Thursday, August 31, 2006

Precious Momma Comes Home!

After I trapped Precious, I put her in the only place I could, the shed. I couldnt bring her in the house until I had her vet checked, and I didn't dare just leave her outside, of course. The shed has a low roof and she got herself wedged up in the corner. I had to manually pull her down. She didnt say a word, didnt scratch or bite or cry or growl. I dont know if her demeanor is due to the shape she is in, or if she is just a very laid back kitty. Maybe a little of both. This was taken right before we left for the vet. I am picking her up at 10:15 today! The nurse said everything went wonderfully.

Thanks to all of you for your kind words and helpful suggestions and encouragement. Tomorrow there will be a full update on bringing my precious baby home.

CalicoMom Toni

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Corner Cats

We are sorry we haven't been around to sign any blogs in the last few days. First of all, Momma got the tribute to Trixie done and then she had some other big it is in her words.

Hi everyone.......

Someone dropped off a momma cat and her two kittens a mile from our house, around a sharp corner, in the woods. I have seen the kittens for several days, alongside the shoulder of the road, but they always ran from me. The other day I brought down a large can of stinky goodness and two paper plates (thinking there was only two.) While I was dishing up the food (no cats in sight) I heard a rustling, and out of the brush came this tiny, skinny, emancipated tabby. At first I thought it was another kitten, but then realized it was Momma cat. She was very friendly and then her babies got closer, too. I even petted her. All I felt was bones!

I went back yesterday with 3 cans of stinky goodness. Momma was the only one to show up, and she ate all three cans. I was really worried, because the kittens were always with her. I went back home, got my carrier, and she came right up to me, still no kittens. I picked her up and put her in the carrier. I felt terrible, where were the kittens? Coyotes are so hard on them here. I kept going back and finally last night, I saw the little tuxedo kitten, (the other one looks a lot like her) but now, he was to afraid to come anywhere near me.

I took her in yesterday to the vet to have her spayed, shots, wormed, etc. The kittens are weaned, thank goodness, and I put out food and water for them. When I pick Momma up today, I will put her in the upstairs bathroom and shut the door. I don't know where I will go from there. I need to do something about the kittens, but they are so wild now, especially without Momma. This has been so trying on me emotionally, especially with my eye surgery coming up soon.

Momma cat is very shy, sensitive and sweet. She lets me pick her up and put her in a carrier, no fuss, no biting, scratching, growling, hissing. She rode to the vet without a word. When the nurse took her, she said, "come on, precious." I think I will call her Precious Momma. Keep us in your thoughts!

Oh, one more thing, if you have trapped kittens that are semi wild, please share your story with me, every little tidbit helps. Thanks

***UPDATE: The vet's office just called and said "What a wonderful little kitty you have.!" She rolled over and wanted tummy skritches. They are doing blood work right now, will get her spayed sometime this morning, but she has to stay overnight. She is also being treated for everything possible. More update as they come in....

***FINAL UPDATE: Precious came through the operation fine. I will pick her up tomorrow morning!

CalicoMom Toni

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ceremony For Trixie

At 6:00 PM PST, please join us in remembering Trixie. Light a candle in your home, gather your kitties around you, and look up to the heavens. Kitties, please bow your heads and softly purr, helping Trixie to the light.

Trixie was so loved by her Momma, Daddy, Miles and Sammy. She is now at home with her brothers at the Rainbow Bridge.

Please sign the comment section so the Meezers know you were here. Bless you all!

~All of us here in the Big Piney Woods~

A Tribute To Trixie

Yesterday, at 5:15 AM, Trixie went to join her brothers at the Rainbow Bridge. She was 18 year old. Please go read her story HERE. Go swiftly to the light sweet Trixie, your brothers are waiting.

Tonight at 6:00 PST we are having a ceremony here in the Big Piney Woods. Please join us, if you can. There will be a post above this one to sign, for the service.

Here is a poem on loss that Momma wrote:


Nothing can erase the pain of loosing one so sweet;
A kitties love held to our hearts until, again, we meet.
Think of all the good times you shared when she was here;
And like a tiny shadow, you will feel her presence near.

When the nights get lonely, because she's not around;
Just hold her memory tightly; her spirit you have found.
As the days pass, without the friend you loved so dear;
Know she loved you till the end, you took away her fear.

Hold this memory to your heart that none can take away;
It will give you reassurance, through the passing of each day.
You know although her body, now is not around to see;
Her spirit does reside in you, your love has set her free.

~CalicoMom Toni~

Monday, August 28, 2006

Trixie Is Gone

I just read, on the Meezers site, that Trixie went to the Rainbow Bridge at 5:15 this morning. My post tomorrow will be dedicated to her, with a poem, and there will be a ceremony here in the Big Piney Woods at 6:00 PST tomorrow night. Please come.

CalicoMom Toni

Patches and Mistrie

Hello, Mistrie.

How are you today?

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Luna Is Missing

Lovely Luna, from Spain, escaped when her Momma took her to the vet. Because of the ineptness of the vet, Luna is now out in the big forest, alone and lonely. The site is in Spanish, so Momma doesn't know the particulars, just that we all need to put our paws together for Luna's Momma and Daddy and hope for a miracle. We here, in the Big Piney Woods, are very worried and sad.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Two More Investment Options

Hi Fellow Cats:

I have invested all your squillions, per your requests. We are a diversified group. (Momma said something about diversifying your port foly oh.)

The picture shows me trying on some cat jewelry from a company called Feline Flair . They were wondering if anyone would be interested in investing in their product. To be fair, I tried on the earrings so you can see what they look like. They are very lightweight, which is a nice feature. I told them I would get back to them. I thought immediately of Midnight, as she wants to become a super model, and they are looking for young, black, female, cats right now.

Cocoa suggested getting a nip farm going. That might be better than my bottled water scheme, which is drying up; no pun intended. I guess we could get the nip farm going here in the Big Piney Woods, we have the land and can use the pond for irrigation. Do any of you know a nipologist I can contact?

If you are interested in one or both of these, please let me know.

Friday, August 25, 2006

A Visit With Trixie

I spent the day with Trixie, of the Meezers. She has been feeling poorly and her eye sight is failing her. We had a nice, long talk and she told me how she misses Grandpa Norton. She told me about the "good old days" and how her and Grandpa Norton came to live in their furrever home. I left feeling very sad. Trixie didn't want me to go, but I told her my Momma needs me now, too. I told her she can come anytime, but I don't know if she is up to it, so I am going to go back again, real soon. I love you, Trixie.

Here I am, thinking about the nice day I had. Thanks to MeezerMom for all the goodies. It was so good to see Sam and Miles, too.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Dear Fellow Cats:

I have gotten quite a few enquiries about investing. I have done further research and now have more places you can invest, beside the pork bellies (they can be turned into ham.)

1. MF... (Mutual Felines; same as Mutual Funds, for the Furless ones)
2. Cat's R Us... (a chain of cat toy stores, planning on being built, if they get enough investors)
3. A company called Recycled Cat Litter... (not for those with sensitive stomachs)
4. CD 's...(Cat Deposits; not having anything to do with the above company)
5. 401C's... (like 401K's only for us felines; a safe return for your investment)
6. Bottled Mountain Fresh Cat Water... (this is a product I am thinking of selling; I mean how expensive is it to turn the faucet on? Momma has some old milk jugs that don't smell too bad, I can probably use.)
7. Savings... (not high interest, but you can always get to it for those important items you need to purchase, like nip, stinky goodness, new toys, etc)

Scooby, Shaggy and Scout have 80 cents to invest. Let us know which of the above you want. Also, all the other cats who have expressed interest, let us hear from you. (For example, Cocoa has 1500 dimes he can get his paws on, Edsel has access to laundered money totaling $8.00)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Patches' Nightime Ritual

Victor asked where I sleep at night. Well, I am Daddy's girl and I cuddle up, right next to him. However, I have a ritual. I jump up and let him pet me. Then I walk around between him and Momma, and her and I have a little chat. Then, I MUST jump or walk over Daddy. Next, I lie down, real close to Daddy. So I am a good girl, too, until 4:00, when I get Momma up for stinky goodness; that is when I become her girl for a very short time. She calls me a pest!

So far I have the following to invest:
Sammy of The Meezers: 27 cents.

I am leaning toward pork bellies. Then, if something happens, we can turn it into ham!!!

Patches Lady

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Money Management

I have been talking to Momma about my bank account, or lack thereof. See, William, The Tiny Boy, has squillions of money, and I wonder if he is investing it wisely. Momma says, if William was smart, which I am sure he is, he would set up some sort of lucrative business, like loan sharking. I am sure plenty cats would like to borrow money for things like toy mice, nip, fev-vers, stinky goodness, treats; stuff like that. Maybe I should be his investment counselor. Yes, all I need is paper, pen, and a sophisticated look.

O.K. Got paper, pencil and I am definitely sophisticated in my new hat. Now, I am waiting for Squillionaire William to call me.

Patches Lady

Monday, August 21, 2006

Nightime Ritual

Every night, at bedtime, I jump up on the bed and say to Momma, "mahh, mahh," in my tiniest, high, squeaky voice. Then I give her headbutts and curl up next to her. My purrbox starts up, and I sing her a kitty lullaby. Momma says I have a tiny hoarse voice and a lovely motor. On occasion, I will go under the covers and make biscuits into her belly, until she makes me stop. Every time she wakes up in the night, she can see my ears, so she knows I am there. Sometimes she touches me, and I serenade her back to sleep. If I go get crunchies or a drink, I come right back and cuddle close. I am a good girl.

Mitttens Pollypaws

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Dad's Love

Dad loves me best!!

No, he loves me best!


Thanks to everyone for their kind words and support. I am very confident all will go well with my surgery next month. The worst part is the waiting, and then not being able to blog for at least two weeks!!

Calicomom Toni

Saturday, August 19, 2006

News About Momma

Momma has been waiting to tell everyone until she found out, for sure, what is going on. On Sept. 19th (exactly one month from today) she has to go in for eye surgery, the earliest she could get in. Her eyesite started failing 2 months ago. Her left eye is pretty useless now, as she developed a macular hole. (Her Dr. thought it might close on it's own, that is why they waited two months.)

She says it makes reading hard because the left eye is 20/200 (she can't see the big E on the eye chart,) the right is 20/25, so it makes focusing impossible and she gets eye strain real bad. She says taping the bad eye shut would be hard because she also suffers from vertigo.

So, if we don't sign as many blogs, that is the reason. (If only we girls could figure things out better, we wouldn't need her to help us.) Until that time, we will try to post daily, and visit as many blogs as we can. After the operation, she will be unable to do anything for a while. More on that, right before the operation.

P. S. If any of you know of someone who has had surgery for a macular hole (recovery means looking down for 9 days) please contact us. Momma also has macular degeneration, but that is a whole other issue. Thanks

Patches, Mittens and Mistrie

Friday, August 18, 2006

Some Guy Named Bill

Momma is mad at some guy named Bill, again. She even said some bad words. She said things were going just fine until she installed some Windows Security Updates; so she sits in front of her computer and scowls. She said it is supposed to make things better, now she may have to roll back. I can show her how to roll on her back, because, I don't think I have ever seen her do that before. She needs help in other areas too, like bathing and meditating. She doesn't nap enough either, even she says that. So, I am off to help Momma do a roll on her back.

Patches Lady

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Momma says summer is flying by. So, I went to the window, to see if I could see Summer, up in the tree, perched on a branch. I looked for a long time and saw only a few lazy dragon flies and bees. Then she said, Fall will soon be here. I got concerned because I don't want her tripping and hurting herself. When I voiced my concern, she laughed, and said that it was the same as Autumn coming. Now I have to hide because I don't know this Autumn person, and I hate strangers.

Mittens Pollypaws

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Why Cats Sleep So Well

Have you ever stopped to think.....cats know nothing about death, living for the moment (as long as they get fed and their basic needs met) thinking life goes on, forever. They also don't worry about money, bills, teenage children driving, their health, tax time, getting/holding a job, none of things we mortals have festering in our brains all the time. They are not prying into others lives, speaking ill of their neighbors, lying or stealing; they never need to have a guilty conscience. They harbor no ill will towards anyone, regardless of what they may have done (or said.) I think that is why they sleep so well and never get wrinkles.

We are so sorry, we missed thanking Victor for the sweet song he wrote to the Calico Girls. I printed it out, along with the one from Edsel and Trixie of The Meezers. So thanks, all of you!!

Calicomom Toni

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

We Have A Winner!!

And the winner is.....

Rascal, he clicked on us at 20,000. Congratulations!!!

Thanks to everyone who played. We wish we could send everyone a prize.

Please send us your snail-mail address.
Our email is in the sidebar.

Patches, Mittens, Mistrie, and Calicomom Toni

Monday, August 14, 2006

NUMBER 20,000

Be the 20,000th visitor and win!! All you have to do is send a comment, saying you are number 20,000 and your email address, so Momma can write to you. That is all there is to it, and YOU may win......
The counter is in the side bar, scroll way down.
Mittens Pollypaws

Hint: You have to wait an hour if you have visited, before the counter will change for you.

Friday, August 11, 2006


I am sleepy
Sleepy am I
A busy day,
I'll tell you why.

First get up,
Get up I say
It is time
To start this day.

Feed us, feed us
It is time
Way past 4:00
It's time to dine.

Patrol all over
The calico's house
Looking for rodents
A rat or a mouse.

Time for a bath
Then for a nap
Go get a snack
Then sit on Dad's lap.

You see what I mean
Sleepy am I
A busy day
And that is why.

~Patches Lady~


Update: Sadly,
Lucus went to Rainbow Bridge. Such a sweet little fellow.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

5 Weird Things/Habits Tag

We were tagged by Diva Kitty and the Fluffies and The Tower Hill Mob .

Here's the rules:Post 5 weird things/habits about your furkids and yourself. Choose 5 people to be tagged and list their names. The people who get tagged need to write a blog about their 5 weird things/habits, as well as state this rule clearly, then tag 5 more victims. Don't forget to leave your victim a comment that says "you're tagged!" in their comments and tell them to read your blog.

Our Lists:

1. Has to have a treat, even if I am just going to get the mail.
2. Wakes me up at 4 every morning for stinky goodness.
3. When my husband and I have a conversation, she gets in the middle and gives her two cents worth.
4. Hates to be picked up, but I do it anyway.
5. Sits by the door and yowls if I am outside.

1. Growls whenever she feels threatened, even if it is just Patches walking by her too close.
2. Shakes the bed when she bathes herself.
3. Spread her legs and clasps them around my arm when I pet her belly.
4. Rubs on our clothes and then makes a bed out of them, if they are on the floor.
5. Likes me to pull up at the base of her tail and lift her off the ground.

CalicoMom Toni:
1. Worries, Worries, Worries.
2. Could never get my hair to grow past my shoulders, thus short hair.
3. Was an only child, and wanted tons of brothers and sisters.
4. Takes things too personally.
5. Spends way too much time on the computer.

We tag.......The Crew, Gemini, Little Cats Feet, Edsel, Mia

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A Great Group

Momma was just saying what a fun group of kitties we have. She said sometimes she goes around signing blogs, only to find someone else right ahead of her. It is like visiting door to door, stopping for a cup of tea and chat, and on to the next place. Or maybe like selling Avon (Momma used to do that when she was young and foolish.) She said there are so many blogs now, it is hard to canvas the neighborhood every day.

A special thank you to Edsel for the great song he wrote for us! Also to Trixie of The Meezers for the song she wrote to us, back in July.

If you haven't already been there, go to the new cat blogs
Cat Banter With Kimo & Sabi
Meowers From Missouri
Pumpkins World
Random Drift

Patches Lady

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


This is MY scratching post. It is part of a huge cat tree Momma bought for ME several summers ago. You can see the use it has gotten; (yes Mittens uses it, too, when I am napping.) Momma took this picture of me when I go "nutso," as she calls it. Whenever she picks me up, which I hate, I have to take my anger/frustration out on something (not her, for obvious reasons.) I especially hate "Wonder Woman." I am a cat, I do not fly! So, I tear into my post.

Patches Lady

Monday, August 07, 2006

Mistrie Rose

Momma says Mistrie has a rose colored nose, hence her middle name Rose.

Momma also says she trusts her, now. She is the only one who can get close to her.

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Even though I have tried many times to make Patches be nicer to me, she just doesn't get it. So, I decided the little koala on the headboard of the bed would be a wonderful friend. He is so nice, he doesn't swat at me, or give me the evil eye, nor does he chase me. He is very cuddly, too, and is always around for me to snuggle. I have a real live kitty best friend, now, too. It is Trixie, of The Meezers.

Mittens Pollypaws

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Shopping Spree

Oh, oh, look, the cupboard is empty.

Let me see, Mittens says the cupboard is empty.

Hey, Mittens, come here. Momma went shopping!!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Little Hedgehog

Hello everyone .... Patches, Mittens and Mistrie have very kindly allowed me to teleport over here and say a few words to you. The picture below is of our little prickly friend .... she is a baby hedgehog who was rescued and taken in to my TED. When she was checked over and they said she was fine, TED asked my mum to bring her home to us to release into our garden. There are lots of slugs and snails in the garden, but my mum also puts stinky goodness out every night AND some biscuits, and there's even a proper hedgehog kennel for her to sleep in.

Daisy (proud to be an Honorary Calico Girl)

Little Hedgehog is being held by Sue, my email friend from Loughton, England. Sue lives with Daisy, the honorary calico girl; two outdoor kitties, Fat Tabby and Little Felix; and oh, her husband Stephen!!

Calicomom Toni

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Cool Down Party & Raccoons

Mistrie is shown here, smiling, as she rests at the entrance of the path to Hemlock Haven. All her friends are tucked away under the trees napping.

We took the visitors past Momma's flowers, on the way to the climbing tree. We had a great visit and lots of fun.

Momma went out to check Mistrie's food and water this morning. The fresh water she had put in the dish last night was dirty, and full of sand. Then she knew, a raccoon had been washing in it! She saw the little long toe marks and knew for sure (she watches a lot of Forensic Files on Court TV.) She called it incriminating evidence; I call it nervy.

Patches Lady

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Yeah, More Company!

The Meezers, Miles and Sammy, brought Trixie over last night, to get cool in the Big Piney Woods; and more exciting news, Abby and Boo are coming today!! Here we are waiting for their arrival. It is going to be a great time; come on over anycats, it is 74 degrees today.
Here is Mistrie, hurrying to meet her friends.