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Friday, July 21, 2006

Going To Waste

There are squillions of blades of grass outside, waiting to be chewed. It is so hot, soon they will be turning brown and going to waste. Momma hates waste, she adds water to the shampoo bottle to get the last drops. So I say, let me out to eat some of that nice green grass!

Patches Lady

Posted by One Of The Girls at 7:23 AM


  • Blogger William posted at 6:46 AM  
    I think I'd like to have enough grass to walk on and eat too! You're a lucky kidlet, Patches Lady.

    (P.S. I've answered some comments about Russell.)
  • Blogger PrincessMia posted at 7:21 AM  
    That grass looks so delicious and you know what? It is! I know because I've eaten it. mmmmm, wish I could have some right now.
  • Blogger The Meezers posted at 7:22 AM  
    so, grass is good to eat? we've nefurr eaten lawn grass.

    Hi my bestest furriend Mittens. We'll see you at the party!
  • Blogger Kismet posted at 7:42 AM  
    Sup ladies. Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying I am gorgeous. I really want to see some pictures of your extra toes!
  • Blogger Kismet posted at 7:46 AM  
    Oh I also wanted to talk to you about whisker humps, since you don't know what they are. That is what my Person calls the pads on the sides of my nose where my whiskers are. My whisker humps are really big, as you can see from my pictures. Mistrie, on the other paw, has very small whisker humps. Do you understand now?
  • Blogger Rascal posted at 7:47 AM  
    I miss eating grass.
    I miss going outside.
    Poor me, poor me.
    I think I'll go take a nap.
  • Blogger Victor Tabbycat posted at 7:52 AM  
    I been outside lately, but I studied the bugs, not the grass. I nefur tried eatin it. One of the bugs flew up in front of me an when I swatted it, it LIT UP! I wonder, if I ate it, would I lite up?

    Ms Patches, is Mistrie surprised to see you outside? I like yur purple harness; mine's purple too.
  • Blogger Gemini posted at 9:08 AM  
    Georgia says grass is good to eat and she likes eatin ours. But there's lots so I should get to go out and eat too!
  • Blogger Ayla posted at 9:43 AM  
    I can't go outside so I've never eaten grass. Is it yummy?
  • Blogger Patches & Mittens posted at 10:31 AM  
    Victor: Mistrie didn't see me, Momma keeps me away from her spots cuz she thinks I will be mean to her! Can you believe that?

    Ayla: Yes it is yummy but then I go inside and puke it up, so Momma won't let me eat it....Anyway, I don't get outside much.

    Patches Lady
  • Blogger Emma's Kat posted at 10:38 AM  
    You go girl! It's great to get some fresh air every once in awhile, huh! You are such the pretty kitty!
  • Blogger DEBRA posted at 10:58 AM  
    Miss Patches

    I would love to come visit wif you and Miss Mistrie and Miss Mittens. I would like to roll in the grass and eat some of dat grass. I have nefurr been outside in the grass before.

  • Blogger pandora and charlie posted at 1:15 PM  
    Don't forget my birthday party! Starting in about an hour, bring drinks and snacks and nip (if you take it, I prefer shrimptinis myself)
    Everyone is invited (although, given my age, I may retire frequently!). Paws up, charlie is in charge of the games, he says he got some ideas from recent parties.....[shakes perfect head] actually, for a snotrag he's done a good job!

  • Blogger Derby posted at 6:04 PM  
    Hi Ladies,

    Mum is going to let me host a party in October for all of us October kitties.

    Save the weekend of Oct 20-22, stop by the blog for details.
  • Blogger George, Tipper, Max & Misty posted at 10:46 PM  
    Patches, you look just lovely in your purple harness. I have a purple collar. It's my favorite color!

  • Blogger Finnegan & Buddy posted at 1:52 AM  
    Oooooooooh, grass is yummmmy in the tummmmmyyyyyyy! And you kno wat? If you gro it yoreself in the house wen you eet it doesn't make you fro up!!! Soon I will put some pikchers of my greenhowse and my grass on owr blog.

  • Blogger Valderbar posted at 5:35 AM  
    That's more grass than we all could eat together but I'm willing to try if you are.
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