciting, soon all my friends will be here to compete.
Mom: Yes, and you, Mittens and Mistrie must be very good hostesses.
Patches: We will, Momma, and now can I have some extra stinky goodness, please?
Mom: Sounds a little like blackmail to me, Patches.
Patches: No, Momma, we are calico girls cats, not black male cats.

:: Walking away Patches is thinking, "I wonder if Momma is loosing her marbles, too? Or maybe she is color blind, we aren't black boy kitties." ::

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Mittens, The Helper

Momma needs my help a lot of times, but she doesn't like to bother me because she knows I have so many things to do. I am her number one bug catcher, after all. I am constantly helping her when she is on the computer. I sleep cuddled up to her every night; she says I am better than any old sleeping pill. I keep track of Mistrie for her and make sure she has water in her bowl by her bed outside and she gets her share of stinky goodness. I warn her when a thunder storm is approaching or if a stranger is at the door. Here I am helping her pick out her clothes for today.......she says she has nothing to wear and I show her this simply isn't true.

Mittens Pollypaws

Friday, May 26, 2006

It's Time

Many of us are here, in spirit, to wish Edsel's Mom the best of luck; to send healing vibes with our purrs. Now, let us begin.........

The kitties shall put their paws together, purr softly, and look to the sky. We shall think of Edsel's Mom and focus on giving her strength to meet this challenge. We shall gather our energy and focus it on her body. This energy will gather strength and help to heal her. We shall think of Edsel and the rest of the family and send them love and hope. We shall bow our heads; become silent. Kitties and Furless Ones, together from all over the world, at this moment.

Beau's Mom says, "We personally believe that prayer changes things and creates miracles."

(When the time for the operations comes, we shall do this again.)

Momma Toni and The Girls

Mistrie's Wish For You

My wish for you.......

May you always walk in flowers
The grass between your toesies
Sniffing as you run around
With your little nosies
Stalking mice and birdies, too
While sitting in the posies.

Mistrie Rose


All of us here in the Big Piney Woods are thinking of Edsel's Mom and sending healing vibes and thoughts to her. We are hoping for a speedy recovery. Extra special purrs and headbutts are being sent; tell all your friends.....we need to make a healing chain. Tonight at 6:00 PM Pacific The Calico Girls will have a special time where we will look to the heavens and send loving thoughts and wishes for a special lady, who needs our help. We hope you will join us.

Toni (Momma to the Girls)

Beau's Mom converted the times for us:

HawaiiTime: 3:00 PM
AlaskaTime: 5:00 PM
PacificTime: 6:00 PM
Mtn.Time: 7:00 PM
Central Time: 8:00 PM
EasternTime: 9:00 P

Thursday, May 25, 2006

You Are Ignoring Me!!

I want to go outside NOW!!! I have waited patiently for hours, it seems, voicing my request, but you are ignoring me. You wouldn't ignore me if I brought my ever sharp claws out. You wouldn't ignore me if I started yowling. You wouldn't ignore Mittens if she wanted to sit on your lap. You wouldn't ignore Mistrie if she was at the screen door. You wouldn't ignore Dad, ever!! So why are you ignoring me?

Patches Lady

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A Warning

Identity theft is rampant among the Furless Ones. Yes, it can happen to us kitties as well. Momma says we all look different, but it is a good thing to have photo identity. What if someone, posing as you, came into your house and started eating your stinky goodness and sleeping in your bed, all the while looking like you? To protect yourself you should get a micro chip, we have them (except Mistrie) and they are good in case you get lost (we can't because we never go outside and if we do, it is a supervision walk only.) Be warned, kitty friends.

Mittens Pollypaws

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Is That You, Dad?

Today, I just wanted to sit on the Dad's lap all the time. He had to get up to answer the ringing box, but I got right back on his lap and settled in for a long spring's nap. Finally, he said he had to get up and get dressed. I cried, I complained, I followed him upstairs and helped him pick out a shirt. I purred the whole time and my paws got all happy, as they curled and uncurled; (Momma calls them my singing toes) not to be confused with biscuits, where I knead into something, like a blanket or a bare leg. Then, after all that help I gave him dressing, he just went right outside to kill weeds!! I am sulking now, up high in my tree; just see if I pay him any mind at all the rest of the day.

~10 minutes later~ Dad, oh, Dad, is that you?? Excuse me, I think I heard the door........

Patches Lady

Monday, May 22, 2006

Lightning Storms

A few nights ago, something terribly scary happened. there were lights in the sky that looked like swords that kept flashing at us, and then, to make it worse, they made huge booming sounds. I got so scared I hid and it took The Mom forever too find me. I was in the cupboard in the kitchen; tucked behind the canned goods. I can open them up with my paws and the door shuts behind me. It is the best place, when fire lights up the sky and the clouds rumble.

Mittens Pollypaws

***Daily updates now on the catolympics. Check it out!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

More On Mistrie

Scooby, Shaggy, and Scout made the following comment the other day, after Mistrie helped Edsel:

"Dear sweet Mistrie Rose! What a good girl."

Yes, she is a good girl; sweet and funny. She has figured out how to open the screen on the French doors, by hooking her claw in and shifting her weight. She opens it about 4 inches and sticks her head inside. My husband put a latch on the screen now, as I was afraid Patches would dart out.

The other day, Patches was on the inside of the screen, she was on the other and they were playing pawsies. One morning, Mittens was sitting in the window sill in the window next to the door, chasing a bug. Mistrie got up on her back legs and peeked inside. When she saw Mittens was having fun, she decided she would play too! She found something on the deck, a stick or leaf and started chasing it.

Toni (The Mom)

Saturday, May 20, 2006


Here I am practicing on the balance beam, working hard. It won't be long until the catolympics!
Patches Lady

Friday, May 19, 2006

Too Hot

It is HOT!
It is way too HOT!
It is only May!
It is 90 degrees in the shade!
Normal temperature is 66 degrees!
All I do is stretch out and nap.
Oh, for a breeze and a few clouds.
Please send some if you have any.

~As told to Patches by Mistrie Rose~

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Edsel Hides Out

It was all a big misunderstanding with the Canadian Authorities, but Edsel didn't know that and took off, looking for a safe haven. When Edsel stopped here in the Big Piney Woods, Mistrie saw him and told The Mom, who brought out a plate of stinky goodness, some crunchies and a big bowl of water. He and Mistrie got to really know each other, as Mistrie showed him around all her sleeping beds and the safe spot under the deck, if Edsel needs a hideout. They checked out the catolympics race track and the climbing tree. Then, Mittens and I had a nice chat with him, throught the screen. Edsel shared fond memories of home in the Mitten State and his love for his Furless Ones. He took a long nap while Mistrie stood guard, just in case. After finding out it was all a misunderstanding and his Mom missed him greatly, Edsel went home to be with the ones he loves.

To Derby: Yes, there was a mudslide here, but it was up on the big hill where the people put the sticks on their feet and slide down. It went right through a condo. (Thankfully, nobody was there at the time.) It has been 90 degrees here for three days now, we have broken all time records for heat and the snow is melting fast. There are flood warnings out for the rivers, but we are all safe and sound. Thanks so much for your concern.

Patches Lady

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Nice Gifts

The Oldest Boy gave Our Mom the prettiest gift for Mother's Day. It is leaded, stained glass kitties to hang in the window. She hasn't hung it yet, because she is afraid it will fall and break, using the suction cup thing she has to hold it up. The Girl and Her Man and the Little Wafer gave her a book with a ton of pictures of cats. I guess they know what she likes, she was all happy and kissy.

Patches Lady

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I am practicing being a Smiley Girl. Derby, The Sassy Cat, is a Smiley Boy, you know. I smile bigger when The Mom says something funny, like "are you hungry, or where are my glasses (when they are on the top of her head,) or would you like a treat?" Sometimes I smile big, right before I attack Mittens. I always smile when I see The Dad.

Patches Lady

Monday, May 15, 2006

Whose Cat Are You?

Basically, Patches belongs to my husband. She is his cat. She gets on his lap numerous times a day, purrs, gives headbutts and talks up a storm. She sleeps next to him at night, jumps on the bed while he is getting dressed, I assumed to make sure he gets the left sock on his left foot, and his left arm in the left sleeve.

Mittens belongs to me. She is Mom's girl. She sits on my lap and helps me on the computer and helps me while I eat my breakfast. If I sit down anywhere, she is right there, although if my husband sits down in one particular chair, she will lay on his lap, purring. She is afraid of the overhead fan and the tv, so she doesn't sit on my lap when I am in the den. She snuggles up to me all night. She cry/talks to me in a squeeky voice and follows me around.

Mistrie is definitely mine. She is afraid of everyone else. She waits for me to open the door and sit down on the floor, so she can go back and forth, rubbing against the sill and headbutting me, all the while purring.

I really think we belong to our cats! Share with us, do you belong to your cat or does your cat belong to you, or someone else in your family.


On Wednesday, May 10 at 9:00 Eastern Time, (6:00 our time) we lit a candle for Grandpa Norton. We fell silent and Mittens purred. He is running in the daisies, chasing butterflies and napping with the "ones who went before." He is waiting at Rainbow Bridge.

Toni (The Mom)

P. S. I shall give the girls their blog back tomorrow!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

Patches, Mittens, Mistrie

and The Mom, Toni

I want to thank all of you for your wonderful, kind comments over the past four days, regarding how the girls came to live with us. I feel so blessed to have my girls and can't imagine life without them. I also feel so lucky to be part of this wonderful blogging community.

The Mom, Toni

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Mistrie's Story

In the summer of 2004, small cat tracks were seen by my husband. He told me he thought we had a cat in the woodshed and maybe I should put out some food....Maybe???? Of course, I would, and water, and make some nice places to sleep. I put an old rust colored blanket up in the wood, tucking it back as far as I could. Days went by and I never saw anything, although the food was disappearing at an alarming rate. Then, one day I happened to open the door and saw a flash of fur. I wanted to see the face of this cat, so I spent a considerable amount of time sneaking up to the door, where the food bowl was. After doing this so many times I can't even count, I was rewarded. Looking down, there was the most beautiful cat face staring right back up at me, eyes ringed in black, rose colored nose. She immediately ran.

It took a year, but she went from being a semi-feral cat who didn't trust me at all, to my being able to open the door and have her come to me, purring and headbutting. She gives little love nips, too. She is starved for attention and would let me spend hours with her like that, but even now, after two years, she still doesn't feel comfortable if I try to come outside; she wants me on my side of the door. She will look at me from a distance, when I am outside, but would never come up to me. I guess she feels if I am in the house, she is safe. I put flea medicine on her and tried to worm her by putting crushed up pills in stinky goodness, which just goes to waste. She evidently has been spayed. She was so wild at first, I couldn't trap her, but she has never had kittens.

She is a torbie. Her age? No idea, but she seems young, she loves to play, chase leaves, run around at the speed of light, a ball of fur, she even has a toy that I find in different places. The other day, Mittens was batting at a fly in the windowsill. After watching intently, Mistrie started playing with something on the deck. I know she wished she could play with Mittens.

She has two beds in the woodshed now, one on either end, and two beds under the deck, completely enclosed and insulated. She also has her nice weather, round bed, under the seats of our deck, situated so she can watch what is going on inside. I put plastic lids on the seats to work as a roof, and, unless it rains hard, she doesn't get wet.

I named her Mistre (she is a mystery.) Her middle name is Rose, the color of her nose. I don't know if she will ever become really tame; but she has it very nice outside. She has the pond and all the wildlife that go with it, to watch, numerous decks she can hide under, trees to climb and sharpen her nails, and the biggest litter box ever (my flowerbed.) Far away from the road, she never roams, has her boundries. She is terrified of vehicles that go by and strangers, actually anyone but me. We love our Mistrie Rose, the girls and her interact between the screen. She has brought added happiness, as she chases the resident turkey, runs after bugs, and brings me mice, still alive, for praise. We are thrilled to have our little Mistrie Rose!

We updated the catolympics blog yesterday. Go check it out HERE!

Toni (The Mom)

Friday, May 12, 2006

Mittens' Story (Part 2)

I forgot to mention, it was Sept., 2000. I never did know why her name was penciled in on the calendar, I didn't want to know. I had waited long enough for someone to give her a home, her home was with us. I know now that was decided the day I first saw her. (It was the first day I did volunteer work; a coincidence?) Life works in mysterious ways!!

She was taken in to be spayed and to get her shots, (the spaying was unnecessary, as she was already spayed.) It said on her sheet she was five or six years old. I wonder, to this day, why someone would drop her off, in a box and leave her at the door of the shelter, after investing that many years.

I brought my own carrier, and tucked her inside. This was the one and only time she never fussed about going into it! I put her in the passenger seat, so she could see me; she was so good on the drive home, her forever home!

I put her in our spare bedroom so Patches could get used to her. While in there, she came out of her shell. I got to see what a darling girl she was. We call her our play cat, anything that moves is game for her, and she loves bugs. She sleeps cuddled up next to me every night, and always sings me a song before she goes to sleep. She is still very timid and hides whenever someone comes. If we get overnight company she stays in the closet until they leave. She still growls when she is upset about something, but she doesn't hide under the bedspread anymore.

I named her Mittens Pollypaws (Pollypaws for polydactyl.) We love our Mittens, our Toes of Many Colors. Everyday she gives us joy. With us she is happy, safe and content. She is our Big Teddybear.
(Mistrie's story tomorrow)

The Mom

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mittens' Story (Part 1)

I was doing volunteer work for our local cat/dog shelter. At the time, it was still a kill shelter (this was the reason I had to stop volunteering there; that, and the fact my asthma got so bad.) They have since gone to a no-kill facility. I did my routine, cleaning cages from the front office (where the adoptable cats are) to the back (where the newly admitted ones are placed in cages and quarantined.) In one of the bottom cages, on the end, was a calico, making herself as small as possible. When I talked to her she growled. There was another feral in there who was so wild you had to wear gloves, and then be careful. I ask Annie if the cat was safe to touch. She advised me she was, no problem. I opened the door and took out this frightened girl with huge feet. She immediately began to purr!!!

Her cage was the only one, out of all of them, that didn't need cleaning. She hadn't used the litter box, eaten or drank any water since she had been admitted, the night before I got there. I got attached to all the cats, but she tore at my heart more than any other had. The next day, and every day after, I hoped she would be gone when I got there, that someone gave her a forever home. She started slipping under her bedding to completely hide. That is the way I found her one morning, several days later. She had been moved "up" to the adoptable room, but nobody would know there was a cat in the cage and, if they did, her growling would surely put them off. After all, most people want a playful kitten or a grown cat that is outwardly loving. Days went by, she still hid and growled.

Each day I took her out and held her and listened to her purr, hating to put her back. Her cage never did need much cleaning, she seemed to not want to go on living. I couldn't sleep at night and thought of her all the time. I happened to be back in the quarantine room and looked at a calendar on the wall. Mittens, whose name was Arlana, was penciled in on a date, a few days away. I didn't know what this meant, but I had a bad feeling.
(Continued tomorrow)

Toni ( The Mom)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Patches' Story

After reading Derby's story I decided to write the girls' story; how they found their furrever homes.

One gorgeous fall day, in October, 1999, a lovely calico cat came walking up the driveway, taking her sweet time, tail held high, feeling very comfortable and secure. It was like she knew that whoever lived here would let her stay. She knew she had charm. My husband saw her first, when he happened to look out the window. I had been wanting a cat and had discussed it with him, so this was an opportune time for her to show up. Coincidently, calicos were my favorite, ever since I had one as a little wafer. I went out, walking slowly, talking softly. She just talked right back to me and was fine with my picking her up. I didn't want to get attached, figuring she belonged to someone, she was too friendly and unafraid.

I opened the door for her and invited her inside. It was obvious she wasn't used to being indoors, the ceiling were so low, not like the sky, and there were no trees or grass. After numerous headbutts and winding around me, she found a spot on a quilt that was folded up beside the couch, claiming it as hers. I called the neighbors and also called the shelter, nobody was missing a calico who had one black leg and one orange, with white tosies. (I was so very glad nobody claimed her.) After a week, I called T.E.D. and made an appointment for spaying, worming, shots, and health check. The spaying wasn't necessary ( somebody must have loved her) and she got a clean bill of health. The only thing we can figure is someone dropped her off (their loss, our gain.) She was two years old.

She fit in and it didn't take long before she was claiming the bed as hers. My husband named her Patches, I added the Lady. She is our lovely Patches Lady, Bootiful Gurl, our Patchy Girl. We love her so, she is "the boss lady."

Toni (The Mom)

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Lasso That Log

The Dad did the strangest thing the day before yesterday, as we girls, and Mom too, watched on in wonderment. There was a big log floating in the pond, up by shore, that The Dad wanted left there, reasons known only to him. The Mom asked him later and he said he wanted it by the bank because, as he put it, "it was neat." Around suppertime, The Mom saw it floating out and told him. He got a long rope and tied a horseshoe to it (for weight) and did a cowboy lasso to bring the log back into shore. After numerous tries, and Mom yelling "yee-haw," he managed to corral it, and bring it in close.

The next day he took Blu, the metal monster, tied a chain to the big log, and pulled it into place against the shoreline. The Mom said something about "only in America." If cats could belly laugh, we would!! The picture below shows the log in place.
Patches and Mittens, Supervisors

Monday, May 08, 2006

Some Exciting News

  • There is a new cat blog! It is called The Tower Hill Mob...... Tilly- a 16 year old ginger and white girl Toby- a 12 year old tiger living with each other(reluctantly) and gently guiding their beans through life. Go visit, say hi, and welcome them to the group!!

  • Wonderful news! Shaggy is better. We are so glad!

  • Is something exciting going on over at The Cowboy's place? Here is an excerpt from what Daphne, the dog, had to say:

    "He was gone earlier today. Not sure doing what, but geez he stunk like cat when he came home. I saw on the table some forms. Something like "application ... adoption ... pets in your household ...." I didn't really understand all of it."

  • Did you notice that Jack Frost was sitting outside the window, looking in at Patches? Well, he is there, just scroll down to Saturday's post titled Unwelcome Visitor, to see him peeking in. I bet you didn't see him, did you?

    Patches and Mittens
  • Sunday, May 07, 2006

    Going Outside

    I asked The Mom, in my very sweetest purring voice, "Mom, may I please go outside, as it has been, well....... since forever; the last time I was outside. I will be very careful, I won't eat any grass because it makes me sick all over the floor, I will come when you call, and I won't seek out Mistrie to hassle."

    I heard her rummaging in my basket. Then she scooped me up, put me on the bed, and proceeded to put my purple confinement gadget (harness) on me, something I haven't worn for several years. It took her forever because it needed to be resized ( I have put on a few pounds, you see.) She snapped on the blue lead rope and opened the door for me. The sun hit my fur, the dirt squished between my tosies, and the air smelled of spring. I immediately sought out some grass to eat; infraction number one. Then I got stubborn and wouldn't go where she suggested; infraction number two. I went in search of Mistrie, but she hid from me; infraction number three. The Mom said, "enough already," but this is just the tip of the iceburg. I shall return for more fun in the sun. There is no stopping me now.

    On a serious note, our furry good friend Shaggy of Little Cat Feet is feeling poorly. Please go visit his blog and send him well-wishes.


    Saturday, May 06, 2006

    Unwelcome Visitor

    The Mom is a real whirlwind of activity since she bought all those flowers. She is planting, weeding, watering, fertilizing, and planting some more. Then she worries over someone by the name of Jack Frost coming to visit. I wonder if Jack doesn't like the flowers because The Mom puts the ones she hasn't planted in the garage and covers up the ones in the ground so he can't see them. I wonder how long this guy is going to stay. The Mom seems to think he will camp outside and she said he does his damage, usually, in the early morning hours as the sun is coming up. Mittens and I will keep an eye out for him and any nefarious activities. In fact, I think that is him at the door! I shall hiss, growl, and show my claws; he is not welcome here.


    Friday, May 05, 2006

    Favorite Birds

    Edsel tagged us! We are supposed to name our favorite birds. I am resting on my paw, thinking about this. Let me see.....

  • I guess my favorite has to be the bluebird; it is our state bird.
  • Then there are the six, cute, little goslings, tiny geese, all yellow and fluffy.
  • Next come the ducks with their hearty brood of twelve!!! Imagine, twelve babies to try and take care of.
  • Of course robins, they are everywhere, busy building nests.
  • Hummingbirds are after The Moms fushia, they are so quick, tiny, and fun.
  • I mustn't forget the lone turkey that hangs around and digs in The Mom flower beds.

    These maybe aren't my favorites, but they are birds I see everyday.

    I tag Oreo, Cat Crossings, ...It's All Good, Brit Cats, and whoever else wants to play.

  • Thursday, May 04, 2006

    Grandpa Norton

    It is with great sadness, we say farewell to another blogging kitty. Grandpa Norton went to Rainbow Bridge yesterday at 4:40 AM. Our deepest sympathy and thoughts go out to Mary and the Meezer Tails in this time of dreadful sorrow. We know he will be back, they always make their presence known to those who love them. We also know he will be playing happily in the daisies, chasing butterflies and napping in the green grass with Ralphie. Go to Meezer Tails and read the wonderful tribute Mary wrote to Grandpa Norton. He was a fine old gentlecat, a Puddin Pop.

    Toni (Mom to Patches, Mittens, and Mistrie)

    We shall have The Mom light a candle for Grandpa Norton to help him on his journey. We shall have a moment of silence, hanging our heads, while purring gently, as we help him on his way.

    Patches, Mittens, Mistrie

    Wednesday, May 03, 2006

    New Monitor

    The Mom got her new monitor yesterday, now her color scheme is all messed up and she has been changing and changing. Mittens has been helping her, but she is drooling on the keyboard. I hope she doesn't short something out!

    Here is a picture of the goslings, taken when they were just a day old. The picture isn't very clear, because The Mom didn't dare go outside for fear of chasing them away.


    Monday, May 01, 2006


    Mia and Ghost are the winners of our contest for the 10,000th hit! Concatulations. Please email us with your address so we can send your prize. They checked our site at about 5:21 PM PST as The Mom checked right before that time and it said 9999!!!

    The Girls

    News and Updates

  • The Mom called Dell today and found out that the new monitor is supposed to arrive tomorrow.......paws are crossed.

  • We are getting very close to hitting 10,000 visitors. Please let us know if you are the lucky one by posting in the comments. Also, email us with your Furless Ones name and address; our email address is in the sidebar.

  • Six fluffy, yellow, baby goslings hatched out yesterday, all jumped out of the nest within an hour (As The Mom and The Dad watched with binoculars.) They are now swimming around with Mom and Dad Goose, learning, daily, how to become good, productive geese.