Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Why does dad pull out the hair in his ears and nose?
Why does mom use stinky stuff under her arms?
Why does dad shave his whiskers?
Why does mom shave her legs?
Why I ask you, Why? Why? Why?
Do any of you kitties have an answer?
I am up in my thinking place thinking... WHY!!!!

Patches Lady


Spock said...

Acause humans is silly that's why!! I saw you at Sanjee's & thought I'd come say hi!

The Crew said...

Some questions will forever remain a mystery. Luckily, all kitties are perfect and need nothing done to improve OUR looks or (sniff, sniff) smell. Yes, another day of perfection!

Spock said...

Acourse you can link to me & the next time I get my Mom to update my links list I will make her add you too!!

Anonymous said...

Well Ms Patches Lady,

This is sum ov those misteries ov life that we will neva know why. We ourselves are furry lukky that we smell so sweet we don't need to use thuh stinky stuff, and our furrz 'n' whiskers are purrfection that we don't need to pull 'em owt.

Sanjee said...

Human beans are kind of strange, Patches. I think they pull the hair out of their ears and noses cuz they can't hear or smell real good, tho. Poor beans! We'll just have to put up with them and their funny stuff.

DK & The Fluffies said...

I'm always asking Mom why she keeps removing her fur. She never gives me the answer!