Saturday, March 25, 2006


We are getting in shape for the catolympics. Here are a couple shots of us warming up.

Patches strengthens her legs

Mittens practices for body curling

~~I am going out for balance beam and the kitty tree is great to get my legs all toned.
~~Mittens is going out for curling and hair ball hurling. She practices hair ball hurling usually at night, when Mom and Dad are sleeping, so Mom gets a surprise to step in.
~~Mistrie is going to help carry the torch and speed racing. She runs around outside getting herself in tiptop shape.

Thanks to the Meezers, Miles and Sammy, for teleporting here to give us snuggles during our sneezing time. Whatever you did, you fixed us both up. Also, please tell your Mom not to worry about being in the Big Piney Woods for the 'lympics because Mom is going to be there to protect you and all other kitties. One other thing.....we have gotten lots of comments about how you are all practicing! Good job!! Keep it up..



The Meezers said...

Patches and Mittens, it was our pleshur to help you feel better while you were sneezing. We like visiting!

Beau Beau & Angie said...

Good job Patches! You have great form on the balance beam. Mittens is curlin good too. She has such nice shiny furs. We wants to go to her hairdresser too!

Edsel/The Pooch said...

i gotta get after my Mom to set somthin' up i can practice on for balance beam. i thought i could do it outside, but the weather has been to bad...MOMMMMMM

one of us said...

Wow you guys already have great form~Merlin, Shadow, Ko KO