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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Is It Just Us?

This is what we get when we try to comment on blogs (this is Willow's blog.)
It happens over and over and finally we just give up. If we are lucky enough to post, when we go to publish it, half the time we lose it and have to start over. Is anyone else having this trouble?
UPDATE: We installed Firefox, that doesn't work any better.

Posted by One Of The Girls at 7:02 AM


  • Anonymous English Daisy posted at 7:08 AM  
    Yes,yes - minemum was getting this a lot when she even tried to read thuh comments. She couldn't try to post, 'cos she couldn't read the others anyway. She gave up trying.
  • Blogger =^..^= posted at 7:26 AM  
    Oh dear... sounds like your Mom might be getting an egg in her head ofur this blogger problem.

  • Blogger Daisy posted at 7:41 AM  
    That doesn't happen to me. That seems very very frustrating. I wonder what causes that? I don't think this has anything to do with it, but we use Firefox rather than IE.

    I hope you can get it fixed because posting and reading comments is very fun.
  • Blogger Dragonheart posted at 8:14 AM  
    Like Daisy, I use Firefox (and Opera) and I've had no problems with those two browsers. I wonder if it's an IE thing.

    Good luck - I hope it's fixed soon!
  • Anonymous Cheysuli posted at 11:22 AM  
    We haven't been getting that. We tried again before commenting. But we are using netscape/mozilla on mac. It's odd--usually we are the ones with problems.
  • Blogger Derby posted at 4:01 PM  
    No problems here. Sometimes nothing comes up, but that is related to the ISP not blogger. Mum usually just reboots.
  • Blogger Caesar and Princess posted at 6:01 PM  
    We haven't a clue. Our techie is doing taxes
  • Blogger William posted at 7:29 PM  
    I have trouble sometimes with the verification but only on certain blogs. Same result, anyway--it is annoying, isn't it? It may be that your connection is timing out if Blogger doesn't respond right away. We have DSL (and use Firefox), but when we had dialup it sometimes got impossible to comment.
  • Blogger Skeezix posted at 10:27 PM  
    I haven't had comment problems, but I haven't bin abul to publish my blog posts sinse Friday. Blogger suks.
  • Blogger Karen Jo posted at 11:45 PM  
    I used to have all kinds of problems commenting with IE. I finally downloaded Opera and don't have problems any more. I also use Opera to post to my blog. I only use IE now to capture images because Opera sometimes just won't do it, especially if I am trying to get the code for a video from YouTube.
  • Blogger Kelly Cat posted at 7:48 AM  
    My human tells me he hasn't had difficulty posting comments, but he's happy to hear you have installed Firefox, so at least some good will come out of this.
  • Blogger Radcliff, Allie, Luna & Ozzie posted at 8:58 AM  
    We've had problems like this off and on for quite a while. If we keep retrying, we usually get through, eventually.

    Sometimes we save our comments in Notepad before sending, just to save having to retype whatever we were trying to say.
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