Sunday, January 15, 2006


I can never remember if they are called:
Morning Doves (cause they sing in the morning)
Mourning Doves (cause they sound sad)
Dumb Doves (cause they like to take chances)

Mistrie watched this Dumb Dove for a long time and never bothered it. Guess Mom feeds her to good!

No, I never caught it, didn't even try.


Ginger The Cat said...

Oooh lookee the snow!

We have those doves here too! They come sit in our backyard and sound so pretty and so sad.

Carolina Cats said...

Hi Mistrie,

Thanks for coming by our blog! I got those kind of birdies too! Yesterday there was 5 of them out my back window but mom is so mean she won't let me go out there and eat them up. Why else does she put birdies seed out there if not to grow birdies for me to eat?


Chatham said...

We get lots of those, and lots of others, too. Our People put out seed for the birds. They say that it's entertainment for us. Frustration is a better word.

Edsel/The Pooch said...

i think they're mourning doves and they do sound sad. i caught one once, in my mouth! but it was pretty big and i couldn't hang on to it

Max said...

I asked the Woman and she says whatever they are, they're annoying the snot out of her by cooing by her bedroom window every morning!

Shaggy and Scout said...

Timmy calls them Boo-Hoo doves cause they sound like they're crying. They are gone for the winter from us right now.

Sanjee said...

Dumb doves sounds right if they let Mistrie get that close. Your Mom must be feedin Mistrie good if she didn't even try to catch the bird. Why run after birds for food if you have good food fed to you by staff?

prairiesunshine said...

pretty birdies.

Our birdies gotted smart and flew away to the Bahammmas or something nice. Just sometimes we have some goosies and sometmes some chickadee-dee-dees. I likes watching them outta the window. In the summer we have black birds that are bigger than us and they sit in the tree and make fun of us when they see us, then they call to all their friends to come make fun of us too. So our neighbor kitty Cracker climbed up the tree and gave them what for! he really told them off. they was getting way too loud. Most birds are really nice, but those big black ones are annoying and get on Mama's very last nerve. :O)

Luv Taz