Monday, December 26, 2005

Introducing Mittens Pollypaws

My sister's name is Mittens and she has been bugging me that she wants to write something. She has huge feet so I knows she can't type, besides, it is MY blog!! But mom said not to be selfish (FISH, did someone say FISH?). So, here goes........ Mom saved her from certain death when she was working in the local shelter. She would growl and hide all the time and everyone coming in wanted playful kittens. So being the soft touch that she is, Mom brought her home. I was not happy at all! I growled and hissed; but to no avail, she was here to stay. She hogs the bed all night on Mom's side and she does her loving looks to Mom and purrs and always sits on her lap when she is trying to type. I have to put her in her place though as Queen of the House. Maybe I will let her type a few words. She must use a different color though!! Mom also said I must introduce Mistrie Rose.....maybe......someday........ok maybe tomorrow.

Wow, finally I get to say something on this here blog. So here goes. My full name is Mittens Pollypaws but mom calls me Toes most of the time because I have extra toes on all my feets; all the better to catch the bugs with! Patches is always picking on me but I can hold my own, I have a ferocious growl and one time when she was especially mean, I bit her ear and drew blood!! She had a pierced ear mom said. If you want to read the full story of us girls, mom has it all down on her website The Calico Girls.

I love my forever home!

Mittens Pollypaws


Word Tosser said...

Rokon, here,so you have to share your house... I am lucky as the staff I have here is pretty quick to my demands. But then again, I am the only one here.
I got to go out yesterday and today. Finally someone got rid of the white cold stuff, so I could go play and see what is happening around the neighborhood.
Well, girls, got to go, my tuna fish is waiting. (that was my present from the staff.)
so glad you had a Merry Christmas, and hopefully you have a quiet New Years. That is the good thing about having older staff... they don't party.

Just Ducky said...

Mittens looks very nice and I like the Toes name too. Both of you are very pretty girl kitties. I am glad your mum tooked her in and gave her a home. It has been a wonderful time having a home and someone who cares about you.

prairiesunshine said...

I wanted to say hi and gives your Mama a hug cuz my Mama said that would be nice.

its nice to meet you and I am gonna come here and read your bloggie all the time now. You have lots of snow like us in the Great White North.

Luv Taz

Karen said...

mom got me a little sister three years ago. i don't beat her so much cause shes more big than me now. dadtold mom i dont beat Annie (what a stupid name)any more when mom isn't made a picture once of me sleeping on annie on mom. dad needs his whiskers tightened.