Tuesday, December 20, 2005

By Way of Introduction.......

Hello :

My name is Patches Lady, the owner of this house. Mittens Pollypaws, my sister, whispered in my tiny ear the other day that we must start a blog so we can share things with you other kitties. There is also Mistrie Rose who lives under our deck. Mom says she is semi-feral. Together we make up The Calico Girls (Technically Mistrie is not a calico; she is a torbie, close enough.)

Until later...many purrs....


Anonymous said...

I love the "mew" site ^..^
Cats are wonderful little "people"..

Sanjee said...

Hi Patches! Good to meet you! Thanks for your happy thoughts for my Mommy with her toothy problem. It's cool you're gonna be bloggin with us. More furriends is always good! I hopes you have fun with your blog. We have a racoonie that lives under our deck. I guess he's feral. hehehe Sometimes I watch him out the window. You and Mitten and Mistrie are very pretty cats! That's a nice Christmas picture of yall. :) I'll put yalls link on our blog.

Eponine's Cowboy said...

Calico cats are my favorite. I mean, I loved my Eppy and thought her color was beautiful, but there's something about calicos that I find extra nice!

Glad to know you have a blog. I look forward to visiting more.

Thanks for visiting Eponine's site, purraying and providing us comfort.

- Eponine's Cowboy