Friday, December 30, 2005

Fat Or Furry?

Mom says Mistrie put on a lot of fur for the winter. I guess, maybe, she sure is round. She really likes Mittens and me, but I play it real cool and let her know I am the boss of this whole place which includes the outdoors, as well as inside, even though mom only lets me outside when she is with me. This morning when mom was fussing with her she gave mom a love nip and looked at her with those soulful eyes. Mittens did her growling and hissing at her too.

Fat or Furry?
I need to get back to my post and stare at her for a while. We shall have a "staredown".


Anonymous said...

Hi, Mistrie! You are beautiful. Are you a torbie? You look just like my kitty cat Athena.

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

Yup, Mistrie am a torbie. She would tell you herself, but she won't come in the "in".

Eponine's Cowboy said...

It looks like all fur, baby!!

Anonymous said...

It iz most defnitly furz and not fats. She iz beeyootiful, izzent she, almost as luvly as yu, Ms Patches.

Anonymous said...

Dino: fat
Egypt: muscle
The Musketeers: fur and fat (a little fat)

Anonymous said...

She's fluffy, and very pretty too.

prairiesunshine said...

maybe she gonna have some little torbies? Hows about we just call her fluffy? My Mama is fluffy too :O)

Luv Taz

Boni said...

I vote for fluffy! She must have got lots of fur for the winter. Pepe and Gree, our outdoor siblings, got lots of fur for the winter too.
Happy Mew Years to all of you!

Jasmine said...

Mistrie - you look like such a lovely kitty. :) I hope one day you decide to venture inside. I'm sure Patches and Mittens have lots of things they'd love to show you in there! :)

(a bean who loves kitties)