Monday, May 15, 2006

Whose Cat Are You?

Basically, Patches belongs to my husband. She is his cat. She gets on his lap numerous times a day, purrs, gives headbutts and talks up a storm. She sleeps next to him at night, jumps on the bed while he is getting dressed, I assumed to make sure he gets the left sock on his left foot, and his left arm in the left sleeve.

Mittens belongs to me. She is Mom's girl. She sits on my lap and helps me on the computer and helps me while I eat my breakfast. If I sit down anywhere, she is right there, although if my husband sits down in one particular chair, she will lay on his lap, purring. She is afraid of the overhead fan and the tv, so she doesn't sit on my lap when I am in the den. She snuggles up to me all night. She cry/talks to me in a squeeky voice and follows me around.

Mistrie is definitely mine. She is afraid of everyone else. She waits for me to open the door and sit down on the floor, so she can go back and forth, rubbing against the sill and headbutting me, all the while purring.

I really think we belong to our cats! Share with us, do you belong to your cat or does your cat belong to you, or someone else in your family.


On Wednesday, May 10 at 9:00 Eastern Time, (6:00 our time) we lit a candle for Grandpa Norton. We fell silent and Mittens purred. He is running in the daisies, chasing butterflies and napping with the "ones who went before." He is waiting at Rainbow Bridge.

Toni (The Mom)

P. S. I shall give the girls their blog back tomorrow!


The Meezers said...

Toni, Thank you for lighting a candle for Norton.

Trixie (and Norton too) - definately my husband's cats. Trixie tolerates me when he is not home, but she will crawl all over him and kiss on him when he comes home. When she was younger, she would flop over on her back and show him her belly every time he came into a room.

Sammy and Miles (and Ralphie too) - for sure they are Mommy's babies. Of course, since my husband works out of town, they have not had the same amount of time to bond with him. Ralphie was always my cat, I could never be out of his sight or he would cry. Sammy and Miles have to follow me every where and sit on or next to me no matter where I sit.

Word Tosser said...

We are both Rokon's staff for sure.
She is an equal opportunity cat. My husband is the tuna supplier. And she rewards him by sitting in his chair with him at night and purrs. I am the door opener, and have the machine of printer. She sits in my window by the computer, she will climb up on my shoulder as I type. And she sleeps on my pillow near the wall at night time. She knows my husband is a sucker for dramatics, so she can get anything out of him. Yep, we are equal in Rokon's eyes.

=^..^= said...

I haven't been adopted by any cat yet. But, to all my little fostered ones, I definitely am theirs. I belong completely to them.

~5-Cat Style

Anonymous said...

We have so many people and cats that this question is a little difficult, but here goes!

Turtle - definitely mine, but also has a special attachment to the older (17 yr old) Boy. She's really a sweetie to everyone.

Moose - follows me from room-to-room and is all over me if I've been gone for any length of time. He also loves up to the (15 yr old) Girl. He annoys older boy and hubby, lol. Men!

Nala - hands down, loves the small (10 yr old) Boy best in the house. I find her on his bed when he's at school, and on him when he's here.

David E. Francis said...

Toni, we are definitely owned by our cats. I love all five of them very much; they know it, and have me wrapped around their little paws totally!!!

Beau Beau & Angie said...

I think Beau Beau and Angie are still establishing who is "theirs" but so far Beau Beau is definitely Mommy's boy and follows me around and is very jealous of any attention I give Angie.
Angie will climb up on me for lovins while I'm on the 'puter (so I can't type then) but she will come on the bed to sleep every so often but only on Bob's side and will sleep right next to him. Angie started with the 17 yr old but then has bonded mostly with us (except when we went on vacation they both slept on her bed with her). Funny because they won't sleep on our bed at the same time.

Lone Star Purrs said...

Meeko is most definatley a Momma's girl. Kiara can be, when she wants to, but listens mostly to Daddy. Both girls sleep with me when Daddy isn't here (most of the time) but just Kiki when he is here. They will both greet me at the door when I come home.

Ayla said...

Well, I'm nobody's cat but my own, but I will admit I prefer hanging out with the Mom.

As for the others, Kukai loves both the Mom and the Dad and spends as much time with each as possible. Bomber is definitely a "momma's boy." Bailey prefers the Mom but she's weird. Phoebe loves anything that moves. Fizzy was picked out by the Dad but she latched on to the Mom. Loki is a Daddy's boy and Monkee is another momma's boy.

Mia and Ghost said...

Mia hangs around me more when I am here but likes to be around my Dad a lot if I'm not.

Ghost doesn't like to be around anyone but tolerates whoever feeds her.


Maggie & Molly said...

I love both momma and daddy, and since I have only been living with them a few weeks I haven't picked a favortie yet, but I think I am leaning towards momma since she is the one who feeds me and pays the most attention to me. Momma said the last cat they had loved daddy the best so she is happy and really wants me to herself, (but don't tell daddy)

Kelly Cat's human said...

Kelly adopted Pat and me and chose me as his favorite human, for which I am honored. Sometimes when he is lying in his chair, I will approach him and he will twist around and show me his tummy for a tummy rub. It's a good feeling that he trusts me so much.

Caitie also wants love and affection from me, but mooches only from Pat, because I won't give her anything.

Lizzie and Nicky picked Pat. Lizzie sleeps with her human Mama, with her pink nose tucked in the crook of Pat's elbow. Nicky is protective and more than a little jealous. If another cat comes up to Pat, he has to rush over and get between the other cat and his Mama.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Scooby & Shaggy are "mine". They sleep by me & hang out near by when I read or watch tv. Scooby must escort me to the bathroom each & every time & go where he gets extra pettings & brushings and a drink from the faucet. Scout seems to be a "daddy's boy". He sleeps between my husbands legs and loves to help him get showered and dressed every morning. But they all know the food comes from ME. Then I get plenty of affection!

Bonnie Underfoot said...

I may do what my man says, I order around my woman, and I tolerate my boy.

Victor Tabbycat said...

I dopted Mom an sleep wif her efurry nite an foller her an make sure she's safe in the baf room.
I also lurves Dad and the boy fur playin an rubbin and I groom the boy's hair.
Bonnie lurves Dad and says he's all hers an I can't haf him.

Beau said...

I own mom. But I'm also real fond of Grandpa and Momma S. They come over lots and play with me and give me lots of scritches. When I ride with Grandpa somewhere he lets me ride without being in my carrier and I like that.

one of us said...

Let's see:

Merlin claimed me and only me. Follows me everywhere, cries at the door when I leave and when I get home, sleeps with me, snuggles with me, yep he adopted me.

Ko Ko was supposed to be Dad's buddy, but he claims all of us because he is just that kind of guy.

Shadow belongs and loves only Kinsey. She is a one person cat. Kinsey belongs to her too and that is the conflict between her and Ko Ko

~Poi Mom Jane

Fat Eric said...

I love my mum best. She gives me the most cuddles and has the snuggliest lap and plays with me and gives me treats. And she knows just where I like to be scritched. But I love my dad too, I particularly like to lick his hair, I get on the bed in the morning, snuggle with my mum for a bit, then go and lick my dad's head all over till he wakes up. He also is more generous with the food though not so good at scritching.