Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Mom says calico cats sometimes have "calicotude." She says I have it pretty bad and she took this picture to show you. Well, I have to say, a girl has a right to have attitude, especially when moms come around with the flashy box all the time. Enough with the pictures mom!!!

Mittens gets it too, usually with me though, not with mom. She is always giving her the loving looks and being sweet. She has mom fooled, but not me. That is why I have to chase her and make her do her growling and hissing; put her in her place and let her know



The Crew said...

It's hard NOT to get an attitude when someone's always got the flashy thing in your face!

Shaggy and Scout said...

We just love your markings! Very unique. Your mom should recognize that fact & spoil you both rotten.

Just Ducky said...

Hey ya gotta get used to the paparattzi sometime. Your adoring public awaits.

prairiesunshine said...

OH! You kitties are SO bootiful!! Me n Angel have blackitude. Mama always says that evrything you hear about black kitties is true that's why Daddy named me Taz. I don't know what that means, but it must be good cuz we are good kitties. (mosta the time!)

I luv all your spotties and colors. I am only one bootiful color, black.

The flashies bug my eyes too but the pitchers look nice when Mama is done, so its worf it so I can sees them all done up. Tell your Mama she takes purrdy pitchers too.

I was prized to see how I looked so way up high in the tree in the pitchers. It didn't seem that high when I was up there.

Mama and Daddy boughted a saw today to cut up our kitty tree so it will fit and be floor to ceiling so I'll show you pitchers soon when I climbs it.

Luv Taz

Anonymous said...

Calicotude, indeed! I sympathize with you, Queen Patches. I, too, have been unjustly accused of much the same thing, and yes, it does get quite old. We must rise above it all and let it roll off our soft furry backs, my dear.