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Friday, April 13, 2007

Friday The 13th

Firday 13th is unlucky
At least that's what Momma just said
So I think I will find me a hidey hole
Maybe under the table or bed

And snooze away all the daylight
Until the danger is gone
Then jump on her lap, making biscuits
And sing her a sweet kitty song

~Precious Flower~
April, 2007

Posted by One Of The Girls at 6:31 AM


  • Blogger Gemini posted at 8:15 AM  
    Oh I think it is a very good day to hide. The weather is bad here and everything!
  • Blogger Scooby, Shaggy & Scout posted at 9:04 AM  
    That is a good poem. The dangers on Fri. 13 are just too many for a kitty to take lightly. Under the bed seems the safest place to us too!
  • Blogger Daisy posted at 9:09 AM  
    I liked your poem too. And you are smart to hide until all the danger is over.

    pssssst... Precious... I can see your feets!
  • Blogger =^..^= posted at 10:24 AM  
    I fell off the bed. I lost my toy mousie. I got my paw wet in my drinking bowl. I shud have stayed hidden under the bed too.

  • Blogger The Meezers posted at 10:49 AM  
    yep, unner the bed is a good place.
  • Blogger Forty Paws posted at 3:43 PM  
    That's a great poem Precious! You are so clever!

    Luf, Us
  • Blogger Eric and Flynn posted at 3:45 PM  
    That looks like a furry good place to hide. Watch out though cuz yer paws are showing and the Friday 13th. Bogey Man mite be about.
  • Blogger Derby posted at 4:52 PM  
    It is just the silly beans that are scared of today. Us kitties, we don't worry about such stuff.
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