Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fun and Games

Me loves to play, play, play. I think Precious is starting to like me. She doesn't hiss anymore and she actually played tosies with me today. I am the best jumper, Momma says I have jumping beans in my feets. She says I am spring loaded. She also kisses on me, wayyyyy too much!!

Miracle 4Paws

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Am Crabilated

This little monster that everyone thinks is so cute, is really making me a a lot, upset. Today she tried attacking my tail. She wiggles her little hiney and jumps at me, then runs back. I get no respect.

Precious (Squirt)

Monday, April 25, 2011

My Purrday is Today!!

I am two months old today!!! Happy Purrday to me.

In other news, I get stuck up in the cat tree. I can get up, but I can't get down so good. I cry and cry, Momma says too bad, you got yourself into this situation..........then, in about 5 minutes, she takes me down. So I just run right back up there!

My two favorite toys are the crinkle ball (that was my momma's favorite) and my green mousey. I carry green mousey between my tiny teefe and talk about it. I losted the crinkly ball. Momma says it is somewhere, along with three straws that have disappeared. I loves straws too!!! I loves to play. I have to go now and play......

Miracle 4Paws

Friday, April 22, 2011

A Middle Name For Me

I am pretty sleepy in the photo. I am on my Daddy's lap (of course) and just got done with a play session. I love to curl up on his shoulder and give him a good purr.

Momma gave me a middle is 4Paws. So I am Miracle 4Paws of the Big Piney Woods.

In other news, I climbed up on the dining room table again. Momma kept saying a bad word to me (no) but I ignored her. She put me on the floor, I ran around like my butt was on fire, and climbed right back up. She said it is a good thing I am so cute! Then she sprayed me with a water bottle. I ignored that, after all there were batteries on the table that needed to be knocked around. Let me see.........what can I do tomorrow.....

My Cat Momma is doing great, but I sure do miss her. Momma and Daddy really miss her, too.

Miracle 4Paws

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Momma Got Sick

My Human Momma had to take my Cat Momma up to Vet Kathy's right away, quick, this morning. Last night, Momma and I had hearty play, she was feeling fine, except her milk tasted funny, so I didn't nurse her. This morning at 5:00 AM, when Human Momma opened the door to let us out, she couldn't find Cat Momma. She was behind the door, in the litter box, limp, running a fever and very sick with diarrhea. The area around her nipple was hard and hot. Human Momma knew immeditely it was mastitis and before Vet Kathy opened Human Momma had my Cat Momma in the carrier. Vet Kathy opened the door, took one look, and gave Cat Momma a shot and some fluids. She is resting peacefully and eating and drinking. She is on the mend. Human Momma said mastitis is life threatening; thank goodness Vet Kathy opened early and lives so close.

Human Momma is working at the shelter tomorrow and will be making a vet run with one of their sick cats, so she will check in on my Cat Momma and give her a proper goodbye. I think this will involve tears and hugs.

I was maybe a tad naughty today. I learned how to get on the eating table by climbing the back of the dining room chair. Before that, (Momma was gone to the shelter) I spent quality time all day with my Daddy..........ALL, as far as he is concerned, I can do no wrong!! And, that is the way I like it.

Little Miracle

Monday, April 18, 2011

My Momma And Me

This is the first photo taken of me, when I was less than a week old, with my Momma.

Little Miracle

Momma is going to live with my vet tomorrow. We will miss her so much. What a pleasure she has been, what a sweet cat. She loves to talk, greet people, play with her kitten, follow you everywhere, touch you with her paw............I am so glad she is going to such a wonderful home.

CalicoMom Toni

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sitting On Daddy's shoulder

Here I am sitting on Daddy's shoulder, helping him with his puzzle. I love to sleep on his lap, too.

I am trying to learn how to drink water, but I must be doing something wrong because it makes me sneeze. I did learn how to do a summer sault and I climbed up to almost the top of the cat tree. (Daddy rescued me because I didn't know how to get down.)

Little Miracle

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Update On Mittens

As many of you know, Mittens was diagnosed with stomach cancer 1 1/2 years ago and given 2 months to live. At the time, I was told nothing could be done. Happily, she is still with us, sadly, I don't think she has long, but she has fooled us before. She stays in "her cupboard" (a lower cupboard in the kitchen with blankets in it) most of the time, only leaving to use the litter box or eat. She stil has a good appetitie and eats two cans of Fancy Feast a day. I did find blood in her stool yesterday. She was pretty sick for a while but snapped back. I won't let her suffer and I know she doesn't have much of a life, but it is her life and she tells me with her purrs and head butts she wants to stick around.

Calicomom Toni

Friday, April 15, 2011


Momma read me all sorts of letters (I think that is what you call them) from cats on a spider web. Momma said they were all on a line so I think they were fishing. I am a tad confused, but, hey, I am liddle. I would ask Precious what it all means but she growls at me. Anyway, thank you all so much for writing to me!!!

I just discovered sunshine. Oh, oh, oh, and see, I can climb the scratching post all by myself and balance, without falling off (well most of the time.)

A Little Miracle

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Exciting News

Losing Patches was terribly devastating to all of us in the Big Piney Woods. It has been almost 5 months and the pain is still so great. I kept looking for a sign from her, something ,anything...........and then a miracle. A momma cat in labor was brought to the shelter where I volunteer. The people who brought her in said it had been at least a full day, no sign of any kittens. I rushed her to our vet, the same vet that set Patches free. She did a "C" section where she was only able to resuscitate one of the kittens. Two were stuck in the birth canal and one died shortly after birth. I fostered Mom and baby, bringing them home 5 days after Miracle was born. She is 7 weeks old tomorrow, now a permanent part of the Big Piney Woods and, I feel, sent by Patches. She is a calico, and has one orange leg and one black leg, just like Patches had. Happily, her momma is being adopted by the wonderful vet lady. Miracle name is Miracle. I reside in the Big Piney Woods with my sisters Mittens, Precious, and Mistrie. My hobbies are running, jumping, climbing, playing with my momma's tail, biting everything, getting into everything, purring in my Daddy's ear and being too cute.