Friday, January 27, 2006


The secret to getting here is to go into heavy kitty meditation, that way you can transport yourself here, but still be visible at home and your mom won't even know you are gone. We cats can be in two places at the same time, purrsons don't know this.

How I look meditating

1. Find a quiet place
2. Close eyes
3. Think "transport me to Patches closet, seven times" (magic number)
4. are here!

Of course ,you can bring blankies, toys, whatever...we can have a "show and tell" of our favorites and need to bring food, that will be supplied.

Also, ifn you snores, that is OK....Mittens is great at that, so am my Dad!!! Sorry, kitties only, no adults, no dogs or other furry critters, you must be feline.

No cameras are allowed, so your purrson will never know where you actually were. Mom promises not to tell other purrsons who attends, even if her nails are pulled out! It's like Vegas, "what happens here, stays here."

Please go to the comments and say "I am coming" if you will attend so Mom knows how much food to prepare and how many beds to make.

Mom is making a list of everyone who is coming. If she has missed you, please let me know (she is getting furgetful.) We have the following so far:
Princess Mia
Scooby, Shaggy and Scout
Kelly Cat

Magoo, Smudge, Bella and Dolce
Bonnie Underfoot (Victor is in training for tub hockey so can't make it)
Victor Tabbycat (he just said he is coming)
Moose, Turtle, and Nala
William of Mass Destruction
Gigolo Kitty
Kukka-Maria and Brach
Edsel/The Pooch
Badness and Tucker
Knightly, Lizzie, and Firenze
Sammy and Miles
George, Tipper and Max
Fat Eric
Egypt and Dino (Kittens are staying home as they don't feel well)
Finnegan and Buddy
Max and Buddah
The Whippy Curly Tails (all three)
Taz and Angel

Hope this answers your questions, see you tomorrow!! Start meditating at 11:59 A. M. PST



Ivan from WMD said...

I've got my super secret transport plans all ready!

Kukka-Maria said...

Count Brach and I in! This sounds like the perfect solution to getting out--even though we are grounded (ugh...punishment for not doing anything wrong).

Edsel/The Pooch said...

oh, cool. hey William, i guess i don't need a ride. see you guys tomorrow (i'm so excited!!)

The Meezers or Billy said...

Sammy and Miles are coming! We can't wait!

Word Tosser said...

Patches you just outed everyone!!
Human's read this too... now they know...
"hiding in the shadows"....Rokon

Anonymous said...

I've got my teleportashunmachine orl ready .... I will hafta do complikated mathematickles to wurk out when it iz 11.59 a.m. PST (iz that Pussy Speshil Time?) over here.

Just Ducky said...

I am ready. I even putted a clock on my blog to count down. Mum has to help me figure out the time zone thing.

Anonymous said...

Patches, please see my post - I have telecommute questions...
~ moose

Amy in NC said...

All of us will come! We like naps...

The Monsters

PrincessMia said...

I'll be there! snooze you then!

Daisy Sunshine said...

Can I come too? I would love to nap with you kitties!

Daisy Sunshine said...

Count me in! Besides eating, napping is my second favorite thing to do!

Badness said...

May I join as well? Napping with friends sounds like fun. Who is bringing the nip?

The Crew said...

Oh, this is just wonderful. We'll all be there. This weekend is perfect for us 'cause our Sister B's dogs will be visiting at our house so we can avoid them during our meditation.

George, Tipper & Max
The Crew

Shaggy and Scout said...

We're all gonna have to synchronize our watches!

Victor Tabbycat said...

I can hardly wait! I know just where to go for a nice, long nap where no one can find me - my boy's room! I'm invisible among the clutter. It will be funderful to meet efury one. Derby, that's just before 2 our time; I'll swing by your place along the way.

Big Piney Woods Cats said...

Gosh, Lola, we am sorry! Don't want youse to be mad ast us cuz you am a dog. Maybe you could put on a kitty disguise and practice meowing!! You think?

Wow, you got a catnip toy????

Anonymous said...

Yea transporting! I'm not sure what it is, exactly, but yea! I'll be there!

~ moose
ps - Um, I vote that Lola can come. Sounds like she's bringing plenty of bribes for all. And she doesn't look very big and bitey to me. (If she gets outta hand, we can take her.)

Anonymous said...

Sorry we're late in saying we're coming. We got up late this morning.

The Musketeers will stay home, they're not feeling too good today. Tuxie will have some fun with the vacuum instead.

Carolina Cats said...

Me and Finny will be there too! Saturday is a great time for napping.

Fat Eric said...

Can I come? Hope this is in time, I get a bit confused by time differences, it is 10pm in London, who knows what time it is with you? I will try and work it out before the nap-a-thon starts.

I do snore very loudly and I may take up quite a bit of room in the closet but I am cuddly so I don't mind squeezing in close with some of the others. Looking forward to a transatlantic teleport!

Anonymous said...

Fat Eric, I'm near London, so maybe we could teleport together - that way our times should be the same. I know just how confoozling it can be. If it's 10 p.m. here then it's only 2 p.m. in Ms Patches closet. Duzz that help?

Anonymous said...

I wanna go can I go? I don't have my bloggie yet. I is a good napper though, I likes to cuddle.

Big Piney Woods Cats said...


Of course you can come! You only need to be a poodin, you don't have to have a blog......silly puss..see you tomorrows.........

Sanjee said...

I am coming! Then I won't have to hide under the bed from Mommy saying Very Bad Words about the Eejit Docktor. Yay! I'll bring my current favorite bag to nap in.

Anonymous said...

Hooray! I'm acited. I been practicin.

Max said...

I'll be there, and dangit, I have to bring Buddah. The Woman said so. He NEEDS to meet other kitties, she says. He NEEDS to be socialable. Phffft. He NEEDS to get lost on the way!

prairiesunshine said...

Oh goodie, Max and Buddah is coming for a sleepsover too. We're gonna get mixded up wiff all the black kitties there!!

Angel snores n wheezes. Mama n daddy won't even know we're missing cuz they naps til 1 or 2 anyhow. They might figger it out after they gets up though.

Me n Angel will be there. I'm glad we're usin telocortashun cuz I tried calling Air Canada and they hung up on me cuz they thought I was a crank caller.

Angel will bring her blankie and I'll bring a mousie. and some nip.

See you all in a few hours!!! YAY! I'm gonna stay up AAAAALLLLLL night cuz I get to sleep AAAALLLLL day!! Mama will be SOOO excited. :O)

I gotta go, I lost a mousie under the fridge and I hear it callin me...

Luv Taz (n Angel)

ps our bloggie will be back soon

Boni said...

I want to come too, Patches. I can't wait to meet efurrybody! I'll bring some nip too. I'll get Sanjee to bring it in her bag. Mini says she can't make it cuz she has to eat all the food out of Sanjee's bowl while we're away. Maybe she can come next time. Grandma says I snore, but I think she's just picking on me.

Spock said...

oh. oh, is I too late? I can start now....................zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

WCTs said...

Mom was napping and forgot to RSVP for us! Please add us too! 3 Whippys please!

The Whippy Curly Tails in the Toasty South!