Monday, December 18, 2006

Rainbow Bridge

The picture below is Momma, (taken in about 1946) as a little wafer, with her gray, boy cat, Mimi. She said he lived for 12 years, a "ripe old age" back then, when kitties weren't taken to the vet very often. He let her dress him in doll clothes and when he had enough, he would growl, but never scratch or bit her. He would sit below her and when she said "jumpy high" to him, he would jump up on her chest, so she could catch him. She loved him very much, her first puss.

There have been so many kitties go to Rainbow Bridge in the past year, since we started blogging. Momma wrote a poem for her friend, Sue, from England, when her sweet, loving. 18 year old Harriet went to Rainbow Bridge. It is below the picture, and goes out, now, to all those who have lost a best friend.

An angel sent from heaven
That's really what you were
We miss everything about you
Your heart was warm and pure

But the angels only lent you
To us for those sweet years
And now they called you home again
And we are left with tears

And memories to hold on to
That somehow get us through
We feel your presence everywhere
In everything we do.

Sweet kitty, we will miss you
Though time shall ease the pain
And someday in the future
We shall meet again.

~CalicoMom Toni~


The Meezers said...

That was a beautiful poem. Our mommy has been kind of leakey eyed this monf, 'acuase it's the ferst time in 18 years that Trixie and Norton haf not been here for chrissmas, and that makes her furry furry sad. It makes us sad too - and it's hard to believe that Norton has been at the bridge for a little ofurr 7 monfs and Trixie has been there for almost 4 monfs.

Anonymous said...

A very beautiful poem and very cute photo :)

Cheysuli said...

A lovely poem. We can hope that next year is a better year for the blogosphere.

George, Tipper, Max & Misty said...

Yes, yes, far too many friends have gone to The Bridge recently. We feel so bad for their families.

On a happier note, your Mom sure was a cutie! Our Mom is just a little younger, born in 1945, but some days she says she feels more like 161 than 61!


Anonymous said...

Dats a furry nice pome fur all da kitty's at da bridge an speshully for der beans. Momma getz "senti-mental" fur old punkin cuz she wuz da cat in da nativity at ours church effury krissmouse for 11 yers. We hope momma duzent hafta haf leeky eyes so much next yeer, we duzent like to see her so sad alla time.

Scooby, Shaggy & Scout said...

That is a wonderful poem. Momma is going to copy it into her notebook of things that she wants to remember. It's full of quotes & stuff.
That is a pretty picture of little wafer mom. You can tell just by looking at her and the cat that she has a natural affinity for kitties.

William said...

That is very sweet. And how nice to see your mom as a little kitten herself!

Grr, Midnight & Cocoa said...

a darling picture and a really sweet poem. you're very talented.

The Tower Hill Mob said...

What a lovely poem. Thank you for sharing.