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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Folded Ear

Mamma says I must have been washing behind my ears, like a good girl, but my ear turned over and it stayed that way. She says if that happens to Patches or Mittens, they shake their head and straighten it out, but it sure didn't bother me. It stayed this way for about 15 minutes. Momma thought it was cute, and brought out the flashy box.

~Precious Flower~

Posted by One Of The Girls at 7:35 AM


  • Anonymous Kelly Cat posted at 7:35 AM  
    Oh, on her I think it looks... um... precious!
  • Blogger Edsel/The Pooch posted at 7:58 AM  
    you just get cuter and cuter every day it seems!
  • Blogger Gemini posted at 10:53 AM  
    Oh Precious, that is furry cute. Simone the Siamese before Cheysuli (the nice one) used to do that too.
  • Blogger Name: Mr. Hendrix posted at 11:53 AM  
    Aw, what a funny ear photo! I missed the introduction of your cat tower. That is soooooooooooooooo cool! I'll bets you haf a great time on it!
  • Blogger Feline Oligarchy posted at 12:30 PM  
    Hi Precious Flower - YES ... I'd LOVE to play with you. Thanks for the invite! Two of the cats that live here will play with me a little bit, but not nearly enough and the other two will let me sleep by them but get real crabby if I so much as point out that their tail is moving. So it'd be really nice to have a friend to play with. Your climber looks like a lot of fun. -- Maggie Fu
  • Blogger Scooby, Shaggy & Scout posted at 1:54 PM  
    After what you've been through, little one, we bet not much would bother you.
  • Blogger momsbusy posted at 8:15 PM  
    what a precious picture of you! you are truly becoming a more beautiful and precious kitty as each day passes. we are so glad you were rescued and adopted by your mamma.
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at 8:23 PM  
    That's so cute - I'll beg your Mom was giggling when she took the picture!
  • Blogger Bonnie Underfoot posted at 8:27 AM  
    The first cat in charge of my woman did that and left it that way. I've done it but fix it quick. Victor nefur has... wonder if he efun cleans those ears. You are growing more lovely efurry day.
  • Blogger Canberra BK posted at 4:29 PM  
    Oh Precious, you are a funny little poodin. :)
  • Blogger Grr, Midnight & Cocoa posted at 10:37 PM  
    yur so cute an fuzzy! we like yur ear like that, but maybe fur just a few picshures an not like perm-a-net or anyfing.
  • Blogger DEBRA posted at 4:33 AM  
    I don't know how you do it, but you get cuter and cuter every time I see you!

  • Blogger Anita posted at 5:21 AM  
    Muhahahahahahahahahahahaha!! Your bean is bad!! She publishes prohibited photos in yours blog!!
  • Blogger Les Trois Chats posted at 7:22 AM  
    Heehee! Precious, you were perfectly named...
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