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Friday, October 20, 2006

What Do You Think?

I have always been the boss. Now this little pest comes around and she isn't even afraid of me. I chase her and she comes right back, then she hides behind the wall and shakes her butt and acts like she is going to attack ME!!!! What do you think?

Posted by One Of The Girls at 7:16 AM


  • Blogger Gemini posted at 9:30 AM  
    Patches, I am sorry that she doesn't recognize your superiority. Sometimes we younger new cats have to be taught a few lessons.
  • Blogger Derby posted at 9:39 AM  
    She doesn't think of you as the boss, but as an equal. Your are not the mom, but just a sisfur.
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at 10:22 AM  
    Oh, she just wants to play with you. It will be fun.
  • Blogger Bonnie Underfoot posted at 12:41 PM  
    Oh, Patches, I sympathize completely! It's been amost a year, an Victor STILL doesn't unnerstand that I'm in charge. He still does that annoying butt-wiggle POUNCE alla time.

    Maybe you'll haf more luck than I've had. I've tried hissin, growlin, an turnin my back on him, but he doesn't get it. Stand yur ground, my furiend. Purrs!
  • Blogger William posted at 1:02 PM  
    Oh, Patches, I know what you mean! New little sisters ALWAYS think they have some automatic pass and can take right over. I've heard my mom say over and over again to my sisters that she's the alpha cat, not them.

    Unfortunately, I'm sorry to say that this has no effect on them.
  • Blogger Scooby, Shaggy & Scout posted at 3:10 PM  
    I've got that problem with Scout. He's always jumping out at me or taunting mme somehow. I still hiss & growl at him but he ignores it. And he's been here for a year & a half. Him & Shaggy groom each other & sleep together and eat together, but not me! -Scooby
  • Blogger Canberra BK posted at 3:37 PM  
    Precious is furry cute, but she does have to learn that you are The Queen! I guess you will just have to keep reminding her (gently though?). Purrs.
  • Blogger Anita posted at 3:59 PM  
    I think that there isn´t respect for a veteran leader like you!! Muhahahaha!

    Don´t worry, she only want play whit you. Purrrssss!!
  • Blogger Max posted at 4:35 PM  
    It sounds like she's been taking lessons from Buddah!
  • Anonymous Beau posted at 4:38 PM  
    Young kittens have to be taught their place.
  • Blogger Grr, Midnight & Cocoa posted at 6:51 PM  
    playing is fun - why don't ya pounce her?
  • Blogger Emma's Kat posted at 10:17 PM  
    I think she just wants to play. But I agree that she needs to know her place. Just try to let her know gently.
  • Anonymous Karen Jo posted at 10:38 PM  
    I think that Precious has rediscovered her kittenhood and wants to play. Why don't you try playing with her and having fun? You can always give her a whop up the side of the head if she gets too out of line. Don't hit her with claws out, though.
  • Blogger Ariel posted at 6:49 AM  
    While she may be little and still have alot to learn.Shaking her butt at you is just plain rude.
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