Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Answers To Questions

Seeing as how Sunday was a holidays for us poodins, (Answer Your Cat's Question Day) I cided to join other blogging kitties in asking their mom's questions. I used her notepad papers she got from her friend, Sue, who lives clean across the big waters in a place close to Lundins, to make mine list.

Q: Mom, when do I get a whole can of stinky goodness all to myself?
A: Never

Q: Mom, when is Mittens going back where she comed from?
A: Never

Q: Mom, when can I go outside?
A: Never

Q: Mom, when can I call the blue bed in the hidey place mine?
A: Never

Q: Mom, will you tell me you luvs me best?
A: Never (her claims her likes us all the sames, how can that be?)

Q: Mom, when are you going to stop cutting my nails?
A: Never

It seems to me the only thing Mom can say is NEVER. This is getting me nowheres. I am going to take a nap.



Anonymous said...

I thought I recognised those notepad papers .....

Anonymous said...

Well, Ms Patches, if yourownmum can only answer with thuh wurd "never" yu hafta ask the questions that "never" is the right answer to. Like "will yu eva stop luvving me?" She will say never. Or "will yu furget to give us our brekfast?" - she will orlso say never to that wun.

Kukka-Maria said...

I agree with Daisy, but I'd take it a step further. Rephrase your questions:

Mom, when should I not call the blue bed in the hidey place mine?

I know it's confusing, but there is something magical about double-negatives...

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, Kukka-Maria - that iz furry cleva, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Our Mom tells us all she loves us the best. We didn't know this for a while, but then we compared notes. She's very sneaky! We're not sure what to do about this... But for now, each of us chooses to believe she's telling us the truth, and fibbing to the other two...

Anonymous said...

Never??? Doesn't your mom know one never says never. This sounds like a good name for a movie ... "Never Say Never Again."

(We've been told it already has been used for a James Bond film. Mousies!!!)

Just Ducky said...

Patches, you gotta learn to ask questions that take more than a one worded answer.

Like, what are your reasons for not letting me go outside. Then she's gotta give a better answer.

Ivan from WMD said...

Wow. I thought my mom was tough!