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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Probably Not

If your Momma is standing with her back to you, it probably isn't (no, I can almost guarantee it isn't) a good idea to use her leg as a scratching post. Now I am in time-out.

My new name is:

~Precious Flower~

Posted by One Of The Girls at 6:23 AM


  • Blogger Daisy posted at 7:05 AM  
    I have tried that too, so I can agree with you, beans don't like it! I hope you don't have to stay in time-out for very long, it was a natural mistake.
  • Blogger Derby posted at 7:35 AM  
    Must be something in the air. I gotted a "ouchDerbythathurts" yesterday too. She leaned over and I tried to bite her head! Plus I normally like to nip at ankles, and jump up on her from behind.
  • Blogger The Meezer Gang posted at 8:28 AM  
    Agreed. Not a good idea. Hope your time out isn't too long...
  • Blogger Karen Jo posted at 10:40 AM  
    You look very repentant, Precious, so maybe you can come out of time-out soon. I hope you remember that beans are not scratching posts. Being a bean myself, I can assure you that it hurts a lot when kitties do that.
  • Anonymous dino, egypt, & the kits posted at 11:12 AM  
    Poor Precious! You were just trying to show your momma how much you love her. Poor baby Precious.
  • Blogger caspersmom posted at 11:40 AM  
    Goodness Precious, you sure seem like you have gotten yourself in trouble quite a bit. First you kill the roni then you use your Mom as a scratch post. Looks like you are doing your pentance standing facing the wall. Your Mom will forgive you though. Mom's always do.

  • Anonymous Cheysuli posted at 12:12 PM  
    You are doing a far better time out than I ever would...
  • Blogger Zippy, Sadie and Speedy posted at 2:16 PM  
    Nope, dat prolly wuzent a good idea. Beans are funny dat way what wif der delikate furless skin and all. At least yoor time outs don't involve getting locked in da bafroom...
  • Blogger Hot(M)BC posted at 3:35 PM  
    No, our Mommy doesn't approve of that much neifur. I know, I's tried a'fore, and I gotted time out too. Sorry I shoulda told ya sooner.

    Mistrie is on her way home. Her tips musta helped Gree owt a LOT cuz Gree feels all better now. Mommy sez Gree might hafta go in the PTU to the V-E-T for a checkup tho, just in case. Fanks for sendin Dr. Mistrie ofur tho. Once Gree started feelin better they splored all ofur the house and the yard too. Mistrie efun got to hiss at Tipper, the noo doggie next door (Tipper lives a'hind the fence tho, so Mistrie wuz safe.)

    Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Pepi

    Fanks and headbumpies to my bestest furriend Dr. Gree. Let me know you got home safe!
  • Blogger Edsel/The Pooch posted at 4:45 PM  
    ya know, some things you just learn as you go little Squirt. just give your Momma a big kiss and all will be forgiven!
  • Blogger LHK posted at 6:23 PM  
    Sorry I haven't been around to post more, the momlady has been busy and after the time I ordered all that salmon on-line I'm not allowed to use the computer when she's not here.

    I used to jump up on my momlady so she'd hold me on her shoulder, which I really like! Ya gots ta do it on the front so they can see you and tell you its OK to do.

    I'm sure that any kitty with such a great tail won't have to stay in time out for long!

    Purrs & nose kisses,
    --- Your Beezie
  • Blogger Just Sharlene and My Spice Cats posted at 7:27 PM  
    Its a big NO-NO using mummy as a scratch post. Go say Sorry and mummy will forgive you.
  • Anonymous ROKON posted at 8:38 PM  
    You know... some times beanings can't take a joke... I think
  • Blogger Max posted at 9:08 PM  
    I'll have to have Buddah test this out. All I get from the Woman lately is "stopitmaxyournosedoesn'tbelonginmine!"
  • Blogger Rosie & Cheeto posted at 11:22 PM  
    BUSTED...but it's kinda cute that yoo listen to yer lady and take yer time owts seriouslie!
  • Blogger Forty Paws posted at 6:38 AM  
    Our Maw likes it when Annie uses her jeans or her socks as scratching posts. But Paw doesn't. So Annie gets mixed messages which kinda confuses her.

    Sorry you were in time out. Bummer.

    Luf, Us
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