Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Patches' Nightime Ritual

Victor asked where I sleep at night. Well, I am Daddy's girl and I cuddle up, right next to him. However, I have a ritual. I jump up and let him pet me. Then I walk around between him and Momma, and her and I have a little chat. Then, I MUST jump or walk over Daddy. Next, I lie down, real close to Daddy. So I am a good girl, too, until 4:00, when I get Momma up for stinky goodness; that is when I become her girl for a very short time. She calls me a pest!

So far I have the following to invest:
Sammy of The Meezers: 27 cents.

I am leaning toward pork bellies. Then, if something happens, we can turn it into ham!!!

Patches Lady


The Meezers said...

You guys are so lucky your mommy gets up that early to give you stinky goodness. Our mommy makes us wait till she gets up for werk, no matter how starving we are.

Pork bellies sounds like a good investment to me! -Sammy

Hi Mittens my bestest furriend. - Trixie

Did someone say HAM? - Miles

Edsel/The Pooch said...

Patches - i just checked and my Mom said i could have the laundry money(the stuff the falls outta peoples (mostly the Dad) pockets) and there's about eight whole dollars in that cup!!! i must be incredibly rich! can you suggest investments for me??

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

You looked lovely in your hat & gloves yesterday Patches! Mom said we can have her walking money. That's money she usually finds when she's on a walk. Usually a penny here & there. She puts it in a special holder and we can see how it adds up. it's prolly about 80 cents now. How can you invest that? Chicken futures? Can we buy a treat company or go into Nip futures?

Gemini said...

Oh you are furry smart about that investing stuff, Patches Lady. And such a sweet kitty and luck your Momma gets up to feed you.

DEBRA said...

I am going to hafta talk to Momma about investments...I needs some investments. A kitty must have somefink to fall back on if their was hard times. We all need to make sure we have a kittyegg.

Patches Lady you are a furry wise kitty!


Victor Tabbycat said...

So, Mittens wif Ma an Patches wif Pa! I like that arrangement. Mom tops off our crunchies before bed, so when I get up wif Dad at 4:30, I just has a snack an go back to bed wif Mom. Bonnie won't sleep on the bed anymore cuz she says I stinked it up. The boy wiggles too much to sleep wif.

I thought spreadsheets was when Mom an Dad change the bed an we go unner the covers to help. That's FUN!!

The Meezers said...

oh by the way Patches, that is the cutest pikshur of your efurr!

Cecilia said...

It so so nice that you sleep with your Daddy. I love it when kitties sleep on the bed with me. And I love that picture of you.
Mrs. B does not like to sleep on the bed, she has her special pillow. Bubbles has his special place, but at 4 am he wakes me to go out. Then when he comes back in, he wmight sleep on the bed. In winter he does like to sleep on the bed. If it is really cold, he will even sleep under the covers!

Rosie & Cheeto said...

I luv it when yoo finally get yer peeple on a schedule. Thay are much tamer that way. Gud fur yoo!

Ayla said...

At night I start out either on the Mom's pillow, the Dad's pillow, or inbetween. It all depends on if a Brat beat me to the good spots. The Dad says that he can't fall asleep unless he hears me purring so I hang around until he falls asleep.

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

you sleep prak-tickly ALL NITE? but isn't that PLAYTIME? we naps on the Lady or the teenagers sometimes at nite but we spend a lotta time playin too. plus we gotta be petted efurry couple hours an so we hasta wake sumbuddy up fur that.

our Lady has a wine bottle that's full of dimes - an i mean FULL. it holds 1,500 dimes an she says that makes a hunnerd an fifty dollars, but i think she's a little crazy in the head cause i can see it's not dollars, it's dimes. you can invest it if i can figger out how ta lift it an put it in the mailbox. it's furry heavy. jus turn it inta ham fur me - okay?


Derby said...

I need to count mum's penny jar and see how much is in it. Mum won't miss it, she takes it out of her purse and then never uses them.

William said...

Can we eat the pork bellies?

Kitty Cats Corner said...

You should feel lucky your mommy gets up in the weeee hours for you.

We have to wait til 7 am for our goodies. hmmpf!

Whatsa pork belly?

Purrs - Your devoted friends over @ the Kitty Cats Corner

PS: Thanks for stopping by our place! *smiles all around*

Beau Beau & Angie said...

You do loves yur Daddy lots don't you? Me am a Daddy's girl too and likes to sleep next to him.

=^..^= said...

Patches, you're such a pikshure purrfect cat! I fink that it is a good idea to wake your bean up at 4am. I dunno why they're always so blurry at that hour. Maybe it is a bean malfunction.