Sunday, May 28, 2006

Patches & Mom Have A Talk

Patches: Momma, when does the torch relay start, please?
Mom: Today, sweetie, it is starting today.
Patches: Where and who, Momma, please.
Mom: Bangles and Bombay are starting it in Singapurr.
Patches: Oh, Momma, this is so exciting, soon all my friends will be here to compete.
Mom: Yes, and you, Mittens and Mistrie must be very good hostesses.
Patches: We will, Momma, and now can I have some extra stinky goodness, please?
Mom: Sounds a little like blackmail to me, Patches.
Patches: No, Momma, we are calico girls cats, not black male cats.

:: Walking away Patches is thinking, "I wonder if Momma is loosing her marbles, too? Or maybe she is color blind, we aren't black boy kitties." ::


Daisy said...

Patches, try not to worry about your Mum - blackmail is a very hard thing to describe, so mine Mum tells me, and it's nuthing to do with being a black boy kitty. But I hope you got your extra stinky goodness, anyway.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

It's starting! It's starting! Singapurr is so very far away. How cool is that to have kitties way over there in the catlympics with us!!!

Zeus said...

This is very thrilling! I just feel bad that Bangles and Bombay have such a long way to run! I hope they don't get too tired!

pandora and charlie said...

Mum says she feels bad we can't join in - but she has exams in less than two weeks time and we have to help her study....

Well, I do.........Pandora is helping by sleeping a lot.

Good luck, everyone!!


The Meezers said...

I am SOOOO furry 'acited!!! I gets to carry the torch after Ramona and Harper. I can't wait! MOOOMMMMMMMM - how many days 'till it's the 31th? - Miles

Victor Tabbycat said...

Maybe when you asked for extra stinky goodness, she thought you were inviting a black kitty ofur, like Bangles or Timmy or a house panther. We haf a new kitty at our house, Vir-ginger's little brofur Charcoalie. He's pretty quiet, but he'll get to blog about living on the table where we aren't allowed.

William said...

Blackmail! Ha ha ha ha ha!