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Monday, August 21, 2006

Nightime Ritual

Every night, at bedtime, I jump up on the bed and say to Momma, "mahh, mahh," in my tiniest, high, squeaky voice. Then I give her headbutts and curl up next to her. My purrbox starts up, and I sing her a kitty lullaby. Momma says I have a tiny hoarse voice and a lovely motor. On occasion, I will go under the covers and make biscuits into her belly, until she makes me stop. Every time she wakes up in the night, she can see my ears, so she knows I am there. Sometimes she touches me, and I serenade her back to sleep. If I go get crunchies or a drink, I come right back and cuddle close. I am a good girl.

Mitttens Pollypaws

Posted by One Of The Girls at 6:23 AM


  • Blogger The Meezers posted at 6:39 AM  
    Mittens, you are the bestest girl! My mommy readed this to me. Sammy does the same fing to our Mommy - sings her to sleep. She says when he sleeps on her pillow, her head vibrates from the purring.
    Take care my bestest furriend! - Trixie
  • Blogger Gemini posted at 8:16 AM  
    Momma says you sound furry sweet, Mittens, just as sweet as me. She wants to cuddle with you too (I could be jealous.)
  • Blogger DEBRA posted at 8:38 AM  

    You cuddle real close to your Momma, your purring will help make efurryfink better for your her.

  • Blogger ML (Mary Lynn) posted at 9:04 AM  
    Oh, Mittens, how very sweet. What a wonderful girl you are. You take such good care of your Mommy. I'm going to read this to little KC, she is learning. She also has a tiny mew, but she is still a very young kitten.
  • Anonymous The Mitz posted at 10:11 AM  
    My Meowmie and Pawmie are both great cuddlers...I am sitting on my Meowmie's lap as I paw this note. Hope your Meowmie is doing good, we are sending our best wishes.

    Headbonks, The Mitz
  • Blogger Kaze posted at 10:39 AM  
    I'm a good snuggler too. The Lap Lady is convinced that girl kitties are much more snuggly than boy kitties. I take up more space on the bed than the Lap Lady does.

    You sound like a perfect little darling!
  • Blogger Rascal posted at 11:45 AM  
    Mittens, that is the perfectest Cat behavior. You know how to keep a human happy. This is a good thing. I'm not so good to my Mom but almost.
  • Blogger George, Tipper, Max & Misty posted at 11:58 AM  
    You are a very good daughter to take care of your Mom in her time of need.
  • Blogger brandi posted at 2:25 PM  
    Mittens, you are the purrfect little girl. You will make the bestest nursie when your mama needs it. I will come and help you, if you like, but I think you are the bestest nursie a mama could want. Really. I would be taking lessons from you more than anything.

    Sweet girl!
  • Blogger Butterscotch posted at 4:41 PM  
    That is realy nice of you to help you momma sleep like we do. I try to do that to my momma but she fusses to much in the night
  • Blogger Derby posted at 6:32 PM  
    So nice that you sing your mum to sleep Mittens. That makes it so easy to fall asleep to.
  • Blogger William posted at 6:32 PM  
    My mom says you're just a sweetie pea of a girl!
  • Blogger Scooby, Shaggy & Scout posted at 6:56 PM  
    Mom wishes we'd do that kind of stuff. She once had a cat who slept at her side all night and she misses it. But we just don't snuggle. But she better not go & get a girl cat......
  • Blogger Smeagol & Strider (Mystery & Gizmo too!) posted at 7:52 PM  
    You are a furry sweet girl! We just read about your mom and want you to know we are purrayin' that everything will go well and she will have quick recovery.
  • Blogger Grr, Midnight & Cocoa posted at 10:39 PM  
    you sound like the sweetest girl anybuddy effur had! in our fambly i'm the biggest snuggler an i'm the only boy
  • Blogger one of us posted at 1:23 AM  
    What a way to take care of your Momma. Way to go! ~Merlin, Shadow, Ko KO
  • Blogger Victor Tabbycat posted at 12:33 PM  
    Mom's had a kitty on her bed most of her life and says she always sleeps better like that. Bonnie slept on their feet until I came. She nefur told me that was her spot, so I just followed Mom to the bedroom and took up my position. Just two nights now, I went all the way down under the covers and found Mom's toes! If they tickle me, I haf to (gently) attack them. What fun! As I get older an less of a kitten, I'll try to be more like you, Mittens. Where does Patches sleep?
  • Blogger Ariel posted at 10:12 AM  
    Mittens show this to my mommy.She asked why I never serenade her.So I starts to sing and she covers her ears.Humans go figure.Maybe
    you can teach us other kitty's how.
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