Sunday, March 19, 2006

Geese Have Returned

As you can see, the geese have returned to the pond in the Big Piney Woods. They are laying claim to that nest behind them. Mom says, "another sign of spring."

Jasmine did a lovely write-up about us on her blog. Please go and visit her and say "hi."



The Meezers said...

Those are some BIG birds! They looks kind of scary! - Miles

Fat Eric said...

Yay, the geese are back! It was pretty sunny here today, though still cold. I went and lay outside for a while and when I came back in my mum felt my fur and it was all warm from the sun! I just went over to Jasmine's site to say Hi.

Derby said...

I wented to Jasmine's site too and said hi. She camed to my blog and lefted a note.

Athena said...

My geese are back too! I don't know where they went but they sure weren't on a diet where they were. They are really big!