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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Precious Reports.......

I am getting brave, and starting to come out of the bedroom. Yesterday, I was sitting in the windowsill, in the diningroom, and Patches came over to me and stood up, so we could nose nuzzle. I am not quite sure if I trust her, she batted her paw at me the other day, and all I wanted to do was snuggle. I saw Mistrie outside last night, so I stood up and we played pawsies through the glass. She is so nice! Mittens, on the other hand, growls and hisses at me, but I know she has been sick.

Momma is going to an Eye Vet today and she will be getting glasses. I hope, when she can really see me, she still thinks I am precious. I will have to do some extra grooming and purr real sweet.

Posted by One Of The Girls at 6:57 AM


  • Blogger Hot(M)BC posted at 7:22 AM  
    A'course she'll still fink you's precious! Cuz you are! She'll be furry happy to be able to see efurryfing again too. Gree says Mistrie is jus the bestest kitty (cuz they's bestes furriends hehehe). You's burrave to go all out in the house tho. Good fur you!
  • Blogger The Meezers posted at 7:26 AM  
    oh, 'acourse she will still fink you are precious. How could she not! Glad that you and Patches are starting to get along better, give Mittens some time to feel better, she's furry nice (and our bestest furriend)
  • Blogger Gemini posted at 8:39 AM  
    Oh how could she not think you were precious! And you are going to purr for her!
  • Blogger Junior posted at 11:18 AM  
    I am certain she will love you more when she can see you better!
  • Blogger Canberra BK posted at 11:23 AM  
    Awww, Precious. You are such a sweetie. How could anyone not love you! :)

    BTW, I think you and Mistrie look a bit like sisters!
  • Blogger Scooby, Shaggy & Scout posted at 11:56 AM  
    Oh little one, you look just about as sweet as they come! The big kitties will soon get used to you being there. g
  • Anonymous Anonymous posted at 1:05 PM  
    Oh, you are getting very brave. Mrs. B likes your cat-bed. She has one like that, just in a different color.
  • Blogger Edsel/The Pooch posted at 2:59 PM  
    well, i think you are very pretty even though you kinda look like my sister Casey around the face and stuff.
  • Blogger brandi posted at 4:47 PM  
    Precious, you are so sweet your mama doesn't need glasses to see you, she knows what's in your heart!
    Hope she gets her glasses and likes them.
    You are a good girl, and getting brave! Let Mittens get better and give her some time. She will like you!
  • Blogger Diva Kitty posted at 5:32 PM  
    You are too cute for words - purrs to your mom.
  • Blogger Beau Beau & Angie posted at 5:34 PM  
    Mine Mom says you have that sweet look on yur face jus like Angie does.
  • Blogger Kimo & Sabi posted at 6:04 PM  
    You are furry, furry precious indeed!
  • Blogger William posted at 6:06 PM  
    You're a little sweetie! My mom says all cats are precious, even my bitey sister Olivia, and I bet your mom feels the exact same way!
  • Blogger Derby posted at 8:25 PM  
    Your mum loves you and thinks you are precious. That is why you have your name. Purr nice for your mum, she needs your care.
  • Blogger Max posted at 8:58 PM  
    I bat at Buddah all the time. It doesn't mean anything more than "Remember, I'm BOSS." Well, sometimes it means "Get off my tail," or even "Your breathing annoys me today so stop it" but don't be worried by Patches batting at you. Even if she growls. (I growl a lot,'s just noise.)
  • Blogger Grr, Midnight & Cocoa posted at 11:44 PM  
    Grr and Cocoa bat at each other all the time, ever since they were tiny kittens. That's how they play.

    Not only are you Precious, but you're one of the most preciousest (I just made up that word) kitties we've ever seen.

  • Blogger Ariel posted at 6:06 AM  
    Percious you have the perfect name.Because your very precious and also beautiful.
  • Blogger Eric and Flynn posted at 3:16 PM  
    When yer mum has her glasses an can see yoo better she will fink yoo are efun more Precious than befurr. We's furry glad that her eye is doing well, an we's glad that Mittens is home and getting better
  • Blogger Emma's Kat posted at 10:15 PM  
    I agree w/everyone else! Your mommy will definately just think you're more Precious! And just give Mittens & Patches more time. The will see that you just want to be friends and play real soon!
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