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Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Know Zone

There are lots of spots in the cabin declared "know zones." These "know zones" are off limits to me; for example, the tables and kitchen counters. Also, included in the "know zone" is putting my claws into the furniture, although I do it all the time, with much zest. Daddy said something about me "ruining" all the furniture. He didn't exactly say it was a "know zone," so I think I am doing a good thing, as Momma says, "Honey Squirt, we must not do that," while she takes my paws down, picks me up, and huggles me. She gives great huggles and I doubt, if I was in a "know zone," she would huggle on me, know what I mean?

Posted by One Of The Girls at 6:35 AM


  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at 6:35 AM  
    you is right - shred away!
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at 6:39 AM  
    Missy does the same thing to our recliners, then she jumps up on to the top of the chair, and looks at Mommie like, "What, I didn't do anything wrong."
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at 7:02 AM  
    I am with you!
  • Blogger Derby posted at 7:50 AM  
    "Know zones", I just go wherever I want. Mum has given up on trying to keep me off stuff. Since I have no claws I can't shred the furniture. But mum sometimes she has talks with me. Like yesteday when I wanted to help with making the soup. She kept saying 'know'. But the soup had milk and cheese in it, it need my help.
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at 8:07 AM  
    You efun do that to yur furniture when you gots all dem scratching posts around?
  • Blogger Edsel/The Pooch posted at 9:25 AM  
    my Mom doesn't say know to me hardly ever. once she got real, real mad at me when i jumped on the stove and she yelled so loud at me she scared me and i won't do that again. my poopy sister gets told know a lot tho. (she's not as smart as me!)
  • Anonymous Dino, Egypt, & the kits posted at 10:28 AM  
    Hmmm ... it sounds like "know zones" are when you're ready for hugs and other good stuff.
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at 11:25 AM  
    Relax, ladies. Sooner or later everyone harboring multiple cats has to make a decision: Do they want nice furniture, or do they want another kitty?

    I count four kitties in your household, so I think we know what they decided.

    It would be nice if you would use the scratching posts, but a cat's gotta do what a cat's gotta do.

  • Anonymous Cat with Hat posted at 1:32 PM  
    Wise cat :)
  • Blogger Eric and Flynn posted at 4:02 PM  
    We haf know zones too, mostly in the kichin. We's not allowd to shred fernychairs either. Mornings when I wake up, I stretch and my claws axydentally stick in the bed, and then mum sez "KNOW ERIC"
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at 12:43 AM  
    We gots those too. My Food Lady is ALWAYS telling me 'know'. "KNOW Persephone!" this, "KNOW Persephone!" that! It's always "KNOW, KNOW, KNOW!!!" I'm not supposed to go on the tables, I'm not suppoesed to go on the counters, I'm not supposed to scratch the furniture, I'm not supposed to eat the people food, I'm not supposed to make Squeak cry, I'm not supposed to make Grumpybutt growl!

    At least I'm allowed to go in her lap, (so long as she's not eating) and get snuggles.... I may not have picked the best Food Lady after all! ~Persephone
  • Anonymous Karen Jo posted at 12:55 AM  
    You look very elegant sitting in that chair, Precious. It would be nice if kitties just used scratching posts, but we know that furniture is just too tempting sometimes.
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at 5:49 AM  
    We KNOW that it's fun and healthy to scratch. Right? hehehe

    Boni Maroni
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at 6:34 AM  
    I hate know zones there are alot in my house too yet I don't pay attention and
    jump on them anyway.
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at 9:06 PM  
    our Lady sez it'd be a pleasure ta haf yur cute furry self come on offur an scratch up all our fernychure.
  • Blogger Taz n Angel posted at 11:53 PM  
    oh yeah Precious, that is called negtive tenshuns. That means no matter what bad fing you does, your Mama gives you tenshuns. So I sometimes scratch on the new mattresses acause then it means that Mama will play tag wiff me.

  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at 10:51 AM  
    Those know zones are terrible!
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