Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Yes, it is spring......Mom bought some violas at the big buying place. Violas and pansies are her favorite flowers because they smell good, bloom a long time through cold and heat, and have cute faces. She planted them in big clay colored plastic pots and put them on the deck (she said she will bring them in at night for a while.) Mittens is checking them out to make sure they are good quality. They passed inspection.



The Meezers said...

They look delicious. Mommy can't have any flowers in our house 'acause we eat them all. - Miles

Oreo said...

They is purrty. Mine Mom don't buys flowers cause they would die if she did! In stead of a green thumb she gots the Black Thumb Of Flowery Death!!

Da Katz & Reni said...

It not spring yet here doh...

Weze havin mor cold wether.

All foggi and cold and Mommi won't let me go out...

but I gotta go outside, mommi!!!


Edsel/The Pooch said...

wow, you must be havin' really nice weather, it's cold here in the mitten state, too cold for flowers. but, i get to go outside every day now 'cause when my Mom gets home from her work it's light enough that i can go romp for a few minutes!

lizzie bennet cat said...

hi patches this is lizzie bennet im kellys sister i luv flowrs too mama had plastc flowrs onec an I didnt lik them cuz if u cant eat them what gud ar they

kelly luvs catnip an he chases me away frum it mean kelly

patches u r so pretty
ok bye for now

Taz n Angel said...

They are our Mama's absolute favorites too, she used them to decorate her wedding when she painted tiny pots with purple pansies. Mama is getting ready to paint some "water color" pansies in a coupla days. Daddy is taking her wiff his wallet to buy some more paints. I hope she lets us paint too! I would like to do my footprints. Mama think that might be extra special and she said it was probably inevitable anyhow, whatever that word means. Yes, I like helping Mama paint.

Your pansies are very pretty. Mama says to tell you they are one of her favorite kinds. She used to grow pansies for a lady under one of those plastic roofs. She grew hundreds of pansies. She loves purple ones and the pale colored ones she says ARE called watercolor pansies, ant-eeek shades. I don't know why they call them that, maybe ants don't like that color. They'd be good for the garden if that's true.

I can't belive you are buying plants for the garden. Mama says here in the Great White North the thumbs have a rule that you can't plant until after the full moon in May. If you do, your plants will freeze. Even if it looks pretty out by then, they'll still freeze. May is a long ways away. I know cuz in May, I turn free years old!! I should have a birthday party!!! Wiff tuna and catnip.

WOW, you even got to put your plants outside? It must be nice to live where spring comes early. I hope it will be the Great Green North soon.

Luv your flowers.

Luv Taz

ps come to my bloggie, Angel caughted a mousie for me and I gotted to play wiff it and we both wrote about it!

DEBRA said...

What lovely purple (our favorite color) flowers. WE have a flower fanatic in our house (Ping) he would eat anything( as it is he loves on all the silk flowers)so we can't have any 'live' flowers in the house.