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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Update On Mittens

As many of you know, Mittens was diagnosed with stomach cancer 1 1/2 years ago and given 2 months to live. At the time, I was told nothing could be done. Happily, she is still with us, sadly, I don't think she has long, but she has fooled us before. She stays in "her cupboard" (a lower cupboard in the kitchen with blankets in it) most of the time, only leaving to use the litter box or eat. She stil has a good appetitie and eats two cans of Fancy Feast a day. I did find blood in her stool yesterday. She was pretty sick for a while but snapped back. I won't let her suffer and I know she doesn't have much of a life, but it is her life and she tells me with her purrs and head butts she wants to stick around.

Calicomom Toni

Posted by One Of The Girls at 9:09 AM


  • Blogger pbgmomof5 posted at 10:50 AM  
    Petey, Jack, Spunky, Tabitha & Madison LaRue, and Momma too, of course, are all purring & praying for beautiful Mittens. Bless you Mom and (((hugs))). You are providing Mittens with loving and caring transition.
  • Blogger Shaggy, Scooby and Scout posted at 11:23 AM  
    Mittens dear friend we are sending loving purrs and prayers to you and your mom.
  • Blogger Derby, Ducky posted at 11:30 AM  
    Lots of purrs from both of us and hugs from mum.
  • Blogger The Lee County Clowder posted at 2:09 PM  
    Purrraying that Mittens has at least a few more good months (or years) left in her. {{hugg}}
  • Blogger The Meezers or Billy posted at 2:58 PM  
    Mittens you is also a miracle girl - living so long after that diagnosis. your're our vary bestest furriend and we love you so much!
  • Blogger momsbusy posted at 3:15 PM  
    we are still purring and praying for you sweet mittens.
  • Blogger Cheysuli and gemini posted at 3:18 PM  
    We have often wondered how she is doing and we purr hard for her.
  • Blogger Cats~Goats~Quotes posted at 3:30 PM  
    We met Mittens and Patches years ago on 'The Calico Girls' and enjoyed reading about you so much.

    Mittens..We are keeping you in our prayers that you have lots more time with your loving Mom and Dad. Keep enjoying that Fancy Feast!!

    Gentle ((hugs))
    ~ The Bunch and Mom Bobbie
  • Blogger A few Good Cats posted at 3:48 PM  
    Mittens has defied the vet's predictions, and maybe it's because she is so well loved.
  • Blogger The Island Cats posted at 5:15 PM  
    We are purring for Mittens...and you too.
  • Blogger Max posted at 11:27 PM  
    Food, water, naps whenever the mood strikes...pretty much all a cat really wants and needs. I hope Mittens sticks around for a long time more, but she'll let ya know. She's smart, she'll know how :)
  • Blogger Everycat posted at 11:40 PM  
    Mittens, we are sending you love and rumbly purrs and hope you continue to enjoy your life. You are very much loved little girl.

    & Gerry
  • Blogger Karen Jo posted at 12:34 AM  
    I am glad that you are still enjoying your life, Mittens. Keep nomming that Fancy Feast. Emma and Herman are purring for you.
  • Blogger cwcwccw posted at 4:05 AM  
    Mittens we're sending our prays & purrs for you.

    joanne, jane, jill, johnny, jay boy, jasmine & capu from singapore
  • Blogger Hannah and Lucy posted at 5:21 AM  
    We are purring our biggest purrs for you Mittens and send your mom wet nose kisses for loving you so much.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx
  • Blogger Bubbles, Madness and Trouble posted at 9:53 AM  
    Hugs & Purrs for Mittens
  • Blogger Forty Paws posted at 10:15 AM  
    We are sending tons of purrs and purrayers to you and Mittens. We lost Gatsbi to stomach cancer in November.

    Luf, Us
  • Blogger Jan's Funny Farm posted at 10:44 AM  
    No, it doesn't seem like much of a life to humans but to a cat, if she's content ... We're sure you value every day you have with her. :)
  • Anonymous The Tower Hill Mob posted at 11:12 AM  
    We are purring and praying for our beautiful calico friend. We will light a candle and purr.
  • Blogger Hansel posted at 5:50 PM  
    we are here with healing purrs and prayers and will be keeping you in our thoughts dear mittens
  • Blogger Cory posted at 7:11 PM  
    Sending lots of purrs to Mittens.
  • Anonymous Sparkle posted at 12:21 AM  
    I am sending Mittens lots of purrs. The cat before me was a calico who died of cancer - she was given like six months to live but she went on for a year and a half, and was hunting birds and jumping through windows until a few months before she died. And actually, she purred and ate fairly well until the end.
  • Blogger ABBY posted at 8:10 AM  
    We are sorry that we have not commented but we have been without our internet connection straight now for several days before that it was intermittent.
    We have had Mittens in our purrs every night and we will purr even stronger now.
    We send soft headbumpies and whisker kisses to you and your Mom Mittens.

  • Blogger Karen posted at 2:35 PM  
    We are all purring for mittens here. We hope she doesn't go and visit patches yet but... when it is time they will be running together. Miracle was sent to you to take the sad away
  • Blogger HotMBC aka The Hotties posted at 4:15 PM  
    Oh Mom has not helped us visit near enough. I am coming over to The Big Piney Woods myself. We're all purring for Mittens.
    Mrs. Othello

    Pee Ess. I will bring treats and catmilk for the little thing.
  • Blogger meowmeowmans posted at 6:28 PM  
    We are glad to hear that Mittens is still enjoying her wonderful life with you. We are purring and praying for you both!
  • Blogger catsynth posted at 8:42 AM  
    Sending healing thoughts and purrs for Mittens. We are glad that she has been doing well for a long time and enjoying life - and hope she gets better soon.
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