Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I Was Tagged

Marilyn Monroew tagged me for a meme on favorites. Here is my list:

Time Of Day: The minute Momma lets me out of my bedroom and I can sit on her lap and make biscuits and purr at her.

Day Of The Week: They are all pretty much the same around here; Momma and Daddy are tired, so they stay home with us most of the time.

Season Of The Year: Being inside all the time, it doesn't much matter, but the birds are the busiest in the spring and I love to watch Momma outside messing with her fowlers. (The picher above was taken this winter, when I was looking for spring.)

Holiday: I don't know yet. Momma didn't put up a tree this year cuz she said I was too little to 'preciate it and would prolly climb it or knock it ofur. I think I would really like Christmas though and climbing the tree.

Beaches: They are for the furless ones, I am not crazy about anything wet.

Song: Momma and Daddy play country all the time, so I have not experienced a wide selection.

Flower: All the purty ones Momma plants; especially the pansies cuz they have faces and I see the fairies in them.

Talk Show: I am in bed afore the talk shows come on.

Movie: My attention span is quite short, a movie is way too long.

Soaps: The only soap I know about is the kind Momma uses to wash her hands.

Beverage: Water is the only think we ever get.

Fruit: What kind of a question is that for a feline????

Snack: Temptations, of course!!!

Food: Purina One; I turn my nose up at furless food.

Restaurant: Huh?? Is that a place to go take a nap when you want something? ( Rest - I- Want)

~Precious Flower~

I tag:
The Meezers

The Crew



The Meezers said...

oooo Fanks for tagging us Precious! I will post my answers tomorrow!!

Daisy said...

Hey! I see faces in the pansies, too!

Beagle said...

Just found your blog!

Mischief, Molly & Jack

Zoey and the furballs (the Zoo Crew) said...

We love spring too when Mommy plants her flowers.

Lux said...

You're a sweetie, Precious Flower!

Zippy, Sadie and Speedy said...

Rest-I-want, hmm, yes we can see that. Eating and sleeping combined in one place. Gee, da beans got it good don't they. Oh, dats rite, we do dat alla time and don't effun hafta go in da masheen wif weels to do it...neffur mind.

Taz n Angel said...

Oh Precious, you must dust try some froot acause its berry berry good. I likes almost alla froots and the lady in pajamas at the place wiff the yellow roof says if we likes froot, we can eats it acause it ain't bad.

I likes Chrissmuss orinjes and I likes mellin and I likes pares and I likes trawberries and I likes gwapes and I likes appils and I likes ummmmmm I likes lotsa froots but I don't likes nanners much acause they smell funny.


The Crew said...

Precious, some of us do like fruit! Read my post today and see. You should try peaches, they're very good.