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Sunday, September 17, 2006


I am practicing looking up, because Tuesday, Momma has to look down for 9 days.

Posted by One Of The Girls at 7:26 AM


  • Anonymous Sue and Daisy posted at 7:29 AM  
    Mittens, what a kind, thoughtful and considerate girl you are - your mum is going to appreciate that, because looking down will be very difficult for her. Will you please tell her we all send lots of love and good wishes to her.
  • Blogger The Tower Hill Mob posted at 7:56 AM  
    Mittens, what a thoughtful girl you are! Our Mum told us that when her dad had a similar surgery, the Before Kitties never left his side until he could get around better. I'm sure you all will take turns doing that.
    We are all sending our thoughts to you all.
    Tilly and Toby

    P.S. Be nice to Precious!
  • Blogger Fat Eric posted at 8:28 AM  
    Sending purrs to your mum to bring her luck with her operation. Hope it goes well. My mum says when she had her throat operation a long time ago, she couldn't raise her chin for days because she was afraid of ripping the stitches in her throat, so she knows what it was like!
  • Blogger Edsel/The Pooch posted at 9:28 AM  
    we know you will all help her keep her head down and purr at her a lot to make the nine days go really fast!
  • Blogger The Meezers posted at 9:32 AM  
    purrfect position Mittens. May we come and visit for a little while tomorrow to purr for your Mom and tell her that we will be finking of her?
  • Blogger Beau Beau & Angie posted at 10:06 AM  
    Yep, Yur Calico Mom will be lookin down on yur smilin faces. Who am gonna takes care of all of you when yur Mommy is stuck onna bed? Is yur Daddy a good Daddy like ours and gonna do alla werk in yur house? You'll have lots of werk to do too like pettin' yur Mom and talkin' to her so she'll feels better and not be so bored stuck onna bed.
  • Anonymous Cecilia posted at 10:37 AM  
    Ha, ha that is funny. And very nice of you. We hope your Mom's operation goes well.
  • Blogger Rascal posted at 10:37 AM  
    Good Cat to be considerate of your Mom. we will be purraying for success and healing.
  • Blogger Canberra BK posted at 2:57 PM  
    You girls should all work on doing cute things at ground level so your mom can't help but look down all the time at your furry goodness!

    Purrs to you, CalicoMom. Will be thinking of you and hoping for a speedy and successful recovery.
  • Blogger PrincessMia posted at 4:15 PM  
    Mittens, you are such sweetheart. Take good care of your beanmom.
  • Blogger Ariel posted at 4:37 PM  
    Mittens your so good to your mommy.
    Thanks for adding my Link
  • Anonymous Kelly Cat posted at 5:00 PM  
    All us Good Cats will send purrayers and Good vibes to the Big Piney Woods.
  • Blogger Rosie & Cheeto posted at 6:35 PM  
    Yoo are vary vary considjurate, mittens. We know yer lady is going to be just fine and she is luking forward to playing with yoo tuns when she gets bettur!
  • Blogger Finnegan & Buddy posted at 7:02 PM  
    Good job, Miss Mittens! Furry thotful of you to purractice. Yore mama and daddy too, are gonna need lots of cuddling and purring from ALL of you. If you get tired and need a break, let us know and we can teleport ofur to help.

    Finny & Buddy
  • Blogger Lone Star Purrs posted at 10:01 PM  
    What a good girl!! We'll be keepin' y'all in our prayers. Fanks for the comp-lee-mints 'bout us!
    ~Meeko, Kiara, & Emmy
  • Blogger ML (Mary Lynn) posted at 3:23 AM  
    Little Mittens, you are such a darling. We know you will take very good care of your sweet Mommie. You are all in our prayers...Missy, KC, Bear & ML
  • Blogger DEBRA posted at 4:14 AM  
    Miss Mittens

    You take real good care of your MomBean while she is re-coo-per-atin from her sur-gur-ree. We will keep her in our poodin prayers and wish her a furry speedy re-cov-r-ree.

    Abby & the gang
  • Blogger Hot(M)BC posted at 5:48 AM  
    Verry good Mittens! You'll be abul to help your Mommy while she's lookin down. We'll all be purrin and purrayin for her all whole 9 days she's gotta look down. Can we come ofur wif Miles n Sammy? We wants to say hi n purr for your Mommy speshul.
  • Blogger cat_aunty posted at 5:59 AM  
    All the best, Calicomum, for your surgery! We will keep you in our thoughts. Hugs to the Calico Girls and Tabby Girls
  • Blogger Grr, Midnight & Cocoa posted at 6:43 PM  
    ooh - good idea. you can tell her what's goin on wif the up an she can tell you what's goin on wif the down
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