Thursday, October 18, 2007

Posting Trubles

I went to post on our bloggy but I got the messaj that blogger was unabailable. I haded a ton of things I wanted to say, important things. and now I forgetted all of them. was my turn. I am furry frustrated. I am going to go look for Patches, I need to pick on her cuz I need to wear off all this energies. I think I will attack these fake fowlers.

~Precious Flower~


Kaze, Latte, or Chase said...

Blogger can be SUCH a pain. I'm sorry you forgot what you wanted to say.


The Meezers said...

yep, last night we typed up my TT and wented to post it and we gotted that same messaj and then IT ATE MY POST and I hadded to do it all over again! Dread Pirate Blogger strikes again - Miles

Hi to our bestest furriends

Daisy said...

Precious, I am sorry that happened to you. Blogger is very BAD sometimes. It almost ate up my movie for Monday!

Gemini said...

Precious, I am sorry to hear that, but I am sorry about those fake flowers. They are very purty. I destroyed some once so I know they will not look as nice if you take our all your energies on them.

LHK said...

I know how you feel. I think about great things to blog all day. But after the mombean gets home, and we've had our dinners I get so sleepy that I can't think of a thing!
Also, you should ask your mom to plant some kitty grass in a indoor pot for you. It's much better than fake flowers to attack. Plus you can have it all winter, even after all the snow lands.
Huggles and nose kisses,

Derby said...

Plus it has been giving messages that it won't upload pictures. Oh well, we get what we pay for. That is right, its free, we don't pay for it.

Karen Jo said...

Blogger has been doing weird things to me, too. I almost didn't get Meep's limerick up because it wouldn't let me access his blog to get the pictures. Sometimes lately it won't let me comment. I'm sorry you forgot all the important things you had to say. Maybe you will remember later. Take it easy on the fake flowers. Moms tend to get a little upset about fake flowers getting destroyed.

DEBRA said...


WE have had that happen before and hate it when blogger eats our posts. This week we had gotten the message that it would not upload our pictures...grrrr I think sometimes I will put the bitey on Blogger.