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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Off To See TED

I went to TED's with Precious the other day. It was for my "well check." I hissed........ a lot!! I hissed when she took my temp, when she listened to my heart, when she looked in my ears, when she putted me on the scale, and especially when she gave me my booster shot! I hissed about a gazillion times and they all laughed at me!!! I was as fierce as fierce could be, but they laughed and TED said I was a "spitfire."

Miracle 4Paws

I got my stitches out (I was furry brave and, unlike Miracle, didn't growl or hiss or cause a fuss.) I was pronounced healthy, even gained 4 ounces!

Precious (Squirt)

Posted by One Of The Girls at 6:26 AM


  • Blogger Katnip Lounge posted at 7:43 AM  
    Miracle, when you get a little bigger I'll tell you how I SHOT the thermometer out of, bum. They won't laugh THEN. ~Maui

    Tails high up for you, Precious!
  • Blogger Shaggy, Scooby and Scout posted at 7:44 AM  
    Good job both of you!! Precious we are glad you are improving every day.We were starting to worry since we hadn't heard from you lately.
    Miracle, you keep practicing that vishus hiss of yours. They'll be cowering in fear!
  • Blogger Cheysuli and gemini posted at 9:21 AM  
    I am glad you two are doing so well. Your appetite must have been picking up Precious!
  • Blogger The Tower Hill Mob posted at 9:23 AM  
    Hurray for healthy kitties, even if they hiss a bit...
    We're glad all is well in Idaho!
    Toby and Cupcake
  • Blogger Mark's Mews posted at 9:25 AM  
    Ya can come vist us fer the weekend. We just have treats an good stinky goodness. No firewerks. Mousies outside in the safe fence though.
  • Blogger ABBY posted at 10:06 AM  
    Precious we are so glad you are doing so well and Miracle you are living up to your tortie tude!

  • Blogger Athena posted at 11:09 AM  
    Precious it is so good to hear that you are doing well! Congrats on gaining weight!

    Miracle, they weren't laughing AT you, sweetheart, they were just laughing NEAR you.
  • Blogger Eric and Flynn posted at 12:50 PM  
    We are glad to hear you are doing well Precious.
    I am a hisser too Miracle. It is good to let others know when you are not happy about something.
  • Blogger A few Good Cats posted at 7:07 PM  
    Very happy to hear the good news about Precious, and happy that little Miracle is full of life and spirit.
  • Blogger The Island Cats posted at 7:08 PM  
    We're so glad you two checked out well at TED!!
  • Blogger Cat posted at 7:30 PM  
    Wonderful news all around!!!
  • Blogger Derby, Ducky posted at 8:29 PM  
    We hare happy to know that those little ladies are feeling better and getting all well. Purrs.
  • Blogger Flock O' Fuzzies posted at 9:27 AM  
    Glad to hear that you both are doing well. Hissing at the TED is appropriate, especially when they start poking, and prodding, and putting things in places that they shouldn't.
  • Blogger Daisy posted at 7:00 AM  
    Way to go, little Miracle, you're feisty!

    Precious, I am very glad to hear that you gained some weight. You are a brave kitty!
  • Blogger Derby, Ducky posted at 7:47 PM  
    Happy 4th!
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