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Friday, March 07, 2008

Another Hour Lost

I overheard Momma telling Daddy they were going to lose that hour again, on Saturday night. This has happened ofurr and ofurr, and I always find it, hiding in the clock. I keep telling them where it is, but they don't listen, so let them find it themselves. I am going to nap.

~Mittens Pollypaws~

Posted by One Of The Girls at 6:29 AM


  • Blogger Scooby, Shaggy & Scout posted at 7:53 AM  
    Our momma gets her body clock screwed up with these time changes. She never got used to the last one. This one is better because of more sunlight to bask in.
  • Blogger Cheysuli and gemini posted at 8:14 AM  
    I really don't think we should loose that hour. I think we should only find it.
  • Blogger Daisy posted at 8:39 AM  
    It makes me very sad that we have to lose an hour. That means one less hour for playing.
  • Blogger PB & J posted at 9:17 AM  
    We love it when the beans lose an hour, it means early breakfast!
  • Blogger topcatrules posted at 9:25 AM  
    We are about to lose an hour too!
    Dropping in to say hi - from your friends, the topcatrules girls. :)
  • Blogger Princess posted at 11:16 AM  
    lose an hour? oh no.
    I do not like losing things either.
    I lost my nip sardine yesterday.
  • Blogger Derby posted at 12:04 PM  
    That is why mum has been messing with the clocky things. Sheesh, can't beans let well enough alone.
  • Blogger Lux posted at 1:20 PM  
    You're right, that's the best thing to do, Mittens!
  • Blogger Queen Snickers and Empress posted at 1:49 PM  
    I don't understand gaining or loosing an hour business. Its all silly. I think there should just be sunrise, breakfast, noon, dinner, sunset and high moon. Thats enough time tracking for me! ~Queen Snickers
  • Blogger Edsel/The Pooch posted at 5:59 PM  
    oh no, this time change thing is wonderful! it means that when my Mom gets home from work it will still be light enough that I'll be able to go out in the yard!!! just like Spring and Summer time. oh joy!
  • Blogger Max posted at 8:02 PM  
    The Woman is very excited about losing that hour. Something about it being light outside longer or later. I dunno, I just wish they'd stop playing with the clocks.
  • Blogger Eric and Flynn posted at 11:56 AM  
    Our mum sez she duzn't like losing an hour cuz it means it's darker in the morning, but she likes it being lighter in the evenings. We don't lose our hour furr another three weeks.
  • Blogger Skeeter, LC, and Ayla posted at 10:41 PM  
    The Beins lose a hour, but it doesn't seem ta make our breakfast or dinner come any sooner. The Big Thing jus makes a "justment" fer it. :(
  • Blogger Parker posted at 6:11 AM  
    But really, what's time to us? We still have fun!
  • Blogger Beezer posted at 9:37 AM  
    Hi ya Sweet Pea!!
    I was looking at your picture while getting ready to make a blog post and .... well just come see what happened.

    Purrs and nose kisses,
    Your Beezie
  • Blogger The Taylor CatSSSSS posted at 10:33 AM  
    Where does that hour go? Beautiful picture of you!
  • Blogger Christine and FAZ posted at 4:19 AM  
    Humans can be so dumb sometimes. FAZ
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