Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Duct Tape

Momma says here, in a State of Winter, everything worth fixing can be fixed with duct tape (and WD-40.) The uses, according to her, are endless but here are a few to help you out. In general, you can use it for anything you need to nail, tape, mend, sew, glue or staple.

1. Wrapping packages that you mail
2. Fixing your shoe leathers
3. Holding Christmas lights up (inside and out)
4. Keeping cold from coming in around windows
5. Holds your bumper in place till you get the new one
6. It's better than cellopane tape and comes off easier
7. Mark trees you want cut for firewood
8. Mend screens
9. Mend broken windows
10. Mend fences (not the broken kind you have with your neighbor, though)
11. Put on your dog's tail just for the heck of it and watch it swing

What do you use duct tape for?

On another note, does anyone have any idea how to stop Precious from sharpening her claws on the furniture? Momma says the "know" word and moves her paws off, placing them on the scratching post. She just goes back, and she is using all the furniture. (Maybe that would be another use for duct tape.) Has anyone tried Feliway?


Forty Paws said...

Uhhhmmm, Owr Paw uses duct tape fer fixin lawm mowers an tools.

Luf, Us

The Meezers said...

maybe you could wrap Precious' paws in duck tape to make her stop skratching - Miles

MILES!! That's not nice, Precious is furry little and cute. She just needs training. mommy used feliway for Grampa Norton when he would pee efurrywhere, but she doesn't know if it would werk for skratching. To get us to stop skratching the couch, she buyed a new one make of "microfiber" that we can't get our claws into. - Sammy

Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

The Woman uses duct tape on the horse's hooves. When they have abscesses and they have their shoe removed and hoof packed with icky-thamole the duct tape makes a great slipper.

Hmm...feliway stuff is supposed to be good for pretty much everything. Maybe put the scratching post next to the furniture?


katnippia said...

Our meowmize uses feli-way for us when we moved into the apartment. She does spray it on the furniture, but Sia and Snowy still use them as scratchers. So meowmize put a turbo scratcher by our chair, and some stiky stuff on the footboard of there bed. She says double sided sticky tape works if feliway doesn't. Sia don't like it either, hehe.-Pounce

The Tower Hill Mob said...

Duct tape mends tents very nicely.
Mum suggests spraying a citrusy smell- lemon or orange- near the furniture. It won't hurt the furniture and kitties don't like the smell. She isn't sure if Feliway worked with Cousin Molly's temperment or not: either it didn't work or Molly was more toxic than the Feliway.
Good luck!

Rokon said...

The staff put up a large rug square on one of the doors in the hall for me.. and every time I went to scratch on the couch, they put me in front of the rug square and put my paws on it, showing me how to do it. It took about 10 times for me to get the message.. the staff said I was stubborn... stubborn..me... no way
Maybe a combo of the rug with cat nip on it..and citric type stuff on the furniture.

Munchkin, Missy and Monte said...

We have heard that double sided tape works well. Unless you have a cat that loves tape.

Cheysuli said...

If you have one of those folder holders on the wall and it falls off, duct tape will help hold that together.

Gemini got soft paws to keep her from scratching. She'd just move when we tried the thin double sided tape on the sofa and so she'd scratch around it.

Riley & Tiki said...

We have one of those cardboard scratchy things (looks like pieces of corrugated cardboard turned sideways). They make a few different designs. We love it and don't scratch the furniture.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

Our grammas kitchen light was taped to the ceiling for a long time. Her theory was if you can fix it with duct tape, why pay anything more.
Isn't Feliway a calming agent? Check Drs. Foster & Smith website. They have some ideas/products for scratching.
pee ess: Duct tape was invented by a Minnesota man! Local product!

sammie and lily said...

I agree, citrus scents or green apple scents sprayed on or near the furniture will work and it isn't toxic.
The Girls (Sammy and Lily) Mom

DEBRA said...

Momma had to put slip covers on da soft cushy furn-knee-chur and den she had to cover da hard furniture wif some soft blankies. Ping wuz de only kitty we has dat liked to paw paw and he wuz dee-ter-mind to scratch the soft furniture. He's not interested in the slip covers.


Daisy said...

I need to get me a roll of that duck tape. I have many crafts and projects planned, it sounds very handy.

Kimo & Sabi said...

Sticky Paws cured us!


jenianddean said...

Dad likes the Duck Tape Club (http://www.ducktapeclub.com/) for fun projects with duck tape. We don't have a lot of ducks around, so we don't tape them very often, but your projects sound fun.

caspersmom said...

Gosh lot's of good ideas here. I should try some of them with Cleo. She doesn't stick with the scratching post and we have two of them. Couch in the living room is beginning to look very worn, if you know what I mean.

Mattingly said...

Our Mom once upholstered her car with duct tape (it was a VERY old car). And she knows someone who was coming back from a camping trip and ended up with extra stuff that wouldn't fit into his bags, so he created a carry-on for a flight by just taking everything that didn't fit and surrounding it all with duct tape!

About the scratching, I'm fond of the cardboard scratcher, so I learned quickly to leave the furniture alone. Harlie was more difficult and required a few squirts with the water bottle (after being shown the scratcher like 100 times). Once we got a carpet-covered condo, that fixed everything. It sits right next to the big couch so when we get the urge, the carpet is right there. Has Precious ever used the cardboard scratcher? I guess not everycat likes it and maybe some fresh new carpet with some nip would help!

LHK said...

I have a bunch of scratchers so I don't bother with the furniture.
I have a carpet covered post type a piece of bark covered wood (which makes a mess)on a rope that hangs from a closet door knob, and a carboard one that is on the floor. I like to have different materials and different placements (flat on the floor and vertical like the post). I go to different ones and my mood strikes. Oh, and a little nip scattered perks 'em up!
---Squirt's Beezie

Carol said...

To stop your cat from scratching the furniture, you can put some hard thing there so that the cat cannot scratch or else remove the furniture from there.


Taz n Angel said...

Angel is 5 and has always been a good scratcher but she has this one part of the carpet she always wants to scratch too, usually to get Taz's attention or ours. We have 4 scratching posts and the one that seemed to work the best was the box the last one came in LOL.

So.... we put a square of cardboard where her favorite scratching place was. The only time she scratches the carpet now is if the cardboard moved. Even if it was only a couple inches, then she'll scratch right beside the cardboard. She must have GPS that tells her the exact place to scratch LOL. The cardboard REALLY works and its free.

the Mama

Taz n Angel said...

ps, for the first little bit while training her, give treats when she scratches on command. Before you know it, she'll scratch to get your attention so she can have treats. Slowly reduce them but continue to say "good girl" when she scratches. Angel knows how to get treats now. Whenever I walk in the room, she runs to the cardboard and scratches then looks up at me ;O) Sneaky girl


Beau Beau & Angie said...

We just used it last night to duct tape our fevvers back onto da end of da string.

Karen Jo said...

I once cured a cat of scratching on the furniture with a combination of treats and water. When she scratched on the scratcher, I told her she was a good kitty and gave her a treat. When she went for the couch, I squirted her.