Saturday, September 02, 2006

Meet Precious

Hi! My name is Precious Flower. I am the newest member of The Calico Girls, but like Mistrie, I am not a calico, however, I will be living in the Inside with Patches and Mittens.
The picture below is right before Momma took me.

Here I am today, don't I look much better, already?

I am a tiny girl (like William is a tiny boy.) I was such a good Momma to my kittens, and felt so bad to leave them, but, I know, I would not have lived much longer the way I felt. Momma is going to do everything she can to trap them and keep them, or give them to a loving furrever home. She says maybe they could become Outside kitties and keep Mistrie company.

I have a huge poofy tail and it is that way all the time. I am very proud of my lovely tail. I have long hair sticking out of my ears, too. My coat is very thin right now, but once Momma fattens me up, she thinks my hair will fill in. She says it seems to be medium length. She has to use a very soft brush, because I am so thin, but I love it when she pampers me.

I am in a room upstairs in the cabin, where the people keep their litter box. The door is shut, but I know The Girls are aware of my presence. Patches knocks once in awhile but Momma says it is too soon, so she keeps us apart.

~Precious Flower~

(Momma needs to make me my very own signature, don't you think? I am so young I can only print, but that would be ok, right? Oh, and I am like Miles; I have trouble telling my right paw from my left paw, but they shaved my right leg in the hospital place, so now I can tell. I have much to learn.)


The Tower Hill Mob said...

Hey, beautiful! You are a gorgeous kitty. I think you are part Maine Coon just like me. Welcome!
You are very lucky to have been adopted by the Calico Girls and their Mum- it won't be long before you are a spoiled (in a good way) girl.

a fluffy feline friend said...

Hello Precious Flower. It's so lovely to meet you. CalicoMom has been giving us regular updates on you and I was wondering when you'd be posting yourself.

You have ended up in a wonderful place at the Big Piney Woods. You will have a great life from now on with CalicoMom and The Girls. :)

I hope that your babies are found and looked after too!

Shaggy and Scout said...

Hi Press-shuss!
We are 3 kitties in Minn-e-sota.
We know your mom & Patchees, Mittens & Mistrie very well and are looking ofrward to meeting and getting to know you better. Since you are 3 there & we are 3 here.....maybe we can get together sometime. It wouldn't be like a date or anything.........

=^..^= said...

Hurrow, Precious Flower! Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere! We are furry happy to haf you as our new furriend. You shurely are a beeooteeful kitty. We know Patches and Mittens must be showing you a furry good time at home. Do ask your beans to let you blog as well!

~Bombay & Bangles

Lone Star Purrs said...

Hi Precious!! Welcome to the blogospehre. We just gotted an outside cat that used to be isnide too! But..she doesn't gots any babies. You can read 'bout her on our bloggie. She stayin' in an upstairs room too!
~Meeko & Kiara (Emmy too!)

Skeezix the Cat said...

Welcome home, Flower. Yoo shoor are preshus looking. I can't get over all that hair growin' out of yer ears! I wish I had hair growing out of my ears. I'm almost 2 yeers old... win am I gonna grow some byootiful fur like yoo?

Yer very lukky that sumwun nice has looked out for yoo and adopted yoo. Good luk!

Edsel/The Pooch said...

glad to see you looking so good after just having an operashun. welcome to our community

Ivan from WMD said...

Hi there, tiny girl, and welcome! You have very pretty eyes. I'm thinking the same as Toby--you might be part Maine Coon.

Anonymous said...

Hi pretty kitty. You have found a lovely forever home. Hopefully you kittens can join you soon.

Just Ducky said...

Hi Precious Flower,

I am so happy for you that the CalicoMom Toni found you and is giving you a nice home. The girls and their mum are good furiends and I hope we can be furiends too.

I hope that your little kitties are founded soon.

Purrs to all of the ladies of the Big Piney Woods.


I'm just happy to see and hear about all you cat lovers!!!

Victor Tabbycat said...

Hi, Precious! Welcome to the blogosphere. You'll find you've gone frum bein alone wif yur kittens to hafin a huge fambly all ofur the werld who care bout each other. What a lucky girl!

I can't help finkin you look a little like poor Tiffy might haf. The girls can tell you bout Tiffy (*sniff*). I'm furry glad you let Ms Toni catch you cuz she's a great mom.

Max said...

Hiya! The Woman says to tell you that you look like a kitty her sister had, named Santha. At Christmas they called her Santha Paws =snort= You're very pretty, but I think you already know that ;)

Gemini said...

Oh I bet you have a lovely puffy tail like mine! We can compare notes about them!!!

You are furry lucky that you were found.

Patches Lady, you are most welcome to come snuggle at my house while Precious Flower settles in. You will always been queen of your house though, so there are no worries.

Anonymous said...

you DO look Maine Coon-like! our Lady's human momma loves Maine Coon kitties an usta haf 2. they was furry bee-you-tee-full like you. welcome home - you couldn't haf founded a better one

Rascal said...

Hello and welcome, Precious Flower. You have an excellent home and excellent humans. I hope your kittens are found and rescued soon.