Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday Mews

Here is the Mews from the Big Piney Woods:

Hunter Allen update: Hunter, the tabby we found in the woods by Hunters, Washington, and given a furrever home by our pet nanny, Diane, (who lives across the road) is getting so big. She luvs her new home, her sisfur 'Tinky and the woofie called Scruffy, another newcomer. Here she is in her window, with a view of the mountains, the trees, and their pond. She loves spending time on her leash in the Out watching the birds, and playing with Scruffy.

Hunter Allen

The Meezer Twins update: Bonnie Big Eyes and Molly Mew are now young ladies, and along with growing up comes the dreaded vet visit to have their gardenladieectomy. They had theirs done last week, are well on their way to recovery, even going camping with Mom Paige and Dad Leigh, down on the St. Joe River at a place called Huckleberry Campground.

The N. Idaho Weather update: We went from 85 to 58 in a matter of days. Along with the cool weather came some showers (even snow in the mountains) and freezing temps around the valley. The Big Piney Woods is frost free so far, but our days are numbered as summer has said farewell, fall is here, and winter isn't all that far behind.

Mittens Pollypaws update: Mittens continues to improve. She hates the lactulose for her constipation, but it is something she has to take twice a day. She caught a fly the other day, and is playing with strings again, is out and about, not hiding anymore. The vet said to give her pumpkin, mineral oil, or metamucil, a much cheaper alternative.

~Patches Lady~


The Tower Hill Mob said...

Thanks for the update! It's so good to hear Mittens and the others are doing so well, with loving homes and everything. Good karma!
Hugs and cuddles to all!


Oh we are so glad Mittens is doing so well and feeling just like her ol' self. THAT is great news. We are waiting for the autumnal's still nearly 90 here...


The Meezers or Billy said...

mommy used to put benefiber in Norton's foods, 'cause he would not eat the foods wif metamucil in it. it werked well until Trixie started eating it and she didn't need it, so things got a little crazy for a few days.

hi to our bestest furriends

Daisy said...

Lots of things are happening in the Big Piney Woods! I am so happy that Mittens is doing better, and that Hunter is so happy in her new home.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad to hear that Mittens is doing better. I doubt any cat likes what we have to take but I'm glad it is making her feel better.

Karen Jo said...

I am glad that Hunter is so happy in her new home and that the Meezer twins are recovering well from their operations. I am really glad that Mittens is doing so much better. I think I read somewhere that there are cats who like pumpkin and that it works well.

Shaggy and Scout said...

What a nice picture of Hunter enjoying the fruits of the good life on a sunny windowsill. We are glad Mittens is doing better and that the Meezer Twins are doing fine oto!
Thanks for the great update.

Memories of Eric and Flynn said...

That's a good post. Efurrycat is doing well yayyy!!!

ASTOR CATS said...

Good to see that efurrycat is doing well. Hunter sure looks comfortable in his new digs. He is a very lucky cat.

Hot(M)BC said...

Yay! We's glad efurrycat is doing good.

Pee Ess. Gree can come live wif Mistrie if she wants. It's ok wif me. Just don't bofur Mommy bout it. hehehe