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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday Thoughts

Days left until Edsel'sMom Sue comes: 13

Momma says I can sleep with Edsel'sMom, Sue, if I am a good gurl. Patches just laughed.

~Precious Flower~

Posted by One Of The Girls at 5:35 AM


  • Blogger Scooby, Shaggy & Scout posted at 8:30 AM  
    You darling bundle of floof!!
    Sue is so lucky!
  • Blogger Daisy posted at 9:11 AM  
    I think Edsel'sMom Sue will be happy to get to sleep with you!
  • Blogger The Meezers posted at 6:26 PM  
    that will be really nice for EdselsMom
  • Blogger Beezer posted at 6:48 PM  
    Sweet Pea, if it was mine mombean she'd want to have you sleep with her. She is very snugglie and she sez that she sleeps better when I'm with her. I guess she needs a big mancat like me to keep her safe.

    Purrs and head bumpies,
    Your Beezie
  • Blogger Lux posted at 9:12 PM  
    Anyone would love to sleep with you, Precious!
  • Blogger Skeeter, LC, and Ayla posted at 9:58 PM  
    Edsel'sMom will be leased ta haf you sleep wif her. You are "Precious" after all!
  • Blogger Just Sharlene and My Spice Cats posted at 10:52 PM  
    I would love to sleep with you too Precious.
  • Blogger DEBRA posted at 4:29 AM  
    I bet you are great to snuggle up too...EdselMom will feel right at home with you.
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