Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Momma just told us some news. She is going to FOSTER a baby Siamese from the shelter. This baby is about 3 weeks old. I guess his momma moved her other babies and never came back to move him. The people waited 24 hours (they fed him) for her to claim him, but she never did, so they brought him to the shelter. Momma is new to feeding baby kitties and is a bit scairt, but the lady who has him now is going to help her. (Momma would love any input from other foster Moms in the blogosphere.) I have a feeling this is only "the tip of the fostering iceberg." Yes, there will be pictures. Oh, his name is Squirt. Now there will be two Squirts in the house!!!! (You can see by my expression I have mixed feelings about this.)

~Patches Lady~

Monday, June 22, 2009

Do Cats Cry?

Judge for yourself. This little beauty was brought in by her owner. She was up to date on shots and spayed, so she went directly to the cat room, where her owner watched through the window as her tiny life was turned upside down. Momma took pictures of her, but didn't notice, until she took them off the camera....... she had tears in her eyes!!! The next day, when Momma looked, her eyes were dry. She was adopted that day. This is Luna....

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Momma is just way too busy at the shelter, but loving it. She says, for the time being, we can share pictures of kitties with you. This computer is so slow and gives so many problems. We tell her she needs a new one, but we think all the monies are going to the shelter. We think she couldn't spend it in a better place. So, without further ado.......here is Elizabeth, (yes, she has one gold eye and one blue eye) who got adopted in two hours!!! Oh, and she says there are at least 50 kittens in the shelter right now and she wonders what is wrong with people????

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Something For Us!!!

Momma keeps buying stuff for the shelter, today she said she got a pink cat cube for Room #1. Then, just as I was about to protest, she opened the door and brought in a blue one for us!!! It has a toy hanging on the top and smells wrong. I will have to fix that.

I found a sunny spot today and waited for Momma to get home. She was gone for 6 naps! Daddy went fishing for a few days so we are "home alone."

I have to go try out the new cube before Patches does....bye....

~Precious Flower~