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Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday Mews

Momma and Daddy bought a new campurr (they traded in the old one for a bigger model) and I have heard rumers about taking us on camping trips; me and Squirt, anyway. They will have the naybor come ofur and feed Mistrie and check on Mittens and water the fowlers. I am hoping this is just a rumer.

Momma went to Starbucks with the MeezersMom and saw a big boy kitty in the parking lot. He was shaved like a poodle and was furry friendly. Momma followed him, he went next door and he asked her if she would let him in. She told him she couldn't just let him in any old store. He then started opening it himself, and ran into the entry. A lady came and told Momma he lived there, and it was fine, he was their mascot. He was a good old boy.

That is all for Monday Mews. It is raining here in the Big Piney Woods and I have to nap. Have a wunderful week.

~Patches Lady~

Posted by One Of The Girls at 6:42 AM


  • Blogger Ariel posted at 6:53 AM  
    Camping sounds like fun.Have a wonderful weekend :)
  • Blogger Zippy, Sadie and Speedy posted at 7:12 AM  
    Camping? Isn't living in da big piney woods like camping all the time? Tell yoor beans dat dey can't leave and yoo won't go wif dem, dats what we do. It doesn't alway work, okay, it rarely works, but it's worth a try.
  • Blogger Munchkin, Missy and Monte posted at 7:46 AM  
    shaved like a poodle, bet the other cats tease him lots.
  • Anonymous Cheysuli posted at 7:50 AM  
    I don't think I would like camping. I hope that you don't have to. Better still, I hope that your humans don't go and leave you anyway. You should put your foot down and say you don't want to and don't think they should either--unless you get extra treats for having been left alone...
  • Blogger Scooby, Shaggy & Scout posted at 7:53 AM  
    We just like staying on our own turf.
    But some cats like camping. Dolce went with her people last year! There would be different sights & sounds to see & stalk & smell. It might be a nice break!
  • Blogger The Meezers posted at 8:40 AM  
    camping sounds like fun - mommy and daddy wented camping last year but we could not go. that's ok fough. we doesn't like the outside.

    shaved like a woofie? that's just weird.

    great pikshur Patches!

    hi to our bestest furriends!
  • Blogger Riley & Tiki posted at 9:13 AM  
    You have a cute crunkly nosie in the picture.
  • Blogger Daisy posted at 9:44 AM  
    Camping sounds fun! I think you get to do stuff like roast weiners.
  • Blogger LHK posted at 2:36 PM  
    I smell tuna-breaf!
  • Blogger Kimo & Sabi posted at 3:05 PM  
    Camping sounds fun - watch out fer them vishus deers!
  • Blogger Eric and Flynn posted at 3:14 PM  
    Camping sounds fun, but we couldn't do it cuz we haf to protect our home furrom introoders.
    We nefurr seen a poodin that looks like a woofie either.
  • Blogger jcfloresinc posted at 3:50 PM  
    Hummm camping!!! That would mean you would have to ride in a car thing with wheels. Hummmm!!! No thanks. Let us know what happens when you go.
    Samantha & Tigger
  • Blogger Derby posted at 5:48 PM  
    Not sure about the camping bit. I think I would rather stay home.
  • Blogger Zoey and the furballs (the Zoo Crew) posted at 9:50 PM  
    Camping could be fun. At least that's what Daddy keeps telling Mommy. Mommy isn't buying it though.
  • Blogger Karen Jo posted at 1:53 AM  
    I think camping is more for woofies than for kitties. I like the picture of you giving your opinion of the idea of going camping. Tell the parents to take Squirt and leave you home with Mittens. She might like it.
  • Anonymous dino, egypt, & the kits posted at 10:29 AM  
    Camping? Make sure you have a GPS thingy so you don't get lost in the woods.
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