Friday, December 23, 2005

Idaho Is Not All About Potatos

It is raining. Mom says it beats the cold weather we have been having, but us indoor kitties stay cozy warm all of the time. Mom says we broke records that have been kept for 111 years for most cold days without a thaw in December. There are people, and I know you kitties will find this hard to believe, that strap wooden sticks on their toes and get in these moving machines that scoot them up to the top of the biggest sand pile ever that has snow on it and then they get off, and turn around, and fly down the sand pile ever so fast! They say "shoosh, shoosh, shoosh," and scream and laugh and say "last one down is a rotten egg." How can they get rotten when it is so cold and they go so fast? This, too, I must ponder.


Just Ducky said...

Hi, Mummy got out the map thingy on line to look where you are. You are even farther north than we are. BRRRRRRR. It has been very cold here too, but today it was sunny and warmer and the snow is melting. Mum is happy that it warmed up too.

Merry Christmas.

prairiesunshine said...

Hi Patches and the Calico Girls!

You guys are sher purrdy!! I came to say hi cuz you left a paw print in my bloggie and I thought you looked like nice kitties!

I read about the silly beans that strap sticks to their legs and go down hills and that sounded crazy to me, but Mama said she did that afore too. She musta been crazy. She said she'd never do it again now that she is a older bean though cuz she says she values her life. She said she also been to EYE DEE Ho where you live! But we live in the Great White North lotsa ways from EYE DEE HO now. We get lotsa snow.

See you soon kitties, I luv your bloggie

Luv Taz (n Angel too!)

prairiesunshine said...

oh I forgotted to tell you too, my Mama makes purrdy pages too just like your Mama does. I wented to see your purrdy webbed page. I love purrple! Mama's webbed site is on our bloggies so you can go visit her too.

Luv Taz

Anonymous said...

Welcome to blogging! I'm in the south and we hardly get snow, just rain or ice. I love your picture. Those people with sticks on their feet must get very cold! Merry Christmas!

Gigolo Kitty said...

How can they get rotten when it am so cold and they go so fast?

All that hurrying makes their brains curdle. Which is why cats never hurry!