Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Introducing Mistrie Rose

Mom says Mistrie needs to be introduced too. She can't type because she is outside all the time so mom is going to help me tell you about her. Last fall dad saw kitty prints around and told mom to put some food out because he thought a kitty was visiting. At first the only glimpse she got of Fast Cat was a ball of furr in flight. Gradually she became a little tamer, and finally, by the end of last winter, she was out on the big back deck when the weather got warmer, sitting under the seats. Mom put my little round bed under the seats of the deck and made a make-shift roof and raised the bed so water wouldn't get it wet. She loved it and slept in it all summer.
She got so friendly to mom that when she opens the patio door she head butts, purrs and drools. She brings mom many presents, some alive, some semi-alive, some deceased; putting them in front of the door for inspection. She loves to be petted and waits for mom to give her attention, but if mom goes outside she is a ball of furr in flight. Mom made her 3 beds for the upcoming winter, one under the deck, one next to the house under the hemlock trees and one up in the woodshed; where she stayed when she first came. She even gets stinky goodness (Fancy Feast!) She is a mystery hence the name Mistrie,with a dusty rose colored nose so that is how she got her middle name. Mom says she has "soulful eyes".


prairiesunshine said...

say hi to Mistrie for us. She looks like she might get cold out there. She doesn't know what she's missing being an INDOOR kitty.

Luv Taz n Angel

Anonymous said...

We love your blog.
We never get tired of looking at pretty girls.
Rafe n Rhett

Just Ducky said...

Hope Mistrie stays warm. I agree, it is better being an indoor cat.

Ivan from WMD said...

Mistrie's very lucky to have found your mom! And all those things she brings by? That's her way of saying "Thanks for looking out for me."