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Friday, September 15, 2006

I Belong!!!

Oh, I am so excited. I am now a real part of the Big Piney Woods Cats. Momma added my name to the email list, as well as to the profile; but best of all, I have a whole special section dedicated to me, with my picture, and story, in the sidebar. It makes me feel very special, a special Tiny Girl.

~Precious Flower~

Posted by One Of The Girls at 6:56 AM


  • Blogger The Meezers posted at 7:13 AM  
    you has such BIG eyes Precious! We fink you must be part Norwegian with your cute fluffy cheeks and big ears and eyes. You are a real cutie.

    Mittens, we really really hadded a nice time wif you yesterday. We hopes you come back soon. We would like to be your bestest furriends like Trixie was. We fink you might be right - maybe Trixie sented Precious to be wif you so that you would not miss her too much. - Miles
  • Blogger Scooby, Shaggy & Scout posted at 8:10 AM  
    That is a very pretty picture of you PF. You're very photogenic!
  • Anonymous Daisy posted at 8:12 AM  
    Yu are very speshil, Ms Precious - yu are orlso part ov a very speshil family.
  • Blogger Merlin posted at 8:12 AM  
    Very nice, Precious! You look very pretty in your picture. :)
  • Anonymous Rokon posted at 9:15 AM  
    Mistrie must be happy too... after all, now she has someone who looks like her.
  • Blogger Gemini posted at 9:27 AM  
    I am furry glad you fit in Precious. It's hard to be the new cat around and it's ever so much easier when you are a baby cat. I MADE Georgia like me 'cause I just wouldn't take no for answer.
  • Blogger The Tower Hill Mob posted at 9:41 AM  
    Oh, Precious you are such a beautiful girl! We are so glad you found a wonderful forever home. The Calico Girls will be great big sisters. We can't wait to read about your adventures.
    Our Mum thinks you have the sweetest face. She also thinks that you won't be in a hurry to go Out since you've found a nice, inside home.
  • Blogger Kaze posted at 10:41 AM  
    You're SO pretty! Glad you're a permanent fixture!
  • Anonymous Cecilia posted at 12:04 PM  
    It's about time! Ha, Ha. You were a part of the family from day one.
  • Blogger Fiona Bun posted at 1:05 PM  
    Welcome little flower!
  • Blogger Edsel/The Pooch posted at 2:37 PM  
    hmmm..... you're a tiny girl, William is a tiny boy.......
  • Blogger brandi posted at 6:28 PM  
    Oh, of course you are at your forever home, my sweet girl! Think of the adventures you will have with your new sisters!
  • Blogger Canberra BK posted at 6:32 PM  
    I think you belonged at the Big Piney Woods long before you got added to the sidebar. :) But now that you have your own section, your own signature, and are part of the email list, you must really be feeling like part of the family. That's wonderful to hear. :)
  • Blogger Grr, Midnight & Cocoa posted at 6:44 PM  
    YAY! you really are such a beautiful fluff!
  • Blogger Hot(M)BC posted at 6:55 PM  
    Gee, I thought you belonged already! It's nice to have your own name on the email list n have your own section tho. You's really got your furever home! It's hard to believee at first. I remember from when I found my furever home here.
  • Blogger Derby posted at 7:02 PM  
    You are a very special kittie Precious. Purrs to your joining the other girls of the Big Piney Woods.
  • Blogger Max posted at 8:04 PM  
    The Woman looked at your picture and said "Wow, she really is a PK." And she smiled, because you remind her of the Cat Who Came Before Me...Dusty. That's a compliment, 'cause as far as I can tell, Dusty was a Super Kitty that never did anything wrong and was the Prettiest Kitty EVAH!11!
  • Blogger Les Trois Chats posted at 10:44 PM  
    What a sweet, sweet little face.
    ~ tammara
  • Blogger Beau Beau & Angie posted at 5:01 AM  
    Pretty PK. Lookit those beautiful eyes. And you has that purty colored nose that we loves so much.
  • Blogger Eric and Flynn posted at 7:06 AM  
    Yoo has a furry sweet face, an look so much better now than yer furrst pichur.We just know yoo will be happy in yer furrefurr home wiv Patches Mittens and Mistrie
  • Anonymous Kelly Cat posted at 4:58 PM  
    Both precious and beautiful. What gorgeous eyes!
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