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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Tummies and Tosies

It's Tuesday and here is my contribution; with both a tummy and tosey pose.

Now, let me sleep, please!!!

Posted by One Of The Girls at 7:17 AM


  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at 7:17 AM  
    Oh Patches, those toes and tummy...just beautiful! It makes me want to curl up there and lick your ears (my specialty).

    Your Chase
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at 7:44 AM  
    Of course I'd love to have Mittens in my harem! She has such a wise way about her and will make a wonderful addition to my harem!

  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at 8:00 AM  
    You have a cute tummy and toes....but I especially love those two black spots on your back foot!
  • Anonymous Cheysuli posted at 9:45 AM  
    Humans can be so demanding. I'm glad that you're getting to nap--finally.
  • Blogger Kimo & Sabi posted at 10:16 AM  
    Kimo: Awwww - you shouldn't be embarrased - furry cute!

    (Sabi can't blog today...he got a time-out) Hehehe
  • Anonymous Pixie (Daisy's sister) posted at 10:26 AM  
    I love your pretty pink pads!
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at 11:49 AM  
    and the little paw over your face is especially cute too!
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at 12:28 PM  
    Very cute!
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at 12:31 PM  
    Lovely picture, Patches! How is Mittens doing? She has been rather quiet lately. Sharing dear Chase sounds interesting. And we can exchange Chase Chatter when he's not around ;-)
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at 1:19 PM  

    That was a boo-tee-full pixchur of you, and you're right it did double duty showing off your purrty tums and toesies.

  • Blogger Scooby, Shaggy & Scout posted at 1:59 PM  
    A nice combination!
  • Anonymous Sophia posted at 4:47 PM  
    Very cute tummy and toesies!
  • Blogger William posted at 8:27 PM  
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at 8:53 PM  
    Ahhhhhw pink toesies. Kiss, kiss.
  • Blogger ML (Mary Lynn) posted at 9:34 PM  
    Cute picture. Purr-ty pink pads.
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at 6:55 AM  
    nice tummy and tosies!!!
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