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Monday, November 10, 2008

I Am Outa Here!!!

Momma went to town the other day to get her drivers license renewed. It is a bit early, but she didn't want to wait until her purrday because she has to have cataracts removed and is waiting until the magic day.....MEDICARE.....before she goes in for the surgery. By that time, her license would have expired. She was worried she wouldn't pass the eye test, but she did, so that means she can still take us in the metal monster to see Pokey Man aka the vet. She wouldn't like it if she knew I told you all this, cuz now you know she is older than dirt, it wasn't just a rumor. Oh, oh, gotta hide, here she comes........

~Precious Flower ~(aka The Snitch)

Posted by One Of The Girls at 5:39 AM


  • Blogger Eric and Flynn posted at 10:09 AM  
    Uh-oh, we think she might know that you've been tattle tailing about her.
  • Blogger Daisy posted at 10:23 AM  
    Do not worry, Precious. My Mommie is old too. She wears glasses to see far, but now she cannot see close. And she refuses to get something called "bifocals." So she just squints a lot.
  • Blogger Cheysuli and gemini posted at 12:10 PM  
    My person is really old too...
  • Blogger Derby posted at 5:15 PM  
    What's a snitch?
  • Blogger Karen Jo posted at 12:29 AM  
    I am also older than dirt. I am glad that your Mom passed her eye exam for her driver's license. I hope her cataract surgery goes well.
  • Blogger Gandalf and Grayson posted at 4:24 AM  
    Our Mom wishes she had Medicare - she had to cancel her Health Insurance in March because it went up to an outrageously obscene amount of green papers. Mom has been wearing bifocals for 20 years. She must be old as dirt, huh?
  • Blogger The Crew posted at 8:22 AM  
    Mom said "Better older than dirt than under it". I don't know what she means.

    Your friend
  • Blogger Black Cat posted at 6:18 PM  
    I must be older than dirt too coz I've had cataract surgery too! What am I saying, "must be"? I AM older than dirt, hahaha!!! Good luck to your Mom, she'll see the benefits:) xxx
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